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Mother's Day 2013

Kustu nalak ku I letter nga naggafu ta taw, binibbig ku insigida ta inaleg ku I suggested scripture reading, Kustu binibbig ku Proverbs 31:10-31, meju nagulwan nak nakwa ta alale para ta atawa ng babay I mensahe na, ari nga yena. Yatun ta naddasal nak anna nammuni muni tapenu makaangwa nak ta mensahe nga meppangngo para sangaw nga aggaw, Aggaw na Yena ira.

Kustu binibbig ku ta mapya mangana I texto, nallawan ta panono ku ira yaw nga idea, idea nga nu mas panonokakku e mappasingan ta imahe na tadday nga yena, nu anni I agganwan da. Nu anni I rason ngatta sangaw icelebra tam I aggaw da. Nakwan ta sikamu ngamin e makarelate taw ta mensahe,

I. I napolu nga rason nu ngatta icelebra tam yaw nga aggaw e nakwa ta lima na yena tam ira, mamolu e nakwa lima da nga minattrabahu onu makapangwa. I meka dwa e nakwa ta ira I boses tam nga anna da, anna I mekallu I pinakaimportante, nakwa ta futu da nga minagayaya. MINATTRABAHU NGA LIMA DA Mareddaman ku about 6 years ngana, after ku naggradua ta college e nakatallung nak insigida ta trabahu. Nu mallabe nak kanayun ku panonokan anna nu karwan ilagalagaw I naganwak tari nga aggaw. I panono ku gapa gari e nu aru nakwam ta opisina e alale kompleto ngana aggom. Ngem awan lagapa makaffu ta yenak, nakwa ta I trabahuk e 8 hour laman, ngem yayya alale gapa Mc Donalds, Jollibee Tanza anna LengLengs, 24 hours open!! Nu ngatta nakagi yatun e nakwa ta ari ku paga yayya nasingan nga awan gagganwan na, sonu malukag na ta umma, egga ngana breakfast mi nga nepprepare na, marenu ngana I balay, sanu mallubbe nak ta gabi masingan ku yayya nga mallutu ta supper. Maddetan ku I makakaturug ngana, I yenak egga pagalaman ta beads na, mangwa ta kakayak na nga bags onu accessories nga pangregalu na onu ilaku na. Fermi awan tu idle time na.

Napakaru I gangwan na yena ira, ngem ari da mappapaga. Yo nga agganwan tage e ARI NGA TRABAHU para ta nira, yaw e MINISTERYO da.

In this text, we see that mothers do all kinds of work.

- She sews v. 13, 19, 22 "She selects wool...and works with eager hands."

- She shops v. 14 "bringing her food from afar."

- She cooks v. 15 "She provides food for her family..."

- She gardens v. 16 "She plants a vineyard..."

Our text also says that mothers v. 15 "get up while it is still dark" to prepare food. And v. 18 "her lamp does not go out at night."

WHATS THAT OLD SAYING, "Man works from sun to sun, but womans work is never done."

v. 27 "She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread idleness." She isnt lazy. II. HER MOUTH SPEAKS

v. 26 "She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue."

ILL.- When Preacher John Wesley was a student at Oxford University, he was shocked by the amount of drinking done by the students. (Wonder what he would think about college students today?)

After writing to his mother, Susanna Wesley, for her counsel, he received the following

words: "My dear son: remember that anything which increases the authority of the body over the mind is an evil thing."

Si John Wesley I founder na Methodist Church, siguru ni ivutan ku da pastor taw nu sinni ira I mapia nga preachers, tadday yayya ta kagian da. Ngem nu ivutan nu sakan nu sinni I kapyanan, egga ngana answer ku, yayya e I yenak, and I am one hundred percent sure and convinced tari. Ari ku ammu nu kunasi da mamuan I kagyan da ira ngem nu egga I problemak ira, yayya I kanayun mangiyawa nyakan ta advice ira, yayya I mangiexplain nyakan nu egga arik mantenjan. NU MALLOKO NAK GAPA I ERGO NGA MALAK KU E TAGOS SA LAMAN NGA MAKAGI, it always captures the heart. Of my almost 30 years of existence, ta interu nga attolay ku, egga ngana I things ira nga nasiguraduk, tadday tari nga I YENA IRA MAPIA MAGERGO. Ngatta ta mapia? Ari da mofutan ta makagi anna generally I kagyan da ira e PAMMAKAPIANAN tam lagapa nga anna. Aru I kofun ku, aru pedek pakkagianan ta problema, ngem nu egga maka uffun nyakan talaga through advices na ira, yatun I tattadday nga YENAK. I yena tam I dabest nga counselor anna kofun!

