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Cromatgrafo de Gas Natural

Detailed Technical Description

Item 1.) Natural Gas Analyzer SITRANS CV
According to General Description

Item 2.)

Sample Probe
For use in hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2 For gaseous sample streams, Pneumatic handing over via metric tensioning ring fitting for 3mm diameter pipe. consisting of:

Lance with outer diameter 12mm and inner diameter 8,7mm. Total length is 1000mm Process connection to flange DN65 PN16 Form C, max 16bar gas pressure. Inclusive seal and screws Retractable installation Two-way ball valve 5 meters pipe 3,0x0,5mm for connection between sample conditioning system and sample probe included

Item 3.)

Sample Conditioning System

For use in hazardous area Zone 1 and 2 For 1 vapor sample stream Consisting of: Sample Conditioning System with:

1 Two-way ball valve 1 Filter 1 Flow meter with needle valve, glass in bypass 1 Pressure regulator with pressure gauge 1 Flow meter with needle valve, glass, with limit contact to SitransCV 1 Safety relief valve

Calibration Sample Inlet for 1 Calibration Gas with:

1 3/2-Way solenoid valve

Completely piped and wired, mounted in a protection box Dimensions (WxHxD) approx. 520 x 750 x 430 mm Sample connectors: 6 mm Swagelok Materials in contact with sample: stainless steel, PTFE, Viton, glass

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OLYMPIC PERU INC. Cromatgrafo de Gas Natural

Item 4.)

System Integration for SitransCV

The system includes one protection box for the SitransCV Cabinet Design: For use in hazardous area Zone 1

Enclosure rating Dimensions (WxHxD) Material

1 Window Assembly C-rails 4 Mounting elements

IP65 Approx. 520 x 750 x 430 mm Fiber glass reinforced polyester; Surface with reduced electrical resistance According to EN 50014, silver metallic, RAL 7032 On front side; laminated glass Inside; for mounting of equipment At rear side; for wall mounting

SitransCV Cabinet Equipped with: Current distribution board Description see below Gas distribution Terminal for all gas in- and outlets, Swagelock 1/8 Weather protection roof Fiber glass reinforced polyester Vent tube Stainless steel, length 1m, O.D. 6mm Pipe mounting assembly

Electrical Connections with Control Module

For use in hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2

Hazardous class Enclosure rating Modular construction

Ex II 2G / EEx e II T6 (ATEX) IP66

Consisting of:

Terminal box Cable glands Power supply 24 V DC Control module in polyester housing Functions Ready, Autocal, sample flow monitoring Dimensions (WxHxD) Approx. 340 x 340 x 190 mm Power transformer 230 V AC / 24 V DC, Max. 2.9 A, Input 85-132 V AC / 184-264 V AC, 47/63 Hz

Equipment mounted in the housing, completely wired

Item 5.)

Carrier Gas Supply He with Battery Pressure Regulator

For process gas chromatographs Consisting of two (2) Helium bottles and one Battery Pressure Regulator:

2 x Helium Bottles: Carrier gas Gas cylinder Pressure Purity

He 50 l 200 bar 5.0 (99.999%)

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OLYMPIC PERU INC. Cromatgrafo de Gas Natural

Battery Pressure Regulator:

For 2 x 1 cylinder for high purity gases up to a purity of 6.0. Two single-stage regulators are connected secondary. Automatic change-over without auxiliary power.

Maximum primary pressure Secondary pressure, fixed Gas purging Gauges Membrane Housing Cylinder connection Outlet connection

200 bar g 8,5 bar g Integrated exhaust valves 2 off for primary and 1 off for secondary pressure (with inductive contact for low pressure alarm) Hastelloy C Brass, Chromatic Helical tube with connector acc. to DIN 477 Tube 8 mm

Item 6.)

Calibration Gas Mixture with Pressure Regulator

Certified Gas Standard

1 Pressure cylinder 10 l Pressure 76 bar Composition Suitable for calibration of Item 1 With certificate With gas connectors With Pressure gauge with contact (inductive) With pressure regulator Pressure Regulator for calibration supply gas of item 1.

