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Colin Cornaby

301 SW Lincoln St. Apt 909

Portland OR 97201
(206) 225-6969

Graduating Class of 2004 of Shorecrest High School

Computer Science, University of Portland 2004-2006
Computer Science, Portland State University 2008-Present


• Independent Software Design – Consonance Software, Founder (1999-Present)

Managed Consonance Software. Wrote and marketed Duality, the award winning theme software for Mac
OS X. Supported customers with problems and released bug patches as necessary. Created the
foundation for basic theme changer implementation and design on Mac OS X. Currently doing graphics
programming for Mac OS X and the iPhone.

* Technician/Software Architect/Database Architect – Shoreline School District (2006-2008)

Hired as part of a public bond for a two year contract to supply support for a one laptop per child program
at Shoreline School District. Was directly responsible for 2000, to at times, 4000 computers at 12 different
sites, of both the laptop and desktop variety. Used remote administration software in addition to working
with customers face to face.

Also designed and built large scale software for the tracking of around 10,000 laptops purchased as part
of the one laptop per child program. Software was heavily used at both high schools and both middle
schools by on site technicians. Responsibilities included designing and implementing the database,
designing and implementing the desktop software, writing a new database bridge from Cocoa to MySQL,
and running training for staff. The software and database tracked important financial information related to
fees, repair ticket information, check in and check out information, pictures by interacting with video
hardware (both onboard and external), student pictures and information, printing reports with user defined
conditions, and syncing the database with the student information system.

* Web Designer – Shoreline School District (2005)

Designed and implemented a web page to manage staff training events. Built a system to allow staff to
browse and register for various web sites using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

* Macintosh Specialist – University of Portland (2004-2005)

Implemented a network based restore system using OS X Server. Troubleshooted a variety of Windows
2000/XP machines and Mac OS based computers. Wrote custom software for automating of customer
backups using Mac OS X, including support for CD burning.

• Technology Intern – Shoreline School District, (paid position summer 2002, 7/2003 – 9/2004)

Assisted in planning/implementing Open Directory system for all staff and students, powered by Mac OS
X Server/XServe RAID. Helped implement RADIUS wifi security system, and wrote front end for said
system for use by staff using PHP/MySQL. Worked with testing and setup of Mac OS X client and server,
and testing of pre-release versions.

• Columnist – REALbasic developer magazine, (1 year contract, 2003)

Wrote “Instant Cocoa” column for REALbasic Developer Magazine. Articles targeted at educating
REALBasic programmers on the virtues of Cocoa.
Articles/Books I have been featured in:

• MacAddict Magazine – “100 Best Freebies”, July 2003.

Duality 4.0 was rated the best free OS X customization software and was given an “Editorʼs Choice”

• MacWorld Magazine – “Must Have Software”, Spring 2002

Duality 3.1 was featured as one of the “Must Have” pieces of software for Mac OS X.

• Robert Ellis – “Handpicked Software For Mac OS X. The Best New Freeware, Software, and
Commercial Software For Mac OS X”, 2002

The title says it all. Duality 3.1 was included among the best applications available for Mac OS X.

Articles I have written:

• “Memory Management in Cocoa”, REALbasic developer, June/July 2003; p 43.

• “Variables in Cocoa, Interacting with Your User Interface”, REALbasic developer, April/May 2003; p 43.

• “Cocoa Tools, Cocoaʼs Project Builder and Interface Builder II”, REALbasic developer, February/ March;
pp. 43,50.

• “Cocoa Tools, Cocoaʼs Project Builder and Interface Builder”, REALbasic developer, December/January
2002; p. 43.

• “Cocoa Syntax, How Cocoa Syntax differs from REALbasic”, REALbasic developer, October/November
2002; p. 43.

• “The History of Cocoa, Cocoa for REALbasic programmers”, REALbasic developer, August/September
2002; p. 43.

Computer Software and Hardware Experience

•All Classic Mac OS Systems, Rhapsody Server (Mac OS X Server 1.0), Mac OS X Client
(10.0-10.6), Mac OS X Server (10.0-10.6), Mac OS X for Intel
•Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, 2000 Advanced Server, ME, XP, Vista, Server 2008
•Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat/CentOS), UNIX (Darwin)
•OS X Mobile
•Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
•Apple Mail, iLife, iTunes, iWork, Filemaker Pro, Packagemaker, Remote Desktop, Final Cut Pro
•VMWare Fusion and Workstation, Parallels, Microsoft Virtual PC
•Adobe GoLive, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe
Acrobat, Adobe After Effects
•Apple XCode, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, and Eclipse
•Windows Microsoft Office - 98, 2000, 2003. Macintosh Microsoft Office - 98, 2001, X, 2004, 2008.
•Internet and Networking Including: Ethernet, TCP/IP, WebDAV, Samba, AppleTalk, AppleShare,
Open Directory/LDAP, Windows Domains
•AppleScript, HyperTalk, ASP, C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Visual Basic, REALBasic, Cocoa,
Carbon, Java, C#/.NET Platform, OpenGL, Java3D, QuickTime API, x86 Assembly, MIPS
Assembly, PowerPC Assembly, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Professional Development:
Completed Apple OSX Server class through Shoreline School District, Apple Help Desk Certified