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Colegio Rubn Castro English Department Miss Marcela Mora

Worksheet: Modal Verbs ( 50% ) 2M B 1. Complete the sentences with a suitable modal verb AND a verb. Prema: L= 6/8 ( 10% ) M= 5/8 ( 6% )

Example: Mom, can I go to the cinema tonight?

No, you cant.

a. ____________ I _____________ you carry all the bags? You look tired. b. When my grandfather was young, you ___________ taking the test. c. You ____________________ _______________ that word! Its very rude! d. Youre overweight. You ___________________ ________________ a diet. e. In some countries, couples _________________ ___________________ without their parents permission. f. A: ________________ I ________________ to Jennifer? B: Im sorry but she __________________ ________________ the phone right now. g. We _________________ __________________ our planet and go green. Otherwise, it will be a threat to our lives. h. Our flight was cancelled, so we _______________ ________________ the night in a hotel. 2. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. Prema: L= 5/7 ( 10% ) M= 4/7 ( 6% ) a. b. c. d. e. Do you must use your cell phone in here? I dont like it He was angry because he shouldnt stop talking during the meeting. We should take care of our planet before its too late. We cans not drive along this street. You dont had to be worried. Im fine, OK? __________ a car without

f. The doctor told you to stay in bed for the weekend. You have better go outside. g. You shouldnt to put posters in here. It looks messy.

3. Circle the modal verbs and write the function of each one. Prema: L= 10/12 ( 10% ) M= 7/12 ( 6% )

Possibility ability asking for permission request obligation logical deduction

a. Can you give me some advice about what to wear to the wedding? _______________________ b. Children, you must sit quietly and listen to me its very rude to interrupt. _______________________ c. Im terribly sorry to ask, but may I use your phone? Its very urgent. ________________________________ d. My uncle was the most charming man Ive ever met. He could persuade anyone to do anything! __________________ e. You must be Johns brother. Its nice to meet you. _______________________ f. Inappropriate social kissing may cause embarrassment in certain cultures. ________________________ 4. Choose the best alternative that has the same meaning to the main sentence. Prema: L= 3/4 ( 10% ) I. M= 2/4 ( 6% )

Im sure shes relaxing right now because she went to a spa. a. She must be relaxing right now because she went to a spa. b. She might be relaxing right now because she went to a spa. Its possible that Sebastian doesnt like metal music. a. Sebastian cant like metal music. b. Sebastian might not like metal music. Im sure Rodrigo is not forty-five yet. a. Rodrigo cant be forty-five yet. b. Rodrigo may not be forty-five yet. Its possible that Matas doesnt win the competition. a. Matas may not win the competition. b. Matas cant win the competition.




5. Read the text and answer if the questions are True (T) or False (F) Prema: L= 10/12 ( 10% ) M= 7/12 ( 6% )

Living in Indonesia. Ethnic Weddings: What to do and what not to do If a friend gets an invitation to a wedding, you can go with him/her, even if you dont receive an invitation yourself. The times of the wedding ceremony and reception are both on the invitation. However, you shouldnt go to the ceremony because it is only for close family. If you really want to see it, you should ask first. Everyone can go to the reception afterwards. Nowadays, Indonesian women dont have to cover their heads, but they usually wear traditional clothes. There is a box at the entrance of the reception and you have to put money into it! But dont worry; it doesnt have to be a lot of money. And remember, at most wedding receptions, you cant drink alcohol.

a. Indonesian families only invite people they have known for a long time _________ b. The reception is before the wedding __________ c. The wedding ceremony is usually smaller than the reception __________ d. Guests usually give money as a present ___________ e. Its OK if you dont put any money into the box at the entrance ___________ 6. Complete the description of a traditional Chinese wedding with the words from the box.

Have to dont have to cant can

A week before the wedding, the grooms family (1)_______________________ go to the brides house. They take presents in red boxes. Only the men (2)____________________ carry them female members of the family (3)______________________ carry the presents. One strange thing is that the brides family sends them back if they dont like them they (4)_________________ accept the presents! A few days later, females of the brides family (5)___________________ take presents to the grooms family. On the morning of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom (6)________________________ serve tea to their parents. The ceremony is only for the family friends (7)__________________ go to it. The reception is where friends can celebrate with the happy couple.