Type No. of gauges Material Intel pressure Outlet pressure Connectors

2-stage 2 Brass, Chromatic max 200 bar 0,05 to 1 bar 6 mm clamping-ring

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OLYMPIC PERU INC. Cromatgrafo de Gas Natural

General Technical Description of the Natural Gas Analyzer SITRANS CV 1.1 General Specification

Analyzer type

Manufacturer Service

SITRANS CV; Micro Process Gas Chromatograph including CV Control operation software Siemens AG Natural gas analysis: Complete stand-alone operation including all calculations according to ISO6976-1995, GOST and AGA 8-Standard

1.2 Analytical Hardware

Application module Calibration or validation

Type C09 Automatic (digital output provided), start time programmable


Oven Dimensions Max. heating power Oven temperature range Temperature constancy Temperature accuracy Heating up time from 30100C

1 / isothermal 160 x 10 mm 35 VA 60 to 165C 0.1 K (60 to 165C) 3 K (60 to 165C) 10 Minutes


Injection Control Injection volume Max. temperature

Valveless LIVE injection Multifunctional diaphragm valve 2 to 50 l; continuously adjustable by variable switching times 165C

Separation Columns and Gases

Column type Column switching Multifunctional diaphragm valve Gas connections Gas supply regulation Solenoid valves for injection valve control Carrier gas Purity Solid particles Required filtration Consumption Inlet pressure Instrument air

Capillary columns ID 0.150.25 mm Multidimensional chromatography with backflush and heart-cut using patented valveless LIVE-technique For injection and backflush Swagelok 1/8 3 Electronic pressure controls (EPC), 1 channel each 2 x NC, 2 x NO Helium 99.999% (5.0; minimum requirement) <0.1 m Grade of separation 99.99% for particles with a size of 0.1 m < 35 ml/min 500 to 700 kPa Not required

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OLYMPIC PERU INC. Cromatgrafo de Gas Natural

SITRANS CV Specification, Continued

Detectors, Calibration and Performance

Detector type Cell volume Detection limit Linear range Cycle time Calibration Ambient temperature effect Vibration effect Mean time to repair / MTBF

Thermal conductivity (TCD), 6 sensors 0.02 l e. g. Neo-Pentane <10 ppm 104 180 sec Manual or automatic; single level Negligible Negligible <1 hour / 3 years (excluding consumables)

1.3 Component Ranges and Performance The quoted analyzer provides a measuring output for each component indicated in the list below:
No. Component Concentration [Mol%] Approved Measuring Range [Mol%] 0 22 57 100 0 12 0 14 05 0 0.9 0 1.8 0 0.1 0 0.12 0 0.12 0 0.08 not measured not measured calculated calculated calculated calculated Maximum Possible Measuring Range [Mol%] 0 25 50 100 0 20 0 20 0 15 0 10 0 10 01 01 01 03 Repeatability (rel. standard deviation [%])
in acc. to ISO 6974 (see below) in acc. to ISO 6974 in acc. to ISO 6974 in acc. to ISO 6974 in acc. to ISO 6974 in acc. to ISO 6974 in acc. to ISO 6974 in acc. to ISO 6974 in acc. to ISO 6974 in acc. to ISO 6974 in acc. to ISO 6974

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Nitrogen ) Methane Carbon Dioxide Ethane Propane Iso-Butane N-Butane Neo-Pentane Iso-Pentane N-Pentane SUM Hexane+ ) Helium H2 S Inferior calorific value Superior calorific value Density Wobbe index

Constant concentration could be added to the components list

<500 ppm

0.015 0.015 0.015 0.015

) If Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide are integral parts of the sample they will be detected together with Nitrogen and will be quantified as Nitrogen. ) SUM Hexane+ includes the components from Iso-/ N-Hexane to Iso-/ N-Nonane.

