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(8:04:04 PM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: how you doing my brother? [Image] (8:04:10 PM) Unverified conversation with [REDACTED]

org started. (11/2/2011 2:47:29 AM) [SIGGI]: all good on my and my friend (2:47:41 AM) [SIGGI]: on my end my friend * (2:47:46 AM) [SIGGI]: how's life' (2:49:39 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: everythings good over here (2:49:41 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: been busy (2:49:51 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: we ended up a certain governments central mail server (2:50:01 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: and got some fucking massive leaks coming out (2:50:11 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: you gents sure you're not wanting to do anymore leaks? (2:50:18 AM) [SIGGI]: Oh we will make more leaks (2:50:31 AM) [SIGGI]: we are gathering material now'a days and getting more funds to keep hosting our data servers (2:50:42 AM) [SIGGI]: anything else you can tell me about the comming out leaks? (2:51:07 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: well between us. we ended up owning syrian government central mail server. my teams working on translating from arabic to english. but we are seeing crazy shit (2:51:25 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: between us: (2:51:42 AM) [SIGGI]: between us.... i can't open this file on this computer (2:51:49 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: ok (2:52:04 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: you're being monitored? (2:52:08 AM) [SIGGI]: no not at all (2:52:17 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: k (2:52:29 AM) [SIGGI]: im on a secure computer now i can't open any links at all (2:52:54 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: oh you had me worried haha (2:52:55 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: well let me just paste the contents (2:53:10 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: [REDACTED: BANK DETAILS] (2:53:12 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: syrian tresury sent austria 5million euro one day before embargo (2:53:13 AM) [SIGGI]: me? monitored hahaha give me another one (2:53:26 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: we have another email of syria's tresury sending russia 2 billion euro (2:53:29 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: with full email headers (2:53:31 AM) [SIGGI]: wait.... those are bank details? (2:53:41 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: yup (2:53:45 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: this is real shit (2:54:08 AM) [SIGGI]: is this something WL could get there hands on and get real and good publicitiy? (2:55:21 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: my brother. I'll give you url of email attachments right now as a sample (2:55:23 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: one minute

(2:55:35 AM) [SIGGI]: another question i was asked to ask you, Are you being monitered? are you safe? do you need any assistance from us? (2:55:35 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: (2:55:45 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: keep these fucking urls to yourself. obviously (2:56:03 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: nein but thanks for asking (2:56:03 AM) [SIGGI]: off course i will - I'll look at this when im finished in this computer (2:56:16 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: the only assistance I need is money so I can stop living in poverty and being the brokest hacker on earth (2:56:17 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: hahaha (2:56:37 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: tell julian that url has attachments RIGHT from syrian government. including airline passes from syrian embaassy (2:57:30 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: misc: scada manual for 7-micro (2:57:41 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: you ready for more? (2:57:54 AM) [SIGGI]: Your actually asking (2:58:03 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: HSBC Mexico leak. I was going to drop this (2:58:07 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: but you can looksie before hand (2:58:11 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: tell me if you find anything interesting (2:58:27 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: as you can see I been way too fucking busy (2:58:55 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: = qatar's petroleum company owned. we even own their scada systems (2:59:10 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: we can probably shut down their scada systems and stop producing oil (2:59:37 AM) [SIGGI]: We've all been:) - Before releasing anything can you please let me know before - so at least if you will release by your self then you get at least some assistance from us (3:00:10 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: ;) (3:00:36 AM) [SIGGI]: Did J say anything about recruiting you permanately? (3:00:56 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: well he emailed me once but we didnt get to talk (3:00:56 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: guess hes been busy/careful or whatever (3:01:28 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: but let him know we have intercepted 92GB of mails from so this can be one of the biggest leaks in history (3:01:48 AM) [SIGGI]: Just to point out one thing - If we are to recruit you - a meeting will have to take place we can't be talking to a username forever (3:02:09 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I don't care about that. but if you meet me you better make sure you guys are secure (3:02:14 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I refuse to go to jail for meeting anyone (3:02:28 AM) [SIGGI]: we will be secure im more worried about you (3:02:43 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: especially me. they're trying to get me really hard man

