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Northwood Christian Church 4550 Central Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46205

NORTHWOOD CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Disciples of Christ) 4550 Central Ave Indianapolis, IN 46205 317.283.1352 FAX 317.283.2206 Minister: Rev. Ted Nottingham tednottingham Office Administrator: Traci Willis traciwillis

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Music Director: Jack Fox jackfox Website: Scheduled Sunday Morning Services 8:30 Chapel Worship 9:30 Church School 10:45 Sanctuary Worship

August 2013 Volume LXXII No. 7


FELLOWSHIP, SILENT AUCTION, INDOOR PICNIC A BIG SUCCESS! A large number of our friends, members, visitors, along with friends from the Midtown Vineyard and the Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox congregation gathered after services on Sunday, July 28. Thanks to the amazing work of numerous volunteers, including those who canvassed local businesses in the area for gift card donations, the fundraiser for our Parlor brought in an astounding approximate five thousand dollars. Most of the auction gifts were sold, the joy of fellowship was palpable, and the Fellowship Hall was filled with music from Jack Fox, singing from Rob Leffler and Frank Ricketts. Then there was singing from the "four Davids" (David Bibler, David Van Bruaene, David Koener, and David Lamm). David Koener offered us his wonderful skills master of ceremonies.

Our Vineyard friends set up the tables after their worship, and our friends from the Greek Orthodox presented us with a sizeable check for the beautification of the Parlor that we all share. This is a true example of ecumenical Christian sharing of resources. One of the Vineyard couples offered as an auction gift the opportunity to spend a week at their home in Estes Park, Colorado! A big thank you to Lois Mills who put away all the tables and chairs as her contribution to the success of the auction. The Parlor Refurbishing Team led by Pam Van Bruaene and Barb Miller and six other creative and hardworking volunteers spent several months preparing for this event. Not only have they made possible a renewal of our Parlor, but gave all of us a delightful fellowship time together, reminding us that Northwood is alive and well! Pastor Ted


A big and heartfelt Thank you to Bob Blome and his faithful team of audio and video volunteers. They make possible the creation of our radio programs and our presence on the Internet. Without their weekly help, we would be unable to reach out to the wider community and draw to us new visitors and future members. 1) QUIET THE MIND Anyone who has attempted this knows that it is no easy task. In fact, we seldom reach a stage where there is absolute silence. We must learn to reach the deeper silence behind the noise of our thoughts, like stepping into a cave on the other side of a waterfall. 2) SLOW YOUR BREATHING All genuine methods of spiritual development emphasize this simple but transformative effort. Become aware of inhaling and exhaling. Breathe slowly and deeply. You can actually lower your blood pressure and reduce your heartbeat. 3) RELAX YOUR BODY Sitting with your backbone straight but not rigid allows the energy to flow with less obstruction. Proof of this can be easily demonstrated: in a moment of fatigue, bend over your desk, straighten up your back and you will immediately feel an increase of energy. Place your attention in the areas of tension in your body -- shoulders, face, arms, stomach, legs. 4) SIT IN SILENCE Just twenty minutes a day will recharge your batteries more powerfully than several hours of sleep. It won't be long before you will want to increase that private time because it is not just refreshing, but life giving.
May you find that peace which is your birthright and the promise of the Good News to all who truly seek to live the teachings of the Anointed One.

Special Thanks!
Thank you to Bob and Carolyn Stewart for their time and energy rehanging our cross on the outside wall facing Central Avenue.

Event Photos by Denise Rogers

MEET BETH GREGSON & BOB MARKS What brought you to Northwood ? Beth: I think God led me here. I had ignored him for a long time but I finally listened. I decided to become a member because Pastor Ted's sermons seem to speak directly to me. Bob: Over the past year or so I have experienced a growing need to work at defining and developing my spirituality and my faith. About a year ago my wife and I attended a program by Reverend Nottingham about Deep Prayer. Having felt very comfortable with his teachings at that time, we decided to try out Northwood as a church home. What we found was a very welcoming, comfortable community we were seeking. Who/what shaped your faith? Beth: My parents, though I didn't appreciate their efforts until recently. Bob: As a child my family was not active in a church until I was in my teens. I joined and was baptized in the Christian church they belonged to, however I really did not take a very active part . In my adult life, in the 70s and 80s, I did belong to and participate in a Unitarian Universalist Church.

