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Why a Word Club?
By Ziad Aazam / Tuesday, 1st January 2013 / Meaning, Space Writing / Leave a comment /

(http://spacewriting.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/word-club-logo-3.png) Word Club The following thoughts are the reasons behind creating the Word Club. I am open for debate and discussion. These are my ideas, not copied (mangool) or plagiarized (of course, not!) or referenced from other work (possible, but I didn’t find similar thoughts to gain credibility from). I have written these ideas here to share and test their acceptance by the few who read them. For those cynical, who don’t believe that Arabs can think, they may ignore these thoughts, disagree or ridicule them, as they see fit; I shall continue to speak my mind. A word is a discrete unit of our natural language. A character is a discrete unit but it is meaningless; a sentence is meaningful but made of many words and can’t be the smallest unit possible, unless reduced to one word, like ‘Congratulation!’. A word is small and meaningful enough to be a discrete element of language. Nevertheless, a Word is more than a small element that carries meaning; it is also a container of cultural and cross-cultural values and significance; and a carrier of association to other words, within the same language or between languages. Being an architect, I tend to view the world through its deconstructed building blocks seeking creative synthesis. Space, as a discrete element, is the building block of the architectural language. Architecturally speaking, any space can turn into a Place, when a space is known to
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through words.com/2013/01/01/why-a-word-club/ 2/3 . we can construct sentences. Let us give Words a break and accept them for what they are. articles. The world around us is extremely overwhelming. Words have always been slaved away by humans to construct sentences. follow them in space and time. if combined with other words of various Word values and significance.wordpress. conversations. Let us be part of the Word Club. stories. when it contains socio-culturally defined values and significance. minds and souls. to denote an equivalent word to Place). social interactions. if combined with other spaces of various Place values and significance. social interactions. Western cultural values and significance. Each member brings to the Club a Word every week and attempt to define it in all dimensions. dwellings. not as slaves in books. specifically. the quality and quantity of the words production and reproduction. not what we want them to be. poems. are not aligned with our socio-cultural values and significance. We are squeezed between Globalism. Let us simplify our world. dignified and influential capital letter Words that transcend cultures and languages and touch Human Beings with their rational power and imaginative spell. movies. poems. textbooks. is also confused. mostly English. Each member’s knowledge background will help spacewriting. paragraphs. political speeches. or prisoners in dictionaries and encyclopedias. arguments. The Word Club is a simple space for sharing important Words with socio-culturally defined values and significance. other members may help through their contribution to the member’s chosen Word. enter with them hearts. not culturally specific Place. Our thinking process. the word ‘Islam’ is an institutionalized Word with embedded sociocultural values and significance. subjects. Let us understand the world through this inverted approach. so is the word ‘Capitalism’. debates. civilizations and histories. Words deserve to be revered and understood. A word like ‘Walk’ is a simple universal verb. libraries. newspapers. In all of this process of informing and communicating. and our very own. bringing our own loved Words to share them with other Words lovers. Let us understand them individually and in relation to other Words for what significance they have and value they create. civilizations and histories. Each member is responsible for his or her own suggested Word and should drive definitions in all dimensions.8/8/13 Why a Word Club? | Space Writing contain socio-culturally defined values and significance. books. communicate an idea. cultures. words are slaves to issues. For us Arabs. books. swaying between Arabic and other languages. where the container no longer can contain the contained. I do have information anxiety problem and I suffer from Knowledge Suffocation Syndrome (KSS). any word can turn into a Word (with capital letter W. volumes. cultures. instead of reading books. creating a plot. not culturally specific Word. articles. and every possible form that shapes words into something else to make a point. Let us fall in love with Words and seek joy in their presence. volumes. including translation from other languages into Arabic. with hundred thousands of words. dialogues. Words are the main carrier for all production and reproduction of information and knowledge. streets and cities. For example. so is a Musical Hall. dialogues. books. executing a sentence. from the Words to the World. paragraphs. traditional and progressive cultural values and significance. let us understand few powerful Words that leverage the world and transcend cultures and languages. historic. but as free spirits. we can construct rooms. send a message. A Corridor is a simple universal connector. Similarly. a Mosque is an institutionalized Place with embedded socio-cultural values and significance. poems. libraries. Similarly. buildings.

conceive and live a well-being life.wordpress.8/8/13 Why a Word Club? | Space Writing diversify Words selection and interest in Word Club.wordpress.wordpress. flying together in synch and calling others to join the fly.wordpress.wordpress. The Word Club members.com/tag/knowledge/).wordpress.com. Dr Ziad Aazam Tuesday. however small in number. Beautiful Minds are shaped. Definition (http://spacewriting. 13 Jeddah.com/2013/01/01/why-a-word-club/ 3/3 . Knowledge (http://spacewriting.com/tag/cross-culture/). Only with true understanding of Words. shall be like a flock of birds in the sky. Cross-Culture (http://spacewriting. spacewriting.com/tag/club/). Word (http://spacewriting. With Beautiful Minds. 01 January.com/tag/word/) Blog at WordPress. | The Imbalance 2 Theme. KSA Tags: Club (http://spacewriting.com/tag/definition/). real Human Beings can perceive.

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