(3:02:53 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I think they're builing a real ugly case against me (3:03:10 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I believe in this cause and J inspired me to do what I'm doing (3:03:15 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: but it feels like they're trying to turn me to a martyr (3:03:43 AM) [SIGGI]: Believe me when i say, i personally and this organization will do everything we can to protect you from our end (3:04:06 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: thanks brother. (3:04:17 AM) [SIGGI]: Is it ok to forward those links to julian? (3:04:50 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: yup its my personal server. so leaking urls fuck me (3:04:52 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: well, not fuck me but I get to lose a really nice isp I rooted (3:04:52 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: :) (3:05:16 AM) [SIGGI]: haha no worries:) (3:05:23 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: heres the full email regarding 2 billion euro from syrian tresury to moscow (3:05:27 AM) [SIGGI]: what qatar compani is this? (3:06:03 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: DomainKey-Status: no signature Return-Path: X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.2.4 (2008-01-01) on X-Spam-Level: X-Spam-Status: No, score=0.1 required=6.0 tests=AWL,RDNS_NONE autolearn=no version=3.2.4 X-Original-To: Delivered-To: Received: from (unknown []) by (Postfix) with ESMTP id BA2095A1B69 for ; Wed, 26 Oct 2011 14:02:33 +0000 (UTC) Received: from (unknown [ (tel:%5B193.164.146.21)]) by (Postfix) with SMTP for ; Wed, 26 Oct 2011 14:02:33 +0000 (UTC) Received: from NOVS600948 ([]) by eSafe SMTP Relay 1318252241; Wed, 26 Oct 2011 17:03:07 +0400 From: "[REDACTED]" To: Cc: =?gb2312?B?J2F2YWtvdqOozeLDs9L40NCjqSc=?= References: In-Reply-To: Subject: Attention Mr.[REDACTED]. Please confirm receipt! Draft of reply Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 17:04:18 +0400 Message-ID: MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="----=_NextPart_000_002D_01CC9401.4CE9CA50" X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 11 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.0.6002.18463 Thread-Index: AcyTwp8nPvysmd7xQEWkM82Fn+2uYAAADJ1gAAcJgAA=

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------=_NextPart_000_002D_01CC9401.4CE9CA50 Content-Type: application/msword; name="draft reply.doc" Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="draft reply.doc" (3:06:03 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: qatar patroleum. one of the biggest if not the biggest oil company in qatar (3:06:14 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I have the attachment to the 2 billion euro email I'll upload it to my server in a few minutes (3:06:48 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: nm. heres the contents to the .doc (3:06:59 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: ATTN: Mr. [REDACTED] Dear Mr. [REDACTED], In reply to your message dated 26.10.2011 please be informed that following your good banks proposals, which we have received previously, we have raised the total amount of deposits up to more than EUR 2 bln. Please note that the matter of extending the terms of the Central Bank of Syria existing deposits at the moment remains under consideration. We shall inform you accordingly when any decision in this regard is taken. Meanwhile, we kindly ask you to open an account in Russian rubles in the name of our bank or provide us with your instructions on the actions, that we should take in order to open such an account.

We remain in anticipation of your reply and look forward to expanding our fruitful cooperation. Best regards, (3:07:31 AM) [SIGGI]: Russia is actually quiet a secure place to meet it (3:07:41 AM) [SIGGI]: or even iceland (3:07:47 AM) [SIGGI]: Ellingham is to dangerous (3:07:57 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: word up (3:08:13 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: did you ever take a look at that icelandic doc I sent you guys? (3:08:40 AM) [SIGGI]: the icelandic report you sent was quiet interesting acutally labelled Confidential from the .is State Police (3:08:56 AM) [SIGGI]: about the security units the US Embassy has in iceland (3:09:05 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: get the fuck out of here? (3:09:08 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: nice ;) (3:09:18 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I thought it was all low level files (3:09:42 AM) [SIGGI]: Well... the bad news is that a large part of that report has already been published by the Department of Justice

(3:09:52 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: ah (3:10:15 AM) [SIGGI]: Will those links be active for few hours? (3:10:34 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: yup take advantage. If I upload anymore I'll link you here (3:10:44 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: if I get access to my chinese vps hosting your .is files (3:10:48 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I'll forward you links (3:10:52 AM) [SIGGI]: well obviously i would wan't it all (3:11:26 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: couldnt afford to pay the bill so they shut it down but the files are stored safely on the box haha. just got to reactivate it (3:11:40 AM) [SIGGI]: how much is the bill (3:12:21 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: its bullshit. I'll handle it with a vcc. isue is I got 7 vs' with them so its one bill I'll let you know if I need help with it (3:12:36 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: not to beat an old topic already (3:12:45 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: but regarding the 92GB of syrian mail (3:13:01 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: we need a way to distribute that much mail, but also, translators to find the good shit (3:13:20 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I only got one yemeni in my team (3:13:30 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: and we have some syrians helping us but its a slow process (3:13:41 AM) [SIGGI]: You need arabic individuals? (3:13:56 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: yes. trusted individuals (3:14:03 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: we wanted to release through wikileaks though. #antisec might get some attention (3:14:07 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: but we dont know HOW MUCH attention (3:14:15 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: WL will probably be able to use it better (3:15:27 AM) [SIGGI]: We need to set up "camp" for this magnitude - This is also good for wl then people will hopefully start to think we aren't focusing entirely on the US (3:15:45 AM) [SIGGI]: What do you expect of wl in regards of syrian emails? (3:16:02 AM) [SIGGI]: not the publication progress, i mean the handling and prepearing (3:16:25 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: not sure really. we need to think about it and discuss one of these days (3:16:29 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: either way it wont be released for a while (3:16:49 AM) [SIGGI]: Do you feel comfortable traveling to Iceland? (3:17:07 AM) [SIGGI]: or do you wan't us to travel somwhere? (3:18:27 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: unfortunately I'm a grown ass man with kids, so I don't have the luxory of traveling the world (3:18:51 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: but if you sneak yourself out to new york we'll meet up at a bar on some random shit (3:19:03 AM) [SIGGI]: haha new york? (3:19:11 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: haha yeah (3:19:43 AM) [SIGGI]: you don't ask for little my friend (3:20:04 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: take your time brother (3:20:14 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: but its easy to hide in this city (3:20:54 AM) [SIGGI]: well worst case scenario i get stopped in NY customs - but i do not think that will happen (3:21:21 AM) [SIGGI]: I can be in NY tomorrow but i won't go there unless your 100%

