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AFFIDAVIT OF COMPLAINT I, Juana Dela Cruz, Filipino, 42 years of age, married, and a residence of Barangay Daro, Dumaguete City,

Negros Oriental, Philippines, on oath, do hereby depose and say that: 1. I am the wife of Juan Dela Cruz, likewise Filipino, 45 years old, we were married on November 20, 1995; and we had two (2) children where we live together namely John aged 15, and Liya aged 10; 2. That as far I remember, every time my husband becomes intoxicated with an alcoholic liquor, he became violent and cause us to be harm physically, psychologically and emotionally abused; 3. That sometime in May 2011, on or about 5 oclock in the afternoon, my husband arrived home under the influence of alcoholic beverages and he was mad, due to his unreasonable jealousy regarding our past in which, I confessed to him before we get married. That my husband came closer to us where, our son John and I, was having a conversation, and without any reason he, pinched my ear in front of our son in which, my son reacted and told his father to quote in vernacular ayaw hilabti si mama pa! unquote, and without any words my husband pick-up a stem and directly whipped on the nose of our son which caused it to swell and injured the nose of our son that, I saw my son ran away from his father crying and was chased by his father carring a bolo on his right hand, and he follow our son towards our house and when my son saw that his father was following him he, ran towards the house of our Barangay Captain and when he noticed that, no one was around tha said house my son ran towards the hi-way until, he met our Barangay Captain Heraldo, and there our Brgy. Captain, extend his assistance to my son John, in order that his father will be brought to tha office of the City Social Welfare and Development there, my husband was reminded of what he did to our son, and to me is not good, in which he violated an offense and can lead to filing of formal complaint against him, that after he promised that he will never do it again to me and to our son John we forgave my husband at that time; 4. That on December 22, 2011, on or about 7 oclock in the evening, Liya and I was ready to sleep when I, heard my husband Peter, shouting at me and so, I stood up and opened the door and when I came closer to my husband to fetch him, I was shocked and surprised when he came running towards me without any preparation or thinking that he will going to hack me, with a bolo he was holding on his right hand. Which fortunately I, evaded his strike and only my chin got injured by the tip of his bolo; 5. That I ran with fear and got nervous, I was rolled down on the ground escaping from his evil intent. That I rolled down due to my nervous breakdown on the

newly cut sugar cane plantation, trembling and frightened with fear when, I felt and I saw blood on my chin; 6. That I arrived and asked help from my elder sister named Delsa, and there they helped me to calm down and brought me to the house of our Brgy. Captain named herald; 7. That our Brgy, Captain asked me if, I am willing to file a case against my husband Peter, for the offense he committed before, they will decide to arrest my husband; 8. That after a few minutes I saw and pinned pointed my husband standing in front of the house of the Brgy. Captain Heraldo, there my husband was ordered by the on-duty Brgy. Tanods named Edgardo and Wilton to surrender his bolo to them but, my husband refuses and proceeded on the hi-way, there he was apprehend and arrested by them; 9. That my family and I, is willing to put my husband in jail, due to nervousness and fear that he, in still in our minds that, every time my husband or their father get mad or angry he, will always used a bolo to kill us. That resulted to our lost of love and respect towards him instead, it was replaced with fear and hatred that, cause us to be psychologically, emotionally, and physically abused by him; 10. That on or about 10 oclock in the evening of December 22, 2011, with that assistance of our Brgy. Captain Heraldo, together with the arresting Brgy. Tanods we, arrived at our Local City Police Station with my husband to file a formal complaint against my husband; 11. That I am executing this affidavit to attest the truth in order to file a formal complaint against my husband Peter for violation of RA #9262; IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have affixed my signature this 23rd day of December 2011, at Dumaguete City, Philippines. Juana Dela Cruz Complainant/Affiant SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this day 23rd day of December 2011, at Dumaguete City, Philippines. This is to certify that I personally examined the affiant on

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