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Product Description: ORWO duplicating Negative Film DN21 produces intermediate negatives (master positives). DN21 is used for duplicating from black and white positives as well as color positives. With color negatives expect a very well balanced grey scale in comparison. A new AHU-Layer (Anti Halation Under Layer) between the emulsion layer and the base guarantees an outstanding anti-halation. The excellent photographic and physical properties enable the production of extraordinary black and white prints. It is ideal film for long term storage. Base: Safety base, polyester, 125 m, Protective Gelatin Layer Emulsion Layer AHU-Layer Anti-Static Layer


Antistatic Back-Layer ______________________________________________________________________________ Product Availability: Width 35 mm 35 mm 35 mm 35 mm Length 610 m 610 m 305 m 305 m Perforation P-4750 (KS 1870) N-4740 (BH 1866) P-4750 (KS 1870) N-4740 (BH 1866)

Customized films available by request Storage: Raw Stock:

Up to 12 month: More than 12 month: Process as soon as possible

18C or lower 14C or lower

Exposed film: Processed film:

Normal storage: Store at 21C or lower with 40 to 60 % relative humidity. Long term storage: According to the standards ISO 5466, SMPTE RP131 and ANSI IT9.11

Substances as sulfuric dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde vapors and radioactive radiation have a negative influence on films.

ORWO North America, 295 Livingston St., Suite 2R, Brooklyn, NY, 11217


Processing: According to ORWO instruction 1182 (D96), we recommend processing to an average gradient of g = 0.65 NOTE: Process as soon as possible. RMS-Granularity: Less than 9 (read at a net visual diffuse density of 1.0 above the minimum density using a 48 m aperture) Modulation transfer factor m30: 0.80 Characteristic curve DN 21: Processing ORWO instruction 1182 Processing time 4.5min, 6.0 min, 7.5min

Spectral sensitivity: For equal energy spectrum

Darkroom lighting: Films should be processed in total darkness. If absolutely necessary, processing can be done at a light of a 15 watt-lamp (indirect) with ORWO safe light filter no. 108 (dark green), Kodak no. 3 or Ilford no. 908, but a distance of at least 75 cm should be kept.

ORWO North America, 295 Livingston St., Suite 2R, Brooklyn, NY, 11217