(3:21:43 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I'm 100% but again my nigga I can't risk going to jail now. I've been hiding for so long (3:22:04 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: so be private about every fucking thing (3:22:38 AM) [SIGGI]: give me a date that suits you and i will try my outmost to be ther (3:22:39 AM) [SIGGI]: e (3:23:33 AM) [SIGGI]: if i get stopped in the US and they realize who i am then im going to jail so i ask you the same be not private but be very private about everything (3:23:52 AM) [SIGGI]: and you need to know that if i travel there i will be traveling with a close protection unit (3:24:45 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: thats fine. im from the ghetto so I got people too :) (3:25:25 AM) [SIGGI]: :) (3:25:55 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: choose a date I leave it in your hands an we'll meet publicly (3:26:40 AM) [SIGGI]: I will let you know tomorrow or in 2 days, Julian's hearing is tomorrow if i remember correctly and i need a green light from him before doing anything (3:26:57 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: sounds good. wish him luck for me (3:27:04 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: btw hows that whole case going anyway? (3:27:21 AM) [SIGGI]: Well.... we know as much as you do (3:27:34 AM) [SIGGI]: haven't heard anything from the judges since July (3:27:35 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: damn. no good (3:29:13 AM) [SIGGI]: Now another matter - remember the video of me and J i sent you? or well you didn't see me - as proof of us , can you send me any proof that you actually exist with out revelaing who you are - so i don't just go and spend alot of money and then nothing happens - that's what im most worried about except your safety (3:30:54 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I'll take a pic with my guy fawks mask and todays date or something (3:32:07 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: or you want something else? (3:33:09 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: or call my disposable google voice number (3:34:53 AM) [SIGGI]: well i honestly think that both ways is a good opinion then you can hear how i sound and everything builts more trust from me to you and from you to me (3:35:47 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: aight. you'll probably be one of few people in the world to hear me (3:35:58 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I'll setup a quick gvoice account. give me 5 minutes (3:35:58 AM) [SIGGI]: but like i said if you don't think it's safe we don't do it (3:36:27 AM) [SIGGI]: i'll call from my real number - so if anything happens any time, day or night do call me (3:37:24 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: sec (3:38:02 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: [(XXX) XXX-XXX call me in 5 minutes charging my prepaid phone (3:38:35 AM) [SIGGI]: anything specific you wan't to talk about or just to say hi or what? (3:38:43 AM) [SIGGI]: i don't really know what to say when i call :/ (3:39:09 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: just dont use keywords

(3:39:22 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: like WIKILEAKS or SABU or ANONYMOUS hahahah (3:39:22 AM) [SIGGI]: haha im alot but im not born yesterday :) (3:39:26 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: ;) (3:39:56 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: talk about whatever mate (3:39:58 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: brb (3:42:16 AM) [SIGGI]: Ready when you are:) (3:43:31 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: go ahead brother (3:43:35 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: I got one bar. its enough (3:44:53 AM) [SIGGI]: ringign (3:47:19 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: word up (3:47:40 AM) [SIGGI]: Thanks:) (3:48:09 AM) [SIGGI]: i really appriciate this man (3:48:19 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: no problem. (3:48:24 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: you're probably 3rd person to speak to me (3:48:41 AM) [SIGGI]: lul (3:49:33 AM) [SIGGI]: well my man getting 4 am here and my bed is yelling at me (3:50:58 AM) [SIGGI]: again thank you, let me know if there's anything we can do and i'll keep in touch tomorrow regarding NY (3:53:50 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: ok goodnight brrother (3:54:09 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: my team and yours are in the same boat - funding. this research shit gets expensive (3:54:09 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: but we'll talk soon (3:54:11 AM) Sabu [Lulzsec]: goodnight