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With a long life comes long-term planning.
Whether you’re planning to retire in five or 35 years, you’ve probably got a strategy in place to help ensure you make the most of your retirement. There’s a lot to look forward to, and you want to be sure the income and assets you are counting on for your retirement will be there.

Make a plan for you and your family.
Even in the best situations, taking care of a loved one can be physically and emotionally stressful. Longterm care insurance puts the planning up front and eases the strain on your spouse and family.

At New York Life, we know a thing or two about longevity.
It makes sense — we’ve been helping people plan for the future for more than 160 years. There are many reasons New York Life is the smart choice to provide your long-term care insurance. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on being there when you need us. We keep our promises, which is why New York Life is The Company You Keep®.

One of the greatest threats to your retirement plan is living a long life.
You don’t want to be in a situation that requires you to use your assets and retirement income for an unintended purpose. Long-term care insurance is a practical way to help protect everything you’ve worked so hard to save and ensure the standard of living you’ve planned.

Consider the possibility you’ll need care.
Living a long life increases your risk of needing help with daily activities. These may include bathing and dressing or just general supervision due to a memory problem. This type of help is long-term care.

Long-term care insurance may cover more than you think.
Everyone wants to stay at home. Long-term care insurance offers valuable benefits that may keep you at home for as long as possible, including professional home care services and family member caregiver training. Long-term care insurance can also cover costs of care in other locations, such as adult day care centers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Our policyowners tell their stories.
Turn the page for stories that illustrate the comfort, security and financial support long-term care insurance from New York Life can provide. There may be no better time than right now to ask yourself if long-term care insurance should be part of your retirement plan.

“It’s asset protection. We want to direct where our money goes and not have it disappear because one of us gets sick.”
M a r l e n e a n d rona l d You ng
PolICYowners sInCe 2000

In February 2006, Marlene and Ronald Young retired from their careers as registered nurse practitioners. They owned several successful clinics in the Seattle area, and in the last few years, nearly tripled their net worth. This gave the Youngs a solid foundation for a comfortable retirement. To protect their retirement plan, the Youngs purchased long-term care insurance from New York Life. While they would be very comfortable caring for one another, Marlene and Ronald knew if they needed additional help or both needed care simultaneously, it would be very costly. Now, instead of worrying about what-ifs, they are enjoying their retirement and just being together.

Long-term care insurance: one piece of the retirement puzzle.

In the Youngs’ case, they have included long-term care insurance as an essential component of their retirement package. By planning ahead, the Youngs are protecting the savings and assets they have worked so hard to accumulate.

How long do you think you’ll live?

If you’re taking the time and effort to plan for the future, you’re probably betting you’re going to be around for a while. If all goes well, you’ll live a long life.

Planning to live means making a plan.

By making a prudent retirement plan, you’re building a strong financial foundation that can support you for many years. You know there’s a good chance you and your family are going to need those assets later in life, and you understand how important it is to be prepared.

“You never know what the future holds for you. It’s better to be prepared.”
B e v e r lY a n d a r n e l l M ag I C
PolICYowners sInCe 2001

In 2001, Beverly and Arnell Magic retired, she from a home childcare business and he from a major automotive manufacturer. Their retirement plan included several annuities, as well as long-term care insurance from New York Life. In late 2002, Beverly was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As the disease progressed, Beverly became unable to speak, bathe or dress herself. Arnell realized their long-term care insurance could help with escalating costs. Their policy paid for Beverly to attend adult day care for several hours each day. With good medical care, Beverly has made amazing progress. She regained her speech and mobility and now even volunteers once a week at a local hospital. “Say Bev has a relapse — or even me — it’s there for us. It’s peace of mind, and it’s a good investment.”

The choice is yours.

In the Magics’ case, Beverly couldn’t be left home alone because of her disability due to her multiple sclerosis, and Arnell couldn’t provide full-time care. Arnell said, “When we visited the Cleveland Clinic, they told me that at the same time next year, we might consider putting Beverly in a nursing home. But I said, ‘Not my wife, not me.’” Through personalized planning, the family’s New York Life long-term care insurance allowed Beverly to attend adult day care and live at home during her recovery.

How can you make sure you’ll have options when it comes to care?

It’s almost impossible to know what kind of care you’ll need, but you can take steps to ensure you and your family will have choices.

Right now is the ideal time to make a plan.

By making a plan for long-term care now, you are helping protect yourself and your family. New York Life’s long-term care insurance gives you the security of having the choice about your care — where and when.

