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FM Editor Live v1.4 (for FM 13.3.3 [EU+Russian+Asian]) ================================== & Moddingway.

com FMEL (formerly known as FMRTFE), is a tool that allows you to edit data of your loaded Football Manager save at real-time. This tool is released for free, as we feel you shouldn't be forced to pay for 3rd party tools of a game. Credits ======= Author: Stelios Coding: Stelios, Jay (marvels) Thanks to: Eugenie (Information & Research), Thanoulas (Information & Research), Panos (super-tester), Ariel (super-tester), Messy (Russian version tester), Ron ald (tester) Changelog ========= v1.4 ---- Added - Added - Added - Added - Added - Added - Added - Added - Added - Added - Fixed

Club's Youth Recruitment Network/Junior Coaching Club's Maximum Wage Person's Relations Person's Contracts (Basic details) Player's Positions Player's Fitness/Match Fitness/Jadedness Player's Home/Current/World Reputation Destroy option for Players/Teams support for Stadiums (Name/Capacity/Seating Capacity/Expansion Capacity) support for search without Unicode NonSpacing (special letters) a minor issue with currencies conversion

v1.3.7 ------ Support for 13.3.3 [EU+Russian+Asian] v1.3.6 ------ Support for 13.3.3 [EU+Russian] v1.3.5 ------ Support for 13.3.3 [EU] - Improved Persons loading (internal) - Fixed an issue with some team colors v1.3.4 ------ Support for 13.3.2 [EU+Russian] - Added Heal button at Player Screen - Fixed an issue where FMEL would crash if you load another game on FM and don't press Load Game v1.3.3 ------ Fix for Player's screen on localised Windows

v1.3.2 ------ Fix for Player's save v1.3.1 ------ Support for 13.3.2 [EU] - Added Player Current/Potential Ability - Added Player Foot L/R (View only) - Added Player Attribute (View only) - Added configuration file for changing search list columns - Added support for multiple screens (Clubs or Players) v1.3.0 ------ Support for 13.2.3 [EU] - Renamed to FMEL - Added Training/Youth Facilities on Clubs screen - Added Team tab on Clubs screen with "Heal Team" functionality - Added support for Persons screen through search - Added Persons screen with Birthday and Nationality editing support - Fixed wrong finances (Transfer Budget, Payroll Budget) for non-active teams - Added Nation loading support - Added Current GameID and Date loading support v1.2.0 ------ Major part of source code rewritten - Redesigned Club form - Added Club Reputation - Added Club Chairman Status - Added Club Kits editing - Added support for Currencies (UKP, Euro, USD) and Salary View (Weekly, Monthly , Yearly) - Added Preferences v1.1.0 ------ Support for 13.2.2 [EU] v1.0.0 ------ Initial release, support for 13.1.3 [EU] - Added Balance/Transfer Budget/Wage Budget read/write support.