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GD TOPICS 1. Is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail sector good for India? I think it cannot be clear-cut referred as good or bad as every coin always has two faces. ADV : If foreign investors will enter into retail market then the inflow of foreign currency will increase which will ultimately improve the economic growth of India. Along with, India will get improved infrastructure & transport facility. Countrymen will be able to get quality products at cheaper rates as it has been observed that globalisation leads to cost reductions at the same time improving the quality. They give competitions to other Indian companies and due to this it decrease the risk of manufacturing a low quality products which is the most effective thing about FDI. DIS : Small retail shop will suffer:India is one of the most price sensitive market with majority of the section living below or just above poverty line in such price sensitive market these foreign competitor would suffer to provide it cheap and our local kirana walas will keep surviving. 1 Big multi-retail mall = Can pull/affect the business of around 300 small shops (or even more) The foreign companies who wants to invest in INDIA, the main motive of them is to develop their own country and to earn a lot of profit by attracting the Indian consumer with new types of products and services. CONC : Foreign companies like coca-cola, pepsi etc earn a huge profit from Indian market but it is seen that such companies are not at all beneficial for Indian market. Foreign technology is highly advanced and so are their products. When foreign product are launched in the Indian market, it becomes difficult for Indian companies to compete with them. India money is flowing out of India in the form of profit. So. FDI should not be allowed in India.We could improve every thing by our own, we have rich resources and manpower and intellect. We don't need anybody's help. Foreign investment should be allowed in India only if it is beneficial for Indian economy. The prime purpose of investment should be to increase employment in the country.

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2. Multinational Corporations (MNCs): Are they Devils in Disguise? No one in the world is perfectionist, So are the MNCs. Brighter Side: MNC's have brought about tremendous economic development in our country along with great hike in job opportunities for the young generation thereby reducing the unemployment index of our country. They have introduced innovative technologies and given alluring opportunities to the deserving youth. It has led to A competitive environment. Darker Side: Drain on Indian resources, Indian money flowing out of country in the form of profits. Stiff competition for small companies The long working hours and even the rotational & odd shift timings (night shifts) in certain MNCs has an total negative impact on mental as well as physical health of individuals Promotion of foreign culture.

3. How to Deal with High Oil Prices? Oil in India is mainly imported from Arabic countries and the transaction of all this import is done in dollars so when the dollar price increases the Indian companies have to PAY FOR FOR IT and dollar price depends upon following factors. 1. Government. 2. Economic development. 3. GDP. 4. Economic growth. Well this subject is very serious. The increasing price of oil creates problem in transportation and comforts of common man. As there is many alternative of serious issues so this problem also has alternatives. For dealing with high prices of oil we must use some battery support vehicle instead of fuel support vehicle. We can use the regular transport system running on the road other than our own vehicle.

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4. Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? What I think about the topic is that the word INDIAN in itself is group of very dissimilar people. India is very big country and its countrymen also differ from state to state even from city to city. It is the very diversified country. Sometimes we assume the world ,by keeping in mind only our surroundings. But the fact is that "WE LIVE IN INDIA, BHARAT IS VERY MUCH DIFFERENT" which is still unseen by us. The people like us who are living in big cities are very much quality conscious & always prefer buying brands and all that. But there is also the another face of India where people are unemployed, uneducated. , they can't even afford their basic living. They many times compromise the quality for the sake of fulfilling the necessities of their family members. Hence it would not be appropriate to comment that Indians are less quality conscious.

5. Ethics in Business are just a Passing Fad For any business to be successful in long run, people on either side of the dealing should be profited in a fair manner. Without this nothing can stand long, this is the law of nature. So, if in a company business ethics are overruled, maybe it might profit the company at present but in long run it would render devastating. A company must follows some ethical principles for the well development of company. A company that follows ethics have good name in the market. Every businessman should be loyal to his customer. Every business should provide quality product and services to the customers. A business which maintains good relationships with the customers is said to have good ethical value. A company must satisfy both customer and employee's. A satisfied employee will work hard for company and a satisfied customer will buy the products again and again. All these can happen only if the company has ethics.

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Ethics means Moral principles that governs by any person or group's behavior. Business ethics is very essential for the smooth conduct of any business. Ethics in every Business needs to emphasize on the various circles such as customers, employees, environment, societies, etc (by means of providing good quality of products, Eco friendly products and considering the moral values of the society) to survive in an everchanging competitive business world. So according to me ethics in business can never be a passing fad. A good ethics will give Triumphant to the business. Hence I strongly oppose the jargon " business ethics are just a passing fad (i.e business environment is not a passing fad.)

6. Is the Consumer really the King in India? consumer is the king not only in India, but for any company throughout the world. A company fully depends on consumers satisfaction. But consumer taste will changes frequently. So a company must consider the points like taste, interest, preference of a consumer. We have two types of market in India public sector and private sector. In private sector we have lot of choices in every field whether it is related to food and beverages, clothing, automobiles etc. Consumer choose the best option for them. So growth and decline of the brand depends on customer. In public sector we have less choices like in LPG, transportation facilities but at some point consumer also rules in this sector. As government Has also started luxury/volvo buses for long distances besides simple roadways buses for customers. As people like to travel in luxury buses rather than normal. So, according to me consumer is really a king in India because a company always have to consider customer's taste, preference, affordability, choices, needs etc. A customer always choose the item which results best and is easily approachable.

