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Our reason for being: To promote and further the art of quilting and needle arts within the community and to share this knowledge with all interested persons. The Kingman Quilters Guild is a chapter of the Arizona Quilters Guild and is subject to the By-laws of the Arizona Quilters Guild. We cannot change the rules and regulations set down by the Arizona Quilters Guild. The Kingman Quilters Guild does not have separate By-laws. However, various resolutions have been passed over the years to resolve problems or requirements. These resolutions may be changed by a vote of the membership at a regularly constituted guild meeting. Resolutions may also be reviewed by an Executive Board and recommendations may be made to the membership, but the Executive Board does not have the power to make changes. Changes may be made only by the attending membership at a guild meeting. Proxy votes are not allowed. As the membership grows and circumstances dictate, changes in resolutions or new resolutions may be desirable. Any member who wishes to do so may request the President put an item for review on the agenda. The President must honor this request. This must be done before (preferably several days before) the meeting. Changing of resolutions may not be brought up in a meeting without prior notice to the President. The following resolutions that are currently in effect with the date the motion was passed. Officers and Chairs September, 1997: Motion passed to make the newsletter editor an officer, in order to have more people available to sign checks. Exhibit/Show September, 2000: Motion passed to fund prizes for viewers choice winners. August, 2003: Motion passed to have Challenge Quilt contest every ye ar, these quilts not to be shown until hung at the exhibit. October, 2007: Motion passed to hold one-week exhibit at the Museum in 2008, Saturday and Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., take down show after 5:00 p.m. on the second Saturday; hand out flyers for 2009 two-day show in 2009 at St. Johns Methodist Church; hold a twoday show with vendors at St. Johns Methodist Church in 2009. (Superseded July, 2008) January, 2008: Motion passed to increase museum exhibit budget to $500. July, 2008: Motion passed to purchase plain ribbons for exhibit awards, ribbons to be decorated by a member. July, 2008: Decision made by executive committee not to go forward with two-day show in 2009 at St. Johns Methodist Church. March 2010: Motion passed to increase quilt exhibit budget to $500. October 2010: Guidelines for show agreed to at October general membership meeting: (1) If a winning quilt has been quilted by a long-arm quilter, ribbons will be presented to both the maker and the quilter. 1

(2) If you have a quilt entered in the exhibit you must agree to work a shift. (3) We will have an appraisal made of the opportunity quilt. (4) Tickets to be sold on the opportunity quilt will be handed directly to members, not mailed unless absolutely necessary. (5) Only guild members are eligible to enter quilts in the exhibit. The name of the owner of the quilt and the maker should be on the tag. (6) We should order at least 3000 tickets and set aside 500 to sell at the exhibit. December 2012: Motion passed to participate in Smithsonian exhibit at the Mohave Museum. January 2013: Motion passed that costs for display descriptions for the Smithsonian exhibit be taken from the quilt exhibit budget. February 2013: Motion passed that any costs for putting on the Smithsonian exhibit at the museum be taken from the quilt exhibit budget. March 2013: Motion passed that Guild will fund $350 toward souvenir booklets to be sold at Smithsonian Exhibit at the Museum. Comfort/Valor Quilts February, 2002: An agreement that each member is obligated to make two comfort quilts per year in order to reach our goal of 100 quilts each year. January, 2004: Motion passed to increase comfort quilt budget to $450. 2005: Motion passed that there be no maximum number of comfort quilts donated each year. The obligation for each member to make at least two quilts stands unchanged. (Superseded) January 2009: Motion passed that Guild will participate in the Quilts of Valor project and continue local comfort quilt donations with members obligation still a total of two quilts per year. (Superseded January 2011) April 2009: Agreed to continue participation in Quilts of Valor project. August 2009: Motion passed to increase comfort quilt budget to $850. Motion passed to transfer $400 from library fund to comfort quilt budget (one-time transfer). September, 2009: Motion passed that we request Sarahs House not to sell quilts we have donated, and to remove Sarahs house from our list of organizations to receive quilts. January 2011: Motion passed that members no longer have obligation to complete to comfort quilts or valor quilts each year. Participation is voluntary. April 2011: Motion passed that batting for charity quilts (comfort , hospice, valor) be unlimited up to a maximum of budget. One-half of auction funds to be set aside for purchase of batting, with any funds unused by December reverting to the general fund. Guild Equipment February, 2000: Motion passed that the Guild will not loan its equipment, i.e., grids, stands, frames, etc., to any person or organization. October 2012: Motion passed that Guild will purchase a wireless microphone system from Sears at a cost of $135.03, plus tax. It was agreed that funds for this purchase will come from proceeds of the silent auction held at the 2012 quilt exhibit; equipment will be stored at Connies shop; rules will be set up to monitor whereabouts of system and who has possession at any time. Opportunity Quilt June, 2000: Motion passed that the appointment of a chairperson for the opportunity quilt be made two years in advance and done at the time of the installation of the new board each year. 2

