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Consonant Sounds

In order to produce an American P well need to obtain a sound, which is not so light as an Indian P, and not so heavy as a Heavy Indian P. Rather just a sound which is in the middle. First we need to slightly curl our lower lip inside, close our mouth and then get some amount of air trapped into your mouth. We then release this air with some pressure but remember, not too much. Lets try this now. PEEEE.! Repeat this 5 times. Now with some words: People Places Pity Power Pick Petite Now with some American Names: Peter Patrick Pamela Prison Pipe Present Patriotic Possible Pleasant Patricia Paul Pauline Personal Private Party Police

Pedro Peggy

So, if the P is in the beginning of a word, it will ALWAYS be a Plosive P sound. And if the P falls in the middle, then most of the times its a non-plosive P. However, in some cases, even if the P is in the middle, it will still be a Plosive P. Theres no such rule for this. However, at times apply your own judgment and see in which way does the word sound better. For example, Importance Co-operate Appreciate Apologize Opponent Appraisal Improve Co-operation Appreciated Appropriate Applaud Apply Improvise Co-operative Appreciation Upon Apparent Application

PASSAGE: Pauline, Peter and Patrick, were all perfect in there Professional College Patrick pretty much knew it all. Pauline, and Peter picked up their degrees prior to Patrick. Pave our Path for Prosperity was their Pledge. Patrick and Pauline would dream of places where they could procure peace and harmony. People would always pity the poor kids, for how much they would pressurize themselves in their studies.

In order to produce an American T sound, the tip of your tongue needs to touch on the BOTTOM ridge of your upper GUMS, unlike, the tip touching in the center of your upper hard palette LIKE for the Indian t sound. Lets try this now. TEEEE! Repeat this 5 times. Now with some words: Tomorrow Tour Terrible Teenage Terminate Table Time Tournament Turn Tough Tap Tone Tennis Terrific Trial Tiny Type Tongue

Now with some American names: Tony Thomas Todd

Teresa Tyrene Tyrone

Tom Trevor

SOME T RULES 1.If T is in the beginning of a word: Plosive T in ALL Cases. It took Tim ten times to try the telephone. Stop touching Teds toes. Turn towards Stella and study her contract together. Control your tears. Its Tommys turn to tell the teacher the truth. Timothy and Todd told Teresa, their secretary to total up their accounts. 2.If T is in the middle of two vowels: a soft d sound.: Keep in mind that this soft d should not be mistaken with an exact D sound. Otherwise, that would be quite heavy. For the soft d sound, your tongue needs to flap up to the BOTTOM ridge of your upper GUMS. This is the same position as the Plosive/American T sound. However, in this case all you need to do is flap at that position and not apply any effort. For example: Butter, computer, matter, water, waiter, later, Saturday, Positive, Pattern, Bottle What a good idea. Put it in a bottle. Write it in a letter. Set it on the metal gutter. Put all the data in the computer. Insert a quarter in the meter. Get a better water heater. Let her put a sweater on. Bettys at a meeting. Its getting hotter and hotter. Patty ought to write a better letter. Frieda had a little metal bottle. Betty bought a bit of better butter. Pat ought to sit on a lap. 3.If T is at the end of a word: Held t In this case the t sound is almost silent, but not exactly Silent. For this the tip of your tongue needs to touch on the FRONT WALL of your upper GUMS. It needs to be more like a resting position. Thats why its called a held t, theres NO effort at the end, so theres NO sound either. For example: Cant, Write, Put, Fight, Height, Sight, Bright, Might, White, Plate, Rate, Fate, Trait, Hate, Mate, Great. 1. Take it 2. Its what they want to get. 3. Put them back in the pot. 4. Set the clock back at the event. 5. What did you find at that site? 4. T before the N is also a held t sound. But in this case the flapping motion is more in use. For example, Shorten Fountain Rotten Written Mountain Eaten 1. We tried to shorten the kindergarten class. 2. Courtney had written about the fountain of youth. 3. The sumo wrestlers had eaten well to fatten up. 4. Whitneys rotten kitten has bitten Martin! 5. Theyve eaten a lot of chutney in Britain. 6. The molten lava poured down the mountain. 7. Were certain that the satin mitten is near the curtain. 5. If N is before the T, then the T goes silent. For example: Internet Interact Interview


Percentage Advantage 1. He interrupted twenty interviews in Toronto. 2. There was a large percentage of international students 3. He wont even interfere with the interaction. 4. We took full advantage of the Internet. 5. He drove interstate through to Atlanta. 6. Hes at the Intercontinental hotel. 7. He wasnt even helping out? 8. He hasnt bothered you much, has he? 9. We wont always do it, believe me. 10. Patty was quite right, wasnt she?

PASSAGE: Trevor, Todd and Teresa would tie up together every night, and go out for the the movies. Their favorite movie was The teacher taught the truth to Tony. Todd and Teresa were quite fond of tourism, in fact they thought of touring together to twenty different tourist spots. Trevor, however, was a typical untidy person.. so for him packing for a tour seemed terrible.

