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Hourly paid Training Consultant English Partnerships Application Form

1. Personal Details
Surname First name(s) Title (Mr, Ms, etc.)

Date of birth


Contact address

Email address Home: Work:

Telephone number Home: Work: Mobile:

Nearest British Council or British Library (please tick) Date of application

New Delhi Hyderabad

Mumbai Pune

Chennai Chandigarh

Kolkata Ahmedabad


2. Qualifications (Please note the required qualifications in the MPRS and include all details relevant to your application.) Degree / Certificate obtained Institution (name & location) Dates (From To)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) qualifications (undergraduate or postgraduate) Degree / Certificate obtained Institution (name & location) Dates (From To)

3. Language level and ability

Please give information about the languages you speak and your proficiency. Please use Advanced, Upperintermediate, Intermediate, Elementary or Beginner to describe each skill for each language. Language spoken Level (for each skill) Any exams taken in this language? Please give details and results.

The United Kingdoms international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.

4. Training Experience last 10 years (begin with most recent or current employer).
Dates From To Name and Address of Employer Position held Brief outline of duties and responsibilities (include your role, preparations and challenges)

Please continue on a separate sheet if required.

5. Professional skills
How would you describe your style of training or teaching? Give some examples of the approaches and methods you use for any given context. (Maximum 200 words)

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Give a brief description of an Adult English or Teacher Training Programme/workshop you have conducted. Which techniques did you use to meet the needs of those learners? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? (Maximum 300 words).

6. Project management and evaluation

Please provide an account of any experience you have in delivering a training project. What was you role, how did you define the requirements and set success criteria and how did you report that success. (Maximum 300 words)

7. Material design and delivery

Give an outline of any experience you have in identifying the needs of learners and developing materials for a training programme. This can include any courses you have attended and experience you have in designing materials and producing training texts, teachers notes and other supporting tools (Maximum 300 words)

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8. Referees
All applicants must provide two references. Referee 1 must be someone who has worked with you as your superior in a teaching institution where you have taught or trained to speakers of other language and can comment on your ability/potential as a trainer. Referee 2 must be someone who can comment on your interpersonal skills, punctuality and reliability as a teacher/trainer. Name and address of referee 1 How long did you work together? What was your referees job title at the time? Telephone no. of referee Email address of referee Name and address of referee 2 How long have you known each other? How do you know each other? Telephone no. of referee Email address of referee



Please read and sign below to indicate your agreement: I am aware that if I become a Freelance Trainer for the British Council my personal details will be permanently held on a database which may be accessed by any British Council employee at any time and I will receive monthly updates about British Councils services and events. I further declare that I have legal status and permission to live and work in India or Sri Lanka. Name of applicant Signature

9. Signature and date of application

I declare that the information I have provided in this application form is full and accurate, to the best of my knowledge and belief, correct and complete.

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Applicant name Applicant signature Date of application

Please return the completed form to Carmel Shobha at British Council Division, British Deputy High Commission, 737 Anna Salai, Chennai 600 002. Email address: c a r m e l . s h o b h a @ i n . b r i t i s h c o u n c i l . o r g The closing date for applications to reach the British Council is 9 July 2012

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