Repeatability of individual components (sample conditioning excluded) in accordance to ISO6974-5 (2001):

Concentration range xi (Mol %) xi < 0.1 0.1 < xi < 1 1 < xi < 50 50 < xi < 100 Deviation (Mol % absolute) 0.006 0.006 0.011 0.03

Cycle time: 180 s

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OLYMPIC PERU INC. Cromatgrafo de Gas Natural

SITRANS CV Specification, Continued

1.4 Sample Requirements Sample composition, pressure and temperature according to customers specification! The sample conditioning system should prepare the process sample in such a way that the following operating conditions for the analyzer are fulfilled:

Sample phase Sample streams Calibration sample streams Maximal sample pressure Maximal sample temperature Sample flow Solid particles (in gaseous samples) Required filtration Material in contact with sample

vapor 3 (Digital outputs provided) 1 (Digital output provided) 10 to 500 kPa (200 kPa below carrier gas pressure minimum) 120C 20 to 100 ml/min <0.1 m Grade of separation 99.99% for particles with a size of 0.1 m Stainless steel, fused silica, polyimide

1.5 Input/ Output Specification & Electronics Interfaces

Communication DCS link

1 x Ethernet 10 Base T, TCP/IP 1 x RS485/ 1 x RS232 (RTU/ ASCII)

Digital I/Os

Digital outputs Digital inputs

Relay contact 0.4 A/ 24 V DC 24 V / optic coupling

4: 3 for streams + 1 for calibration 4: (e.g. 1=sample flow alarm; 2=hourly synchronization; 3=revision results are not transferred to mean values; 4=calibration)

Data Logging

Logbook Reports Hourly mean values Daily mean values Trends

Local storage of all alarms (AlarmLog) and events (EventLog) Local storage of the last 100 days (analysis, last chromatogram, calibration data) Local storage of the last 24 months Local storage of the last 48 months Local storage of trends for components and calculated values (for max. 2 weeks)

All data available on remote workstation!

Status Visualization

LEDs for

2-Line display

Power supply Software heartbeat Ready Maintenance request Fault Sample flow For visualization of actual concentration values (scrolling, time-dependent)

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OLYMPIC PERU INC. Cromatgrafo de Gas Natural

SITRANS CV Specification, Continued

Electronics - Communication and Analytic Controller (CAC)

Micro processor Flash-EPROM Dynamic RAM Operating System Software

Intel 586 architecture 128 MB 64 MB Windows CE 3.0 Pre-installed; installation of changes or upgrades by using a workstation (PC; optional) via network or local

Electronics - Real Time Signal Processor (RSP)

Micro processor Flash-EPROM Static RAM Operating System Software

Motorola 68376, 20 MHz 1 MB 1 MB Forth Pre-installed; installation of changes or upgrades by using the internal service interface

1.6 Environmental Conditions & Approvals Safety

Electrical safety Hazardous area class

IEC 61010 / DIN VDE 0411 Certified by ATEX II 2 G Ex d IIC, T4: Certificate DMT 03 ATEX 069 X; FM for Class 1 Div. 1, Groups B, C and D, T4 (certificate 3017424); FM for Class 1 Zone 1, IIB +H2 (certificate 3017424); CSA C/US for Class 1 Div. 1, Groups B, C and D, T4 (certificate 1656129)

Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMI / RFI Rating

CE compliance: certified acc. to IEC 60801 / DIN VDE 0843 (EMC directive); CE compliance: certified acc. to CISPR 11 / EN 55011 / DIN VDE 0875, limit class B (Low voltage directive)

Power Supply

Power Fuse Power consumption, typical Power consumption, max.

24 V DC, +10% / -15% T2.5 A 18 VA 60 VA

Climatic Conditions

Permissible ambient temperature Permissible ambient temperature for storage and transport Permissible relative humidity Protection against dust and humidity

-10C to +55C -30C to +70C Max. 90% IP 65 according to EN 60529 / IEC 60529; NEMA 4X according to NEMA 250

Dimensions, Installation and Mounting

Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight Installation Gas connections Left and right side clearance Top and bottom side clearance

360 x 220 x 300 mm (approx. 14 x 9 x 12) Approx. 15 kg (35 lb) Post, pipe or wall mounted Swagelok 1/8 300 mm (12) 200 mm (8)

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OLYMPIC PERU INC. Cromatgrafo de Gas Natural

SITRANS CV Specification, Continued

PC Requirements

Personal computer Processor Interfaces Operating system Software

Desktop or laptop Minimum Pentium III, 800 MHz 1 x Ethernet Windows XP CV Control, version

Dimensional Drawing

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