What are your hobbies or interests? Beth: (1) Reading and (2) petting and talking to our cats. Bob: I enjoy bicycling and do some art work for fun. I volunteer with Meals on Wheels and also tutor reading with United Way Read-Up program during the school year. What else would you like us to know about you? Beth: I am a scientific communications consultant at Eli Lilly and Company. My job involves writing and managing scientific/ medical documents required by regulatory agencies such as the FDA. I get to work with fabulous, intelligent people who are located all over the world and I am constantly learning. Bob: Beth and I enjoy vegetarian foods. We are animals lovers and are quite fond of our children, our three cats Shadow, Luna and Sunny. My career was with Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Marketing and Advertising . I retired in 2005 with 32 years of service.


On Sunday, August 25, during the 8:30 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. worship services we will be offering the members and friends of Northwood Christian Church a time of healing and wholeness. In the book of James we read, Are any among you suffering? They should pray. Are any cheerful? They should sing songs of praise. Are any among you sick? They should call for the elders of the church and have them pray over them, anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord. The prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise them up; and anyone who has committed sins will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. During our services we will offer a time for each person present to be anointed with oil and be prayed for, with the laying on of hands. Each of us, in our own way, may be seeking healing and wholeness in our hectic lives and this service will offer us an opportunity to turn our brokenness over to the great potter and healer of us all.


Rehearsals for the chancel choir will begin on Thursday, September 5 at 6:30 p.m. We will gather in Fellowship Hall for a pitch-in salad supper and then have our first rehearsal of the fall season. Our first Sunday to sing for Worship will be Sunday, September 8. Membership in the chancel choir is open to anyone who loves to sing and is willing to give the time and effort to rehearsals and leadership in worship. The choir will be presenting a very special musical program during the Advent/ Christmas season and of course, leading each week in worship. For further information contact Jack , 283-1352 or


Janet Casey-Allen and Bob Schafer, both long-time ordained ministers and chaplains, have volunteered their time and energy to assist us in our efforts to move forward into the future. They have offered to be volunteer "associate ministers" sharing the responsibilities for youth and outreach activities. Janet brings a wealth of experience in creatively organizing youth groups. She has a vision of gathering the youth from the Vineyard, young people from several Disciple churches , along with our own Brahm Landis and any other young persons who might come into our church. The idea is to create an ecumenical gathering based out of Northwood . Janet is a Regional Elder with the Indiana Region for the four North America Pacific Asian Disciples churches. She is the Moderator for NAPAD, and also serves on the Week of Compassion Committee. She as ministered to at risk juveniles for 24 years as a chaplain. She had served as the Associate Minister at Central Christian Church, and pastor at the Suitland Christian Church in Maryland. Robert Schafer retired from Prison Chaplaincy and Pastor of Glendale Christian Church. He was also the chaplain at the Guardian Home. Before this he was on the staff of the Office of Communication of the Christian Church.

Dear Friends, Midtown Vineyard is having a Community Sale on Saturday, August 17 from noon to 4 pm. The sale includes donated items and donated baked goods. Funds will help pay for Midtown Vineyard ministries. The sale also is a way to get to know folks in the neighborhood and offer prayer and info about our church. If Northwood folks would like to participate, the more the merrier. Also, if any Northwood folks would like to buy a table to sell things for Northwood that's fine too! Sharon Marcano is coordinating, so please direct all inquiries to her at:

Bill Archey A Poem of Loving Remembrance By Richard Lamberson

He arrives impeccably dressed beautiful tie and sharply creased pants, tailored jacket and gleaming shoes a presence dignified and proud. He has walked thousands of miles through his ninety years, knows suffering and the hardness of life, losses and insults too numerous to count. He knows loneliness and death, his wife of decades gone in an instant. His own battle with cancer, a long and frightful path. And through it all he lives gratefully, his Lord the abiding example, Amen and bless your heart Pastor he says, always giving wholeheartedly. I'm grateful every time I walk through that door "he says to those gathered in the chapel, and that truth permeates all gathered, warming their hearts and soul. Now face-to-face with his Lord, tears of joy run down both faces. Welcome home my faithful son arriving in glory, a life well lived. Amen



Judy Dunson just had a milestone birthday on July 20th. Happy 70th, Judy!