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Teaching & Learning Experiences Record of Lessons observed and/or taught in the thirty day block O = Observation TT = Team

m Teaching T = Independent Teaching 10 Graphics = Graphics Technology 7 Timber= Technology Mandatory Timber 12 Construction = VET Construction 8 Metals = Technology Mandatory Metals 9 Building = Industrial Technology Building and Construction 9 Timber = Industrial Technology Timber 8 Agriculture = Technology Mandatory Agriculture 11 Construction = VET Construction 10 Metals = Industrial Technology Metals








Class/time Orientation. P.3: 10 Graphics - O House plans. P.4: 7 Timber - O Students Worked on a trinket box. Tour of the school and staff for the remainder of the day.

Class/time P.2: 8 Agriculture - O Students watched a video on chickens. P.4: 8 Metals - O Students had theory and research. P.5: 10 Graphics -O Students continued on their house plans. P.6: 9 Building - O The class worked on a site excavation task.

Class/time P.1-2: 9 Building - O Students Continued work on the outdoor classroom project at the school farm. P.3: 8 Metals - O Students are working on a candle arbour. I assisted students with their work. P.4-5: 7 Timber -O Assisted in the preperation of practical materials and helped students with their projects. Motivational speaking for the first two lessons. P.4: 10 Metals - TTStudents worked on welding their projects and I assisted those students. P.5 - 5.00pm 11 Construction -TTAssisted students to complete a module exam paper that was open book. The class then discussed their work experience placements.

Class/time P.1-2: 10 Graphics - O Students continued with their house plans task. P.3: 8 Metals - O students continued with their projects and I assisted individual students. P.7 Timber - O Students worked on a trinket box and I assisted individual students.

Class/time P.1: 9 Timber - O Students continued with their jewellery box ands I assisted students with their work. P.4: Year 8 art class observation. Students were working on a clay model of a gargoyle. The class is run simmilarly to D&T. P.6: 7 Timber -O Students had to create a parts table for their trinket box in a theory lesson. P.1-2: 8 Metals -TTStudents continued with their candle arbour project and I assisted students with using the oxy-acetlyene welding. P.3-4: 10 Graphics -TTThe class continued with their house plans and I assisted Individual students with their own work. Spirit week festivities from lunch till day end. (included performances and music by students and staff).


P.2: 10 Graphics -O Students worked on their house plans and I assisted one student to hand draw a section of a building. P.4: 10 Metals -O Assisted students with their individual projects. P.5-6: 12 Construction TThe teacher was away so I assisted the relieving teacher (not IA) with textbook exercises.

P.1: 10 Graphics -TTStudents continued with their house plans and I assisted some students with plan drawing. P.2: 9 Timber - T Students continued with their projects and I assisted students with hand tool use. The teacher was away and the relieving teacher was not IA. P.3: 8 Metals -TTAssisted students with bending their candle arbour components.

P.1-2: 9 Timber -TTStudents continued with their jewellery box project and I gave two demonstrations on tool use. P.4-5: 7 Timber -TT Students continued with their trinket box projects and I gave a demonstration on butt joining the ends together.

P.4: 9 Building -T The regular teacher was sick so I helped the class throug a theory task as the relieving teacher was not IA. Three Staff development day. - literacy improvement. -curriculum improvements and scaffolding for students with learning difficulties. P.2: 8 TM agriculture O - chicken production. P.4: 8 metals - TT Research due to scripture. was practical lesson focusing on setting out and cutting parts.. P.5: 10 GT - TT building plans. helped students research basix requirements. P.6: 9 IT B/C - TT- Site preperation,excavation and concreting. P.1&P.2 9 B/C - T Practical fence building. P.3: 10 GT - TT- house plans. Assisted students with technical advice on how houses are constructed. P.5: 8 TM Metals - TT Practical candle arbour and assisted students with welding. P.1 & 2: 10 IT Metals TT Practical lesson with students continuing with their own projects. No gas so focused on set out and parts preperation. P.3: 8 TM Metals -TTassisted students with oxy acetylene welding. P. 4 & 5: 7 TM Timber -TGave two demonstrations on lid preporattion and hand tools use. The lesson ended with a journal entry handout. P.1: 9 B/C - T Students researchewd construction joints and completed a question and answer sheet. P.1-2: 9 Timber -TStudents continued work on their jewellery box. the focus of the lesson was joining the corners withthe biskit P.1: 9 ITT -TTJewelery box project. -assisted a student who had been away for several days to catch up. P.2: 9 B&C -TPractical fence building. I instructed students with set out. P.3-4: 11 Timber - O Observed and assisted students with their hall table project. P.6: 7 TM Timber -TDemonstration on lid connection and hinge for a practical lesson. P. 1-2: 8 Metals -TPractical first lesson: Students continued their candle arbour. Theory second lesson:


P.2: 10 Graphics - T Sketch up class. Introduction to site plans/sediment controls and to include it in their assignment.