I kagian na biblia lagu; V. 26 "She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue."


V. 11-12 "Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life."

If a husband has full or complete confidence in his wife, then you know that she is a woman who loves her man.

Yaw nga aggaw e ari tam laman icelebra nakwa ta role na yena tam ira para ta anna na, i-celebrate tam gapa yaw nga aggaw nakwa ta role da as atawa. The role of a women as wife to a husband. Ing karikwan nga familya ngana nakwa ta YENAK. Kappayanan nga atawa para kani daddy anna kapyanan nga mama para nikami lima nga mawwaragi. Egga gapa I aggaw ira nga si daddy is not in his best. Ngem si mommy kanayun egga laman ta biko na, magalalay. Mappacify nu egga misunderstandings ira between the family. Our mothers generally would want to bring our best foot forward. The loving heart of our mothers enable them to go out of their way for us. Willing da massakripisyo para ta pammakapianan tam nga familya da. The loving heart of our mother enables them to make us OUR HOME AND OUR LIVES HAPPY!

CONCLUSION-----------------------------------------Wawwagi ira, there is no adequate pen nor adequate words to express how much we owe our mothers for their hard work, good words, and loving deeds.

In closing allow me to share some suggestions on how we can show and express our love for our honorees: 1. Love her verbally. Some Men would Action speaks louder than words, some men would say they would rather make love felt than said, however mothers are women, and women need to hear these words, I Love you. Verbally 2. Love her physically.

Shes the first person who ever touched youshe wrapped you up in her womb for months, and you came out and first priority was to hold you, and she cuddled you, stroked your head, rubbed your feet, held your little cheeks against her, gave you a finger to graspin love she did all these things.

She constantly touched you! And she may have to hand you off to another, and her life may endure some heavy changes, but she deserves your touch and should never have to give that up completely! Whens the last time you gave her a big hug w/ out her asking for itor a kiss on the cheek, or a neck rub, or just sat on the couch and held her for a change? It would mean more to her than flowers or candy, or eating out. Physically, verbally 3. Love her patiently. Mothers have an incredible job w/ no pay. No position in the business world compares to the physical, emotional, and spiritual commitment she has in motherhood. Love her patiently. Because shes tender to your needs is no reason to take advantage of her, its reason to be patient and to love her all the more!

Patiently 4. Love her attentively. Mothers listen as you pour out your heartshe has a sympathetic ear, and always hasand even as an adult youve gone to her when you want someone who will really listen and understandand shell always be on your side. Its no wonder we like to talk to momshe listensbut now she has issues, and now its your turn to be her rockand take time to listenits paybacktime! Attentively, patiently 5. Love her gratefully. She needs a sincere thank you, and not just today, but from a genuinely thankful heart when least expected!

6. Love her generously. Theres nothing too good for her, we could never repay her, but we ought to die trying before she does! She didnt spend on herself unless all your needs were metshe could easily do without, and now its time for her to have something she wants! She clears her schedule so she can run you aroundshe gives up opportunities so you can have more opportunities! Love her generously 7. Love her honorably. Exodus 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

This is binding as long as your mother lives. Another command says children, obeynon-binding when you leave home, but honor is different! If the husband is the head of the home, then the mother is the heart...dont break her heart! Yeah, but my mother wasnt honorable! Well, the Bible says nothing about that qualificationit only asks, is she your mother! By the way, its the only one of the 10 commandments which includes a builtin promise ofblessing! At this point may I request all mothers in the congregation to stand, may I ask all the children and husband to stand by them. Let us do suggestion number 2 as testament of our undying love and unending support and appreciation to crowning jewel of Gods creation: our mothers!