In the short story 鈥淭 he Blind Man,鈥?

Lawrence reiterates these themes in the climatic scene at the end of the story. Lawrence illustrates through symbolism, diction and character Bertie Reid 鈥檚 need to be private and Maurice Pervin 鈥檚 need to be connected.

The vocabulary an author uses to describe the way a character speaks and thinks, helps the reader to better understand who the character is. In 鈥淭 he Blind Man,鈥?Bertie Reid 鈥檚 character uses more complicated words, while Maurice Pervin uses more simplified words. When Maurice asks Bertie to touch his scar, 鈥淏 ertie quiver[s] with revulsion 鈥?12). Further down in the passage Maurice is described as 鈥渢 rembling in every fiber 鈥?15). The way the two characters describe the same action shows how complicated Bertie 鈥檚 world is, and how simple Maurice 鈥檚 is. Bertie uses bigger words to show class distinction. He wants to be singular. 鈥淭 he blind man [鈥榮]鈥?application of elementary vocabulary show 鈥檚 his simple nature. He uses simple terms to

illustrate to Bertie that he wants to be close to him. Throughout the passage one notices that the author uses both 鈥渢 he blind man 鈥?and Maurice when talking about said character. When Lawrence writes about Maurice and his thoughts and actions, he uses Maurice 鈥檚 name. When he is describing what Maurice is doing to Bertie he uses the term 鈥渢 he blind man.鈥? At the beginning of the passage Maurice is 鈥濃€ouching 鈥?the rough, short mustache 鈥?the rather strong chin,鈥?4) of Bertie. Bertie becomes suddenly aware that he is 鈥渦 nder the power of the blind man 鈥?13). Bertie is afraid to say Maurice Pervin 鈥檚 name. He is afraid of becoming intimate with him. Using 鈥渢 he blind man 鈥?is Bertie 鈥檚 way of staying alienated from Maurice.

鈥?taking Bertie off the pedestal he was on and trying to connect on a more intimate level while 鈥淏 ertie stood as if in a swoon. At the beginning of the passage. naked hand to him 鈥?2).In a short story the goal of an author is to portray a character so vividly the reader can relate to one or more of the individuals in the story. Maurice has grown and feels the need to connect with Bertie. Bertie wants to leave the Pervin residence and take refuge in his private place. in this passage the reader sees a dramatic change in his attitude.鈥?His inability to connect with anybody causes him to degenerate from the inside out.鈥? Bertie has never been studied with so much interest and fine detail had like Maurice has done.鈥?3) that his 鈥?head seems tender. The idea of symbols in a story is to say something without actually writing it down. Early in the story it seems as though Maurice has put Bertie on a pedestal. but in this part of the story Maurice is bringing Bertie back to the level that he should be. imprisoned 鈥?16). but for the sake of his wife.鈥?Lawrence illustrates clearly the two main characters. Bertie is so afraid of touch that he suffers through the touch of the 鈥渢 he blind man. unconscious. In the . as if [he] were young 鈥?9). 鈥渉 e suffered as the blind man stretched a strong. however. During the passage Maurice remarks that he thought Bertie was 鈥渢 aller. In 鈥淭 he Blind Man. At the beginning of the story Isabel talks about how much Maurice dislikes Bertie. Bertie 鈥檚 fear of touch shows how afraid of intimacy he is. Symbolism is a way an author can get his or her readers to look deeper into the story and perhaps discover an underlying meaning. This text indicates 鈥渢 he blind man. not for his own sake. Bertie feels 鈥渓 ike a mollusc whose shell is broken.

The knocking off of the hat was not accidental. who was a stranger to him. word usage and highly developed characters. Since he hasn 鈥檛 any eyes to judge people. At the beginning of the climatic scene 鈥淢 aurice accidentally knocked off Bertie 鈥檚 hat 鈥?2). They are his way of seeing the world and also of not seeing the world.Lawrence 鈥檚 symbols. Although people may change dramatically after the bonds have . Maurice did it on purpose. forcing Bertie to be intimate when he is afraid of it. the reader may notice that Maurice does not wear a hat. Through these two characters. Likewise. Even though both characters compliment each other so well. Bertie is intent on keeping to himself. Often a hat is a sign of superior status. In earlier times hats were meant to denote profession and rank. staying isolated. closed eyes. Maurice is jealous of Bertie 鈥檚 intellect.鈥?4) and the 鈥渄 isfigured eye-sockets 鈥?15). This is representative of the fact that Maurice no longer has a position in life. His eyes are his way of being able to stay isolated from people that he is afraid of. He is looking for a way to become more intimate with Bertie.H. he is able to connect through his touch. Throughout the story.passage being studied there are two specific symbols. Maurice is bringing Bertie down to his level in life. But he could not.鈥? While Bertie is jealous of Maurice 鈥檚 ability to be intimate. Maurice 鈥檚 鈥渉 ye-sockets 鈥?15) are his strengths. Something that Bertie 鈥渨 anted to do so. The second symbol that is evident in the passage is the reference between the 鈥渉 ull. Bertie 鈥檚 eyes are his strength and his weakness. The first is the hat at the beginning. one was able to see the hardships and heartaches associated with the breaking of bonds of depression. Bertie Reid 鈥檚 need to be seclusive and Maurice Pervin 鈥檚 need to be intimate are illustrated through D.

all was well. before there was a certain accident. he went out back. They finally saw each other. so he went into his room and changed out of his wet cloths. while Maurice didn?t show a lot of emotion.been broken. They had grown up together. Isabel had a friend by the name of Bertie Reid. and read it to Maurice. Isabel received the letter. so after a little while. they al got around the fire and started talking. In this two year time period. Maurice heard Bertie come in so he finished getting ready and came downstairs to see him. Maurice wasn?t real involved in the conversation. and thought that it was real sweet. One day in the mail. She didn?t want Maurice to get jealous. The conversation was pretty much between Isabel and Bertie. He also asked how Maurice was doing. When Maurice had to go back to France. . The letter asked if he should just put a tombstone on their relationship because it seemed as if it had died. and resulted in the blinding of Maurice. just friends. and the two hadn?t talk to each other. and had been real close friends forever. She went out and got him. because he had heard that he had been blinded. and she had gotten pregnant. There is a little twist to the story though. because I think he was jealous of Isabel and his relationship. Despite this. and then sat down for dinner. Two years passed. The day finally came. He obliged and said that it was okay for Bertie to visit. They were so close that it was like they were brother and sister. He arrived while Maurice was getting ready. but he knew that he couldn?t really say know. There was never anything between the two of them. and Isabel seemed to be real excited. This story The Blind Man is about a woman named Isabel. and she didn?t want to make a mistake with Bertie. it is always for the best. who has a husband named Maurice. Maurice never liked Bertie. while Maurice basically just sat there. This accident took place at Flanders. and pretty much. Isabel thought that it would be on their best interest to stop talking to Bertie while Maurice was gone. When dinner was over. The two continued to live together for the next year. He was all wet. Maurice had been blinded at war. the two never liked each other. but they were getting through them. Again. There was a lot of detail describing how Isabel was getting ready for his arrival. The two of them had been married for 4 years. Maurice was out working on the farm while she was getting ready. and he came into the house and showered up. a letter came right out of the blue from Bertie. I got the impression that he didn?t really want him to come. She asked if Bertie could come and visit the two. There were obviously some hard times for the couple.

They started talking about the marriage between Maurice and Isabel. and Maurice hadn?t been back in. and then they noticed that it was getting late. . so she asked Bertie to. He found him in the barn doing something with vegetables. Isabel was too tired to go look for him.Bertie and Isabel talked for a while.