P.1: 10 Graphics -TSketch up class. continued with site plan. P.2: 9 Timber -T-

P..4: 10 Metals -Tpractical. Students continued their projects and I assisted individual students.

Practical. students continued with their jewellery box. P..3: 8 Agriculture. - OStudents did online research on sheep.


P.3: 10 Graphics - T I gave a presentation on the different types of plans and how the students could incorporate them into views in sketchup. P.4: 7 Timber -TI worked with the class through the research component of their design your bedroom assignment. I provided suggestions and focus

P. 4-5: 7 Timber -TFirst lesson was a practical focusing on drill press use and P.5 - 5.00pm -Tassisting some students First half theory lesson catching up. Some P.4: 9 B/C -Tbased on risk students began to Students learnt about assessments and safety design a lid decoration. career paths in the exam. Work placements Second half was a industry. were finalised. theory lesson where P.5: 10 Metals -TSecond half practical in students were working Students continued with the outdoor classroom. on a design your ideal their project. bedroom task. I assisted students with their designs and helped them understand the task. P.2: 8 Agriculture - O - P.1&2: 9 B&C - T P.1&2: 10 Metals -TThe class wached a Wet weather resulted in Students continued with video on farming changing the outside their projects and I practices and the history practical to a workshop focused on improving on soil preparation lesson. Students individual students tools. continued to work on accuracy in measuring P.4: 8 Metals -Ttheir tool carry all. and keeping things The class clashed with P.3: 8 Metals - T square. scripture lessons so the The class continued P.3: 8 Metals -Tremaining students working on their candle The class continued worked on their 'How arbour project. one with the candle arbour things fly' assignment. student needed project. I assisted P.5: 10 Graphics -Tadditional support students that needed The lesson began with a welding so I focused on help with measuring out discussion on using supporting them for part their projects for square

P.4: 10 Metals - TStudents continued with their projects and I cave a small group demonstration on welding.

joiner and routing the base edge.

Students began a research assignment on why planes fly focusing on research and design. P. 3-4: 10 Graphics -TI demonstrated to the class how to create an element in sketchup and how to create even spacings for a fence. Students then submitted their site plan.

P.1: 9 Timber -T I started the lesson with reminding the class about finishes and the factors that influence finishes. The class then continued with their jewellery box. P.2: 9 B&C - T I started a new topic with the class. I introduced students to wall framing and their components. I then had the class begin to draw

areas for research.

research and different sources to improve the quality of their projects and how to improve their drafting skills. P.6: 9 B&C -TStudents worked on their tool carry alls and I discussed the uses of cold formed connectors.

of the lesson. P.5: 10 Graphics - T I gave the class a presentation on orthagonal views in technical drawing.

and showed them how to use bracing. P.4&5: 7 Timber -TThe first lesson the class worked on their trinket box folio assignments on the computers. The second lesson I focused on catching up some students with the class. P.1&2: 9 Timber -TThe lesson was a double practical with the class continuing on their jewellery boxes. The class accomplished a great deal with some students completing the project. I focused on caatching some students up. P.4&5: 7 Timber -TThe first lesson the class continued with the trinket boxes and some students started appling finishes. The second lesson the class finalised the bedroom folio and I gave a demonstration on uploading their work onto edmodo. Some


P.2: 10 Graphics -T I emphasised the due date for the house plans and made a list of all the components that needed to be included in it. I also gave the class an additional task of creating a letter of acceptance for their project. The remainder of the lesson I assisted individual students with their project. P.3: 10 Metals -TThe class continued with their projects and I continued to provide support for students having difficulties with motivation,calculations and planning the next step in their work.

P.1: 10 Graphics -TThe class continued on their house plans. P.2: 9 Timber - TTheory lesson on joints and I had the class draw them on sketchup. P.3 : 8 Agriculture -TThe class had to watch a video on agriculture technologies and andwer questions on the video. P.4 9 B&C -TI continued from the previous lesson and most of the class has completed the plate drawings. I helped some students catch up. P.5: 10 Metals -TTheory lesson. The class continued on their

P.1: 9 B&C -TI had the class complete the frame drawings and related them to their upcoming workshop task. The class can now identify and draw a simple wall frame and its components. P.4: 1 0 Metals -TThe class worked on a theory task where they completed their foilo drawings. P.5-5:00pm: 11 Construction -TThe first half was theory and i had the class complete a SWMS, accident form, aesbestos identification and risk assessment. Practical continued

plates in sketch up and gave instruction on how to set them out. P.6: 7 Timber - T The class had a theory lesson continuing the development of a design folio. I instructed the class on the components of a folio and how to complete them. P.2&2: 8 Metals -TThe class continued the candle arbour project and some students started to apply finishes. I assisted three students to braze weld who had up until this point refused to attempt it. P.3&4: 10 Graphics -TThe class is working towards the deadline for the house plans project. I assisted students who are behind with their work by ensuring they knew the next step of their assignment.

design folios.

their saw horses.

students needed assistance with importing and exporting.

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