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XU Childhood Education and Literacy Lesson Plan

Name Topic(s) Summary Subject(s)* Grade/Level* Time Frame Context of the Lesson Jen McNeil

Middle and Early Childhood Education

Main topic/theme, analyzing information from various sources, studying an important figure in history Students will learn about Jackie Robinson through a video, and a trade book titled Teammates and share what they learned in a graphic organizer/biography format Social Studies and Reading 2nd 30-35 minutes What prior knowledge do students need? Students will need to know how to analyze a character/figure from a text What knowledge will be taught in subsequent lessons? Students will learn about other important figures in Americas history. Identify if the students will work individually, in small groups, or as a whole class. Students will work as a class and then either in pairs or individually


Reading: Key Ideas and Details: RI.2.2. Identify the main topic of a multiparagraph text as well as the focus of specific paragraphs within the text. Social Studies: History Strand: Heritage: 4.Biographies can show how peoples actions have shaped the world in which we live.


Student Objectives

Students will be able to make predictions about a person, analyze information from an online source and from a picture book and express this information in written form


Performance Activities/Procedures Sequence of Activities Essential Questions

ACTIVITIES/PROCEDURES: 1. Ask students to write on white boards who they think Jackie Robinson is; they can use words or sentences 2. Discuss and record answers on front board 3. Show the video on entitled Jackie Robinson Breaks Barriers 4. Read the book entitled Teammates by Peter Golenbock, asking comprehension questions during reading 5. Students will then complete a graphic organizer about Robinson. They may choose to work in pairs or individually 6. The second page of the graphic organizer will be displayed and used as an assessment

Assessment/Rubrics Differentiated Instruction Technology Integration

2nd page of graphic organizer will be used as an overall assessment of what they students learned Students may choose to work in pairs to get assistance with the reading/understanding of directions

Students will watch a video clip from about Jackie Robinson on classroom screen

Resources: Works Cited Golenbock, P., & Bacon, P. (1990). Teammates . San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Jackie Robinson Video (n.d.). History Made Every Day American & World History. Retrieved June 29, 2011, from Resources/Materials Materials: Teammates By: Peter Golenbock White boards, markers, erasers Computer and projector screen Teacher created graphic organizer Pencils, markers, crayons