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MISS. ABIODUN Date of Birth: 01 Jan 1988 Friday Time of Birth: 12:15:00 AM Place of Birth: Ikeja, Lagos. Specific Characteristics Early years you show exceptionally ability and intelligence, a good singer. You will have a determined nature, at times bordering on obstinacy. You will sport the strength of conviction stemming from your laborious and patient nature. You will be proud by your own right and at times may be amorous.. Likely that parents may be in academic field or religion. .You will have a variable, moody and romantic disposition with fertile imagination, refined taste and delicate feelings. You will have a practical nature and acquisition of property will be easy to you. You will have a sensitive nature. Disappointment in love affairs may make you languishing. You are easily deceive I advised you not trust people quickly so as not to fall a victim of scandals, disrepute and cheats. There is and indication that your mum had known your father since childhood and married him for love, it is a probability. You will have only senior sisters. You will be popular, prosperous, religious and generous and have successful career you will be respected by many people, status will rise, you will start doing well in life after 23 years of age, and you like to do charitable or humanitarian works for public good building hospital, making of pipe borne water for your community/ helping the needy. You change your residence severally, please watch your morals, dont do whatever will make your mummy sad, she likes you very well so do you too, Mummys Pet her prayers for you will help you a lot in life. Your mum may be of literary taste and may be an avid reader; she will like your husband. There is a hereditary religious influence on you which you should not depart from. it will help you in your marital life. You will travel abroad severally and relocate abroad in the future. General State of Health You are full of energy which when overflows beyond the brim may bring in possibilities of hurts or injuries. Anxieties can significantly contribute to health-problems. A regular and balanced life-style without much of emotional fluctuations will keep you in the best of your health. You should take cucumbers, tomatoes, sugarcane, almonds and apricots. Indications of irregular menses, hypertension and heart and stomach trouble is indicated, trouble in shins and joints. Also take care of your left eyes as you age, these are general indication adequate care and healthy life style is recommended. You will live long at least 75years.

Education and Profession You will achieve a good level of education and will hold a Bachelor's degree at least. Besides formal education, there may be break in your education but you will even get 2nd degree if not early then later in life, you are a good mathematician, you will be intelligent and clever as well. You will do well in the field of Law or in such fields where knowledge of rules and regulations are required. may pursue more than one profession at a time. The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you an aptitude for applicationoriented sciences. You will pursue professional courses and learn specialized skills. In addition to a basic degree you may pursue a vocational course; Computers might be of great interest to you. Acquisitions of vehicles and luxury of life. Fluent in several languages, will deal in sale and purchase of properties. The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you a special interest in functioning of living beings. You may study Biological Sciences and may acquire education in the Medical field. You may be a Physician or a Surgeon; alternately you may be a professional in some other medicine related fields. There are a lot of gains for you from international trade or generally from abroad. As stated earlier the favorable lines for you are institutes for higher learning, charitable organizations, museums, Libraries, foreign affairs, evangelistic foundations, you will live in the neighborhood of high dignitaries The planetary combinations in your chart shows that you a versatile genius. You will be successful in service and business. During the early years of your profession you may be in government service and then go for a business of your own;. Wealth and Inheritance As regards family-wealth, you will be exceedingly fortunate as this happens to be one of the best positions for the lord of wealth. You will be very wealthy so also your children, you will move in the circle of people in government as friends and co worker, You will have gains through artistic pursuits, entertainment fields, children's dreamland and application-oriented education / training. You will have fruitful love affairs. As regards domestic environment, you will be blessed with peace and harmony. although the same position strongly indicates big gains from your mother. Marriage and Married Life Spouse and Children Guide against falling into relationship with undesirable people that are quarrelsome, extravagant, very often you may have to face separation divorce or even death of marriage partner, as your partner may not be willing to coexist you may be drifted to other spouses, you need constant prayers for marital bliss. You will have bright children with charming appearances, if you think you are pretty wait and see your first daughter, she is a damsel very beautiful and brilliant, Your chart indicates marriage around your 24 and 26 years. The planetary combinations in your chart favour a fairly happy married- life. You will have considerations for each other and will be a loving pair. Occasionally arising minor differences you will accept as to be only natural but those will vanish soon as you will adopt a compromising attitude.

You are likely to marry a foreigner or a guy that comes from a different locality from yours, he might be either a divorcee or widower, he may also have a different religion from yours, because there is an indication of changing your religion in the future, he will be highly intelligent and a learned man, very rich, he may even author books. A girl was born after him, he is likely to be the first son if she doesnt have sister before him, your father in-law will own several properties; you will gain from your husband and his family a lot. He will be religious, your marriage will comes between 2013 and 2014, Good fortune will smile at you after your marriage. Your chart shows that your first child will be a girl, she will be very beautiful and intelligent she will rise to a position of honour, the second child will be a boy he will also attain and enviable position in his country, all your children will be very wealthy and make you proud they will take your name to higher height. The first child will be endowed with some artistic talents, .i.e she will paint well, will be a good singer also, she will further her studies abroad and hold enviable position. You will have more daughters than sons. You will earn a lot through your children, speculations, stocks, recreational centers, cinema, theatre, entertainment and by dint of your learning. Please take proper care of them as the health of the first child might be a source of worry i.e hospitalization, incurring debt. They may have stomach, eye or heart complaints. All these readings are based on my little knowledge of the art and science of Human Birth, the accuracy of this report depends on the accuracy of your birth time, all these are just indications they are not the final say, Only GOD Almighty has the final say in human life. According to your chart you are advised to move closer to God whatever your religion is, you have a bright future and the only area of your life that need constant prayer is your marriage, although there is not cause for alarm prayer can change things if we believe. If you need more clarifications or explanation or you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to mail or call me. This is just a piece of the iceberg, details readings and timing of events can also be done. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your chart. Pls let me know what you feel or think about my analysis.

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