How Big an Eagles Fan Are You? This is for fun.

Feel free to use this sheet to tally up your points. At the end of August, we ’ll ask people to post their point totals on the Facebook page. We’ll also be using some of these questions as points of discussion until the band hits the stage again in September.
1. 10 points for each of the following that you own: Eagles CDs __________ Eagles DVDs __________ 20 points for each of following that you own: Eagles albums (LPs) __________ Eagles cassettes __________ Eagles 45s __________ Eagles 8-Tracks __________ 10 points for each of the following that you own: Solo albums (LPs) __________ Solo cassettes __________ Solo CDs __________ Eagles DVDs __________ 9. 30 points for each solo show you’ve seen (by current band members). ___________ 10. 100 points if you’ve seen Randy, Bernie, or Don Felder solo in concert since they’ve left the band. ______________________ 11. 50 points if you voted for Joe Walsh or contributed to his campaign. ___________ 12. 20 points for each of the following causes you’ve given money to: Walden Woods Project, Caddo Lake Conservancy, Grass Roots Aspen Experience, or any other cause a band member supports. ______________ 13. 20 points for each of the following places you’ve visited: Winslow, AZ __________ Coffeyville, KS __________ Caddo Lake __________ Walden Woods __________ Aspen, CO __________ Linden, TX __________ Los Angeles Eagles sites__________ Any other Eagles related site ________ 14. 5 points for each Eagles biography or autobiography you’ve read. ________________ 15. 5 points for each book you’ve read because the band is mentioned in it or a band member has mentioned reading it. _______ 16. 20 points if you’ve named a pet after the band or a band member. ____________



4. 15 points for each solo 45 or cassette or CD single you own. ____________________ 5. 5 points for each album you’ve bought because a member of the Eagles appears on it. ________________________

6. 50 points for each album you have that includes a member of the band BEFORE they were in the Eagles ____________ 7. 50 points for each Eagles show you saw the first time around (prior to 1994). _________ 8. 40 points for each time you’ve seen the band since 1994. ___________________

17. 50 points if you’ve named a child after the band. _______________ 18. 20 points for each Eagles and related t-shirt you own. _______________________ 19. 30 points for each autograph you have (5 point bonus if you got it in person). ______ 20. 10 points for each piece of related merchandise (key chain, caps, magnets) that you have. ________________ 21. 50 points for each time you’ve met and spoken to an Eagle. _______________ 22. 20 points for each Eagles support staff you’ve met: Irving, Tony, Smokey, Tommy, etc. _______________ 23. 50 points if you’ve gotten into playing/writing/singing music because of the band. ___________________ 24. 20 points for making any recipe published by a band member (Don’s chili, Joe’s tuna casserole). _______________ 25. If the phrases “take it easy”, “already gone”, or “get over it” are part of your vocabulary, give yourself 10 points. _____ 26. 30 points for each time you’ve sacrificed time with friends or family members for the band. ___________________ 27. 40 points for each piece of Eagles related jewelry you wear on a regular basis. ______ 28. 50 points for each Eagles related tattoo you have. ______________

29. 50 points if you’ve moved somewhere because of the band. ______________ 30. 50 points if you’ve chosen a university because a band member went there. _____ 31. 20 points if you’ve sat through someone else’s concert to see the band or a member of the band. __________________ 32. 10 points if you’ve written a school paper about the band or some aspect of the band. ___________ 33. 20 points if you make a conscious effort to hang toilet paper the “correct” way. ______ 34. 10 points if you’ve ever been asked if you’re a groupie or been teased about your “obsession”. _________________ 35. 20 points if you’ve ever tried to explain that Hotel California is NOT about the Church of Satan. ____________ 36. 30 points for emulating any of the band members’ hairstyles. ____________ 37. 20 points if you’ve gotten cable, a satellite dish, a DVD player, or Showtime so you could watch the band. _____________ 38. 10 points for each piece of art you’ve done that has the band as its subject. _________ 39. 50 points (women) / 100 points (men) if you’ve dated or married a person who looks like an Eagle. ____________________ 40. 50 points if you’ve been backstage at an Eagles or solo concert. ________________

41. 20 points if you’ve entered an Eagles related contest. _______________ 42. 20 points if you’ve used binoculars at a concert from the 20th row or closer. ______ 43. 20 points if you’ve ever eaten somewhere the band has. _______________ 44. 50 points if you saw the one episode of “South of Sunset” when it original aired in 1993. ______________________ 45. 10 points for each time you’ve quoted lyrics to be romantic. _______________ 46. 30 points for breaking up with someone because he or she didn’t share your “obsession”. ____________ 47. 10 points for looking up each of the following words in a dictionary (or Googling them): colitis, guano, diverticulitis ______ 48. 30 points if you bought an Ebel watch, signature drum sticks, signature guitar/bass, or Henley’s signature Hard Rock t-shirt. _____________ 49. 40 points for each piece of personal correspondence you’ve received from band members. _____________________ 50. Award yourself an appropriate amount of points for anything else you’ve ever done or owned that we haven’t mentioned because of the band. Be prepared to explain.  ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

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