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4283 King Street, Suite 32 Kitchener, ON N3W 8E3 Ph: (519) 384-1938 Fax: (519) 382-1937 July 5, 2013 Mr. Ibrahim Al-Bakri Director of HR Subject: Recommendation of University Career Fair to Attend This report provides background, an analysis of potential number of students, potential skills and co-operative education of each university, and recommendation of which career fair recommended to attend. Background Due to the rapid growth Living4Learning has been showing recently, many positions all across the company has been created and currently unfilled. There is a particular urgent need for new employees in the Customer Service and Usability department. Previously, Living4Learning has had good success recruiting new employees through university career fairs. During the first week of August, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, and Dalhousie University will be holding a career fair. This will be the perfect opportunity to attend at least one career fair with the goal of recruiting potential employees, with the particular interest of hiring for the Customer Service and Usability department. The following analysis of the three universities will primarily focus on what makes each university the best possible candidate pool. The analysis will unfold the potential skills and personality types students from each university will have to fit into Living4Learnings work environment. Analysis The potential number of students attending each career fair, potential skills of students and the cooperative education of each university are essential information when deciding which universitys career fair would most suitable for Living4Learning to attend and recruit from. Potential Number of Students In the chart below, University of Toronto educated 65 612 students, 15 287 of them graduated that year1. According to University of Albertas career fair page, we can expect about 12 000 students to attend2. Lastly, there are 18,220 student enrolled in Dalhousie University3. The number of students attending each student is important for us to know because it would give us a good understanding of how many students to expect. This can be useful when deciding the amount of recruiting materials and choosing the career fair with the highest number of expected student attending.

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Potential Skills University of Toronto specifically highlights some skills students have, customer service being a listed item4. University of Toronto offers the program of Professional Writing and Communication. Students graduating from this program would be suitable to work in our Customer Service and Usability department as they hold strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with customers. University of Toronto offers around 800 undergraduate programs5. University of Alberta offers a wide range of programs. This would allow us to recruit potential students that hold specific skills for all departments across the company. University of Alberta also claims that they educate their Engineer students to be prepared graduates, developing their teamwork, communication and problem solving skills6. University of Albert offers around 200 undergraduate programs. Although Dalhousie University also offers a wide range of program, it prides itself in their unique programs offered such as: Architecture, Costume Studies, Community Designs and Informatics. Dalhousie University has a strong academic background. 92% of their first year students hold an average of 75% and higher7. Dalhousie University offers around 180 undergraduate programs. Since Living4Learning specializes in software systems for learning management and education support, there may be a pool of students that would not be suitable for positions Living4Learning are seeking to hire. For example, our company would most likely not hire a student that specializes in chemistry since none of our positions require such skill. This is why analyzing what potential skills universities have to offer would be important when make the decision of which career fair to attend. Co-operative Education University of Toronto is divided into three campuses. On their Scarborough campus, they offer their co-operative education programs, which include: Biological Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, Psychology, Physical Sciences & Environmental Sciences, and Computer and Mathematical Science. Dalhousie University offers the following co-operative education: Architecture and Planning, Commerce, Science, and Engineering and Computer Science.

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University of Alberta only offers co-operative education through the Faculty of Business and Engineering. Reinforcing why analyzing potential skills of each university is important, universities specialize in certain fields. Co-operative Education would reflect these skills and would be an essential part of our decision. Which University to Attend Reasons why University of Toronto is the most appropriate university to attend from the analysis. Potential Number of Students It is important to a career fair with the largest pool of students to choose from. Assuming that the same number of employers attends all three universities, it would increase our chances of recruiting students if the candidate pool is larger. Just by the number of graduates University of Toronto has shown to have, it exceeds the estimate of students that will attend University of Alberta and Dalhousie Universitys career fair. Potential Skills Students who graduate from different programs potentially have different skills to offers. Although all three universities offer wide range of programs, which would benefit all departments at Living4Learning, University of Toronto offers most programs. Based on my research, University of Toronto has shown to be most confident that their students are able to offer the skills that would fit Living4Learnings positions and environment. Co-operative Education Students that are attending a co-operative education usually hold more skills and experience than those who do not. All three universities offer co-operative education, although University of Albert and University of Dalhousie offers only to certain programs, which restricts the fields of interest in which Living4Learning may want to recruit students from. In particular, University of Toronto offers co-operative education to students in Psychology and Social Sciences, which would target more of our need to recruit students for our Customer Service and Usability department. Sincerely,

Bonnie Li
Bonnie Li Recruiter