An American K sound has the same placement that we make for a light Indian k sound. However, since this is a non-voiced sound, which means that more of breath is involved rather than voice. For the K well need MORE air then the light Indian k sound. Lets try this out now: KAYYY Repeat this 5 times Now with some words: Care Could King Kite Cope Now with some American names: Cathy Kathy Catherine Katy Kitten Caliber Cushion Cute Kind Kelly Cooper Kyle Kevin Create Creation Cold Common Keep Christina Kobe Kristy Kristine

So if a word starts with the letter C or K, it will in both cases produce an American K sound. Keeping in mind that the sound already should sound like an Indian K. For example, Words like Center, starts with a C but it has an S sound. Therefore, we will NOT pronounce it as Kenter? PASSAGE: Catherine, Katy and Kelly were quite close when it came to being companions. Kelly and Katy, could not keep a secret, they couldnt care much for privacy. Catherine, kept a close contact with Katys brother, Cooper who stayed in California. Cooper co-operated a lot to cope with Catherines habit of cake baking. She would bake a cake for Cooper and Kelly , but would fall short to keep a slice of cake for Katy.

If we compare the two Indian sounds related to the TH, we can obtain a light Indian 'th' and a heavy Indian TH'. The tongue placements for the above are as follows: 1. Light Indian 'th'- For this the tip of the tongue touches the back wall of the teeth, while the hump of the tongue touches the upper gum area. For example,

TH sound

Thursday..sounds like 'th-urz-day' Thought..sounds like 'thaw-t' 2. Heavy Indian TH' - For this sound, the hump of the tongue touches the ridge of our upper gums. For example, Thursday..sounds like 'TH-urz-day' Thought..sounds like 'THaw-t Both of these sounds are incorrect, rather we need to accommodate a more Neutralized version of the TH sound. The American TH also has two sounds for words having 'th' as a consonant sound. They are known as: the BoA (Breeze of Air) and the BUZZ. For the 'TH' sound as a BoA (breeze of Air).. your tongue needs to slightly come out of your mouth..about half a centimeter and be placed right between the upper and lower teeth. Now, while your tongue is caught between the teeth TRY giving out some air. This air should sound quite like a hissing sound OR a breeze. Next Step, while releasing this air as a breeze, start giving the sound to the word.. AND REMEMBER the breeze is a vital part to the correct TH sound as a BoA, without it it'll again sound Indianized.

Step 1: Tongue placed between the teeth Step 2: Releasing air in the form of a Breeze. Step 3: Continuing with the Breeze, start pronouncing the word keeping the position and breeze constant. Example: Thursday Thermometer Thought Throw Thanks Thorough Thirty Thunder Thorn Thirsty Thesis Think Thread Three Thigh Through Thankful Threshold Threat Thousand 1. If you are free then can we meet on Thursday. 2. I need some Thread to knit a cloth. 3. Hey Thanks a lot, I really needed your help. 4. Im so Thankful to you for the support youve provided me. 5. That hurts, I Think theres a Thorn stuck in my foot. 6. If you Throw the ball harder, youll definitely get him out. 7. Are you done with your homework? Are you Through with every topic? 8. She was so scared with the heavy Thunder in the rainy night. 9. My first salary was a Thousand rupees. 10. Always Think before you say something. 11. My class had Thirty students in it. 12. His health was a Threat to his work as well. 13. In his management course he had to write a Thesis as well. 14. It just slipped out of my mind, I never Thought about the consequences. 15. After jogging so much in the mornings, my Thigh started to hurt. 16. Arent you tired after a long day, you must be Thirsty. 17. The kids were feeling sick after coming back from camp, their mother checked their temperature with a Thermometer. 18. My new neighborhood had Three shopping malls. 19. Im quite Thorough when it comes to mathematics. 20. After the New Year, I decided on raising the Threshold for my career prospects.


The second TH sound is very similar to the BoA sound. In this the tongue placement remains the same. However, in this case the flat part of your tongue is in more contact with the bottom of your upper teeth and your mouth as usual partly closed. NO Air is released this


time, however, a certain vibration is required after your tongue touches your upper teeth. This is a tingling feeling, and the end result is like a zzzzzzz sound. Step 1: Tongue placed between the teeth. Step 2: Contact with the bottom of upper teeth. Step 3: Providing a vibration (buzz) Step 4: Continuing with the Buzz, start pronouncing the word keeping the position and buzz constant. Example: There They Brother That Thy Leather Those Either Feather Them Gather Rather This Together Lather These Mother Neither Though Father 1. He was right There in front of you, how could you miss him? 2. These are the candidates I was talking about. 3. Try to Gather as much material as possible for the presentation. 4. For her Birthday, I gave her a Leather coat. 5. Is That for me, thank you so much! 6. I couldve topped the test, Though I didnt try too hard. 7. As long as were Together, well survive. 8. A Feather in your hat will make it look just perfect. 9. I somehow knew That Those people would not make it. 10. There They are, look right behind the soda machine. 11. The kids confessed in front of Their Mother That They lied. 12. You seem Rather intelligent today, much better Than yesterdays performance. 13. In a church, the priest is known the Father. 14. If you rub your hands long enough with soap, youll get some Lather. 15. Thy and Thou were words used by Shakespeare a lot. 16. Either this or that which one do you want? 17. Neither look good on me. Practice: Thursday came in a thrust to throw a mockery towards them, who although could not think a thorough thought. Then came the thought that took them through to the thirst to keep them thinking thoroughly. 1. Thor is the god of Thunder. 2. Thelma and Theo have bad breath. 3. Three free thrilling frills fought on Ruth's roof. 4. Thieves are thankless thugs who deserve our wrath. 5. Nothing is worth thousands of deaths. 6. Mr. Smith's teeth are thin and lethal. 7. Thursdays are thirsty days for lethargic Ruth and Thelma. 8. It seems themes are sought by thousands of mythical misses. 9. Thick ticks on three trees brought broth to ten thin tin men. 10. Sick thickets thwarted seven thin sinners from passing through.

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