“On Friday, he was a successful attorney, and on Monday, he was dying.”
e dIt h a n d Joh n roBB
PolICYowners sInCe 1987

In September 2004, Edith Robb’s then 57-year-old husband, John, was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer. Edith, a speech therapist, left her job to care for John. Fortunately, the Robbs purchased long-term care insurance policies from New York Life several years earlier. His policy included a daily stipend to family and friends who provided help with John’s bathing, dressing and eating. It also helped pay for a bathroom renovation to accommodate John’s wheelchair. John passed away on Father’s Day, June 19, 2005, at home with his wife and two children by his side. Edith still has her New York Life policy. She takes comfort knowing if anything happens, her children will have that same, reliable support. “When it comes down to it, you really have to take care of yourself. I think having long-term care insurance allowed us to do that.”

We’re here when you need us.

In Edith and John’s case, they were both relatively young and in good health when they bought their long-term care insurance. With New York Life, your policy provides reliable coverage — whether you need it after two years, 12 years, 30 years or more. Because New York Life has been helping families since 1845, you will find comfort knowing we’ll be here to make good on our promises and pay your benefits if and when you need to make a claim.

Building your plan: we’re here to help.

Thinking about long-term care may seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Your New York Life agent will listen to understand your needs and goals, explain your choices and help you navigate the options.

It’s never too early to get started.

As you get older, purchasing long-term care insurance becomes more expensive. By choosing your policy early, you’ll ensure that your coverage will be as affordable as possible.

“My mom really wanted to be at home.”
l au r a s e C or d , dau g h t e r oF J e n n Y & r a l Ph s e C or d
PolICYowners sInCe 1986

Laura Secord’s parents, Jenny and Ralph Secord, have relied on New York Life for over 20 years. In 1993, when Jenny was 73 and Ralph was 67, they added long-term care insurance to their retirement portfolio. In the winter of 2005, Jenny was diagnosed with coronary heart disease and heart failure, complicated by liver disease. The family was comforted when their New York Life claims counselor recognized the severity of Jenny’s situation. Jenny now has in-home care for 18 hours each day. A team of hospice nurses and aides assists her with bathing and other daily tasks. Laura manages her mother’s care from her home, an hour away, visiting once a week. “Having this insurance allowed me to keep Mom and Dad together much longer than I would have been able to otherwise.”

and I’ve been highly impressed with their customer service. I’ve worked in health insurance for more than 10 years, and knowing how claims processing works, I was very impressed that they classified my mother’s care at a hospice level. I fax over claims, and I get reimbursed.”

Think about the impact to those around you.

Most long-term care is provided by spouses or children. Even in the closest families, it can be a strain when family members are required to take on the role of caregiver. Families must decide how to divide caregiving tasks while continuing to work and live their daily lives. Supporting a relative can be especially difficult for the “sandwich generation,” those with the responsibility of caring for aging parents and children at the same time.

The New York Life family.

We make it easy on you— and your family.

At New York Life, we treat your family like our family, from the day you purchase your policy through the time you begin using its benefits. Laura Secord said, “I’ve always respected New York Life,

Long-term care insurance eases the financial and emotional stress that your family may face if care is needed — helping your family take care of you better and longer.

There are many reasons New York Life is The Company You Keep®.
We’ve been around a long time. We treat our policyowners like family, so you know you can count on us. Whether you’re a new client buying your first New York Life policy or an old friend who needs our help with a claim — we’ll be there when you need us.

Premium stability.
New York Life has never raised its rates for any longterm care insurance policy. While our history does not guarantee that rates will not increase in the future, we have designed, priced and underwritten our policies with future rate stability in mind.

You’ve spent years building financial stability and working to guarantee a successful future for yourself, your spouse and children. After leading a full and significant life, New York Life can help you preserve your assets and safeguard your family’s future — now and for many years to come. Talk to your New York Life agent to see if adding longterm care insurance as part of your retirement plan could help you achieve your goals. If you don’t already have a New York Life agent, call us at 800-224-4LTC (4582), or visit us online at

Proof in the dividends.
Because New York Life is a mutual company, dividends would be paid to you, our policyowners, not stockholders. New York Life is the first company in the market today that has paid dividends to its longterm care insurance policyowners. New York Life is guided by the longer-term needs and expectations of our policyowners. This makes us a partner in your long-term planning.

Financial strength.
Our 160-year history is proof of our financial strength and ability to meet future obligations to policyowners. New York Life consistently receives among the highest ratings from independent financial rating agencies for financial strength1. We’ve earned these ratings. Our capital position is one of the strongest in the industry, giving us the financial strength to weather unexpected storms.

Support far beyond money.
Your agent will help create a policy with your priorities in mind. When you need help, our care representatives will be there for you. Not only will they be there to walk you through each step of the claim process, our care coordinators will work with you and your family to help you plan and organize care that best suits your needs.


New York Life Insurance Company & New York Life Insurance & Annuity Corporation Ratings for financial strength (as of 12/20/05): A++ from A.M. Best, Aaa from Moody’s, AA+ from Standard and Poor’s, AAA from Fitch for financial strength.

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