January, 2008: Motion passed to increase the budget for the Opportunity Quilt to $700. November, 2002: Motion passed that there will be an Opportunity Quilt each year, whether or not there is a show or exhibit. March 2013: Motion passed that members will no longer be required to buy $20 in tickets on the Opportunity Quilt. There will be a contest, winner is member selling most tickets, prize one years membership to KQG and AQG. April 2013: Motion passed that 2014 Opportunity Quilt will have southwest theme. Presidents Gift 2005: Motion passed that before April of each year the sitting president will decide whether she wishes to receive blocks of her choosing or fat quarters of her choosing. The prior years president will be in charge of collecting the blocks or fat quarters from members who wish to participate and will present the sitting president with her choice at the meeting the following December. Treasurer October, 2002: Motion passed that treasurer will have copies of current roster to give to new members. At an executive board meeting in January, 2008, it was agreed that the guild will open a new position for Assistant Treasurer, and also a position for Membership Chairman. The Membership Chairman will maintain the guild roster and have copies for new members. Finance June, 1998: Motion passed re financial limits: (1) Expenditures over $25 need prior approval by the membership [unless item is within a written budget]. (2) For payment, a bill must be presented to the treasurer. (3) Without prior approval by the Guild membership, the Guild will not be responsible for payment without a bill, or for amounts over $25. (4) A written budget is required from chairpersons (i.e., exhibit) for approval. Funds may be spent to the maximum approved without additional approval. November, 2000: A previous motion to require two signatures on checks was reviewed and passed again. It was decided to have as many as six members designated as approved signatures in order to make it easier to find a second signature. January, 2001: The resolution to limit spending to $25 without prior approval was reviewed and renewed. August, 2001: Motion passed that the Guild will cover expenses for members teaching classes up to a maximum of $20. 2002: Motion passed that the Guild will pay for one nights lodging for member(s) who go to Phoenix to sell tickets at the AQG show on our opportunity quilt, with a cap of $100. January, 2008: Motion passed that a maximum of $500 be maintained in the library fund, and that proceeds from the auction in excess of that amount be used to buy items needed by the Guild, such as irons, mats, etc. January, 2008: Motion passed to set a budget of $300 for the Guild scrapbook. January, 2008: Motion passed, with one abstention, that an additional $1 be added to cost of traveling teacher classes; that the additional $1 from each participant be given to any member who houses the traveling teacher; that if the amount raised does not generate at least $25, that the Guild make up the difference. May, 2008: Motion passed to purchase four quilt stands.

October, 2008: Members agreed to renew membership for six months, then one year in June to agree with AQGs new calendar year. October, 2008: Motion passed to increase scrapbook budget to $400. September 2012: Agreed that books should be audited at the end of each year. Block of the Month January, 2008: Motion passed that when there are 40 or more blocks submitted, blocks will be divided between two winners. February 2012: Motion passed stating that Block-of-the-Month chairperson will decide how many submitted blocks are needed before the blocks are split between two or more members. Newsletter May, 2001: Motion passed to make the Monday following the Guild meeting the deadline for getting items to the newsletter editor for that months issue. February, 2003: Agreement (no motion) that only Guild members may advertise in the newsletter. There will be an exception for merchants who give a discount to our members. General November, 2001: Motion passed that the Kingman Quilters Guild does not make financial donations to any organization or person. This was a restatement of a policy we, as a guild, believe to be in effect. January, 2007: Motion passed that for any classes, fee to non-members will be $10 above whatever fee is charged to members. If there is no fee for the class to members, non-members will pay $10. A cut-off date will be set, after which no refunds of fees will be made. If you have paid for a class but cant attend, you can try to find another member to take your place. January, 2004: Motion passed to hold classes on the second Wednesday of even-numbered months, whenever possible. (Date uncertain): Motion passed to avoid commercial selling at Guild meetings. Those involved in commercial enterprises may make their services or products known, but may not use the Guild meetings for selling purposes. Advertising cards will be put in the newsletter at no charge to Guild members. (Date uncertain): Motion passed that resolutions/rules/regulations must be passed by a majority of the attending Guild membership at Guild meetings. Decisions may not be made at the bees. All rules governing the conduct, services, social events, teaching event, etc., shall be determined by a majority vote of the membership. (Date uncertain): Motion passed that the previous months minutes will not be read, but will be published in total in the newsletter. A treasurers report is mandatory at each Guild meeting. January, 2007: Motion passed that at the Christmas meeting, there will be a short business meeting, show and tell, brown-bag exchange and secret sister exchange; no auction will be held. June 2009: Motion passed to have guild shirts done by Fast Ts. September 2009: Motion passed to continue Show and Tell gift drawing. April 2012: Agreed among members present at meeting that there will be coffee and cookies before business meetings. One member volunteers each month and recruits two helpers; the next month one of those helpers is in charge and recruits two helpers; etc. January 2013: Motion carried that September, December, March and June meeting include pot luck luncheon to be held after the meeting. 4

April 2013: Motion passed to purchase copy of AQG roster at cost of $10. July 2013: Motion passed that Shirley Johnson will set up a guild WEB site. The following motions apply in a one-time situation. January 2009: Motion passed to make a quilt to present to Earlene Fowler. April/May 2009: Agreed to make table decorations for AQG fall meeting; moved to make 325 pincushions for fall meeting. October 2009: Motion passed to donate $50 gift certificate to John Miller. (This has continued yearly through 2012.) November 2009: Motion passed to spend $2125 for bus trip to AQG March 2010 show. February 2012: Motion passed to give a one-time $100 stipend to each of three long-arm quilters who quilt Valor quilts. April 2013: Motion passed to continue discussion of member information packet to later meeting.