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Thank you
for purchasing Yatagarasu from Rice Digital! A hefty share of your money will go the developer PDW:HOTAPEN so that they can make more awesome games like this.
NOTICE As Yatagarasu is a Japanese program we recommend running it through Microsoft Applocale as it may not function properly without it.

You can download and install Microsoft Applocale here:

Remaining time Player name Score Wins


*Controls can be configured in key config.

Health bar Input

LBL HBL or LBL mid air

Upper Button locking
Lower Button locking Mid-air Button locking Reduces damage received Reduces damage received Throw Unblockable attack Overhead attack Knock down attack High jump Front step Back step Ukemi Delayed wake up A more powerful EX special attack

SP gauge

LP or HP whilst being damaged by a punch LK or HK whilst being damaged by a kick

You can enhance the properties of one of your super moves. Select the super move that you would like to enhance at the beginning of a fight.

LP + LK HP + HK LP + HP + HK or HP depending on character P when hitting the ground K when hitting the ground Pressing both High and low versions of the attack button (P or K) for special attacks.


Button locking allows you to parry an attack stunning your opponent for a short period. Strike immediately to hurt your opponent with a painful counter!

You will flash blue upon successfully button locking an attack

Strike immediately after flashing blue to counter attack

There are 3 types of button locking: Mid air, high and low. Use the appropriate BL to parry an opponents attack. Press forward ( or or ) whilst BL for a greater return. You can also BL whilst guarding your opponents combo, but beware as timing it wrongly will take you out of guard and result in you being hit.

-SkillsAteyumi Kagebi Manchuin Toriuchi Himezori Yuzuruha -SupersIssha Zetumei Onibi +P Kasanejyumonji Kijimuna +K +P +P +K

-SkillsShingetsu +P

Shin Koenzan
-SupersKantanenzan Issen Kousa

Midair +P

+P +K

-SkillsJET Blow JET Knuckle JET Ducking JET Straight JET Upper JET Shot -SupersF.H.J L.G.J +P +P +K +K +P +K +P +K

-SkillsScourge impact Chadha Todays Kick Mega Death Pressure +P +K 360 Rotation+P

Running Punish
Nudus Punish

360 Rotation+K
360 Rotation+P (mid-air) 2 x 360 Rotation+P

-SupersGiga Death Pressure

Peredu Great Moment


-SkillsYugizan Retsugizan Shinenzan Bougetuzan -SupersKantanenzan Issen Kousa +P +K charge+P charge+K charge+P +P

-SkillsRimse Emsi Okimunpe Rela Kamuifuchi Pekamui -SupersRaikurutekunpe Raikuruhoshi +P (up to 3 times) +P +K +P During Rela (HK) During Rela (LK +K +K

-SkillsSaiunricchu Mozuotoshi Kikkajyunikou Jibashiri Gekkouippa Makigeri Utsusemi Kumofumi -SupersShinshinmumyo Togihotaru Tenraigin Kuchinawaichigo charge+P +P +K During High Jump +P Near wall +K +P

-SkillsAteyumi Kagebi Manchuin Toriuchi Himezori Yuzuruha -SupersShahouhassetsu Ukifune +K Kasanejyumonji Kujigarasu +P +P +P +K

Setting up an online match

To set up an online match there are a few steps that you have to go through. 1. Go to your router settings and open ports 50055 to 50057 (UDP). These ports will need to be open for network mode to work correctly. The game has a system that can try to open them for you automatically but this may not work depending on your router. 2. Run YatagarasuLauncher.exe found within the Yatagarasu folder. The window below will appear. Follow the text in bold (the normal text is just to tell you what each section is).

Check this box to open ports automatically (this may not work depending on your router setting) Delay time Put your user name here Comments

Put your global IP here if you will be hosting, or your hosts IP address if you will be joining their game. Title code Matching conditions Strength range Rank match tweet (only when twitter settings are on) Xbox arcade stick settings (please only tick when you are having problems using the stick)

Public lobby tweet (only when twitter settings are on)

1P uses XboxStick 2P uses XboxStick

Launch Yatagarasu in window mode

Launch Yatagarasu in Full screen mode

2. Your game is now ready to play online. Select Network VS from the title menu and then select host lobby if your hosting, or Join lobby if your joining an already created match. 3. To join a Private lobby that your friend is hosting, you need to make sure you have entered your friends Global IP in the YatagarasuLauncher.exe rather than your own. If this is set up correctly you should see your friends Global IP appear in the screen below.

This should show the hosts IP address

4. Then simply press Join Private Lobby once your friend has opened the room and you should be connected. Please also note that network play may be slow depending on your internet speeds.