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7. Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad? Since every coin has two faces likewise commercialization of health care has good as well as bad aspects. Good aspects, people who are in good position want them to be treated in good private hospitals as they expect good facilities and proper care and the faculties in private hospitals are very attentive and the treatment they provide will be best of the technology. Bad aspects, people who are below poverty line can not afford such high amount to get treatment for them government has to take care by providing good facilities with affordable price. Commercialization is way to increase the profit of the one, so on applying the commercialization on the health makes bed effect just because by applying the commercialization the doctor always thinks about their profit that makes the poor guys in trouble those are unable to pay money for their cure many times the poor guys are scarifies with their health just because of the high rate for the treatment this came due to doctor invest their money in commercialization for increasing the profit and they recollect their money by the people that could make the commercialization bad but it would be good when it will use in research process for finding the different way for the disease. Thus we know well that, Education and medical facility are two most important and basic need of any human life. Any decrement on these two will lead our society toward down stair.

8. Is there any Point in having a Business Strategy when the World changes from Month to Month?
This topic is most desirable in present business scenario. World strategy is changing day by day. To compete this world we must be part of this strategy. Business is the key factor that relates an organization to its success. Since world is changing day by day so we can't rely on existing strategy. But if we make a plan properly and execute strategy according to this plan may be we should not need to change the strategy day by day. I believe that a business strategy is the backbone of any business. Business strategy is the driving force of any company; it gives a goal for any company. So in my opinion business strategy should be market oriented and should be flexible i.e. so that it can be changed according to market situation, and then a firm can get maximum profit even in crucial market situation. With this, I want to say that the adaptability of the company to the changing market should be the main ingredient for success of any company in the market!

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9. Depreciation of Indian Rupee has only negative impact on the

For - Due to European financial crisis the value of Rupee has been depreciated which has resulted in an increase in the value of dollar. Thus, affecting the economy. - The demand of dollar has increased in contrast to that of Rupee and has startled our economy. - It has resulted in the depreciation of the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). - Depreciation of Indian Rupee has resulted in increase in inflation and thus, stagnant growth of the economy. - Dollar is being appreciated amongst all the currencies including Rupee and has marked an increase in its buyers. - These frailties and volatilities among the European market is sure to have an impact in the entire Asian markets including India. - Government would have to pay more in terms of Rupee for its imports. This would lead to rise in fiscal deficit which in turn will raise the level of inflation. Against - The exporters gain from the depreciation of Rupee as they get more of the local currency in exchange of the foreign one. - The depreciating value of Rupee is like a boon to Indian IT sectors as it generates more than 80% of their revenue from overseas market and this will enhance their actual realization of revenue. - Emigrants living outside India also benefits from this depreciation.

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Facebooking - Time pass actitivity.

- It definitely is a time pass activity as it contains lots of fun activities, like games that are used by people on a regular basis to get out of their boredom. - Being a social networking site it is just a means of communication where people can make new friends or connect with long lost friends. - People become so addictive towards it that they spend most of their time socializing via facebook. - People meet new people; make new relationships through this network which increases the healthy interactions among them. Against - Individuals connect through facebook to their co-workers or colleagues which helps them to remain up to date. - Facebook is used to advertise products which are relatively new in the market and can be easily purchased through facebook. - It is good way to update people about the recent events taking place nearby or in the world. - Facebook being a quick and effective way of communicating (people separated by time zones) can not be termed as a time pass activity. - Facebook teaches a lot of new aspects about different websites.

11. Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative - Group Discussion

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative, reflects both positive and negative attitude. We all are expected to be consistent at work. This doesnt make us unimaginative. So, it is just the way we look at this word and the context in which it is being used. For: - Consistency reflects lack of imagination because you are used to a certain routine. - You limit and bind yourself with certain protocols that dont allow you to think out of the box. - When you are constantly doing the same thing, it leads to boredom and monotony. - Being consistent makes things easier. You dont take risks. You always try to achieve things the same way because you feel results might be the same. There is no unpredictability. - If you are inconsistent, you will make mistakes and learn. You will develop different notions to work things out. Against:

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- There are certain things which have to have to be done in a certain way with defined set of rules. For e.g. in an event of economic crisis, we expect the prices of commodities to rise. - Even imaginative people can be consistent. There are certain things they do consistently to get results. - Consistency cannot always be taken negatively. We can be consistent good as well. - We are expected to perform well consistently. This doesnt mean we are not imaginative. - Consistency could be the last refuge. But, not the first. Perhaps people are driven to be in circumstances that leave them with no choice but, to be consistent. We can safely say that probably unimaginative people are consistent. But, it could be deceiving to say that inconsistent people are unimaginative. Inconsistency at times may be developed out of no choice or could be temporary.


BCCI - Sahara relationship: A tragic end.

When any relationship breaks, personal or professional, it is extremely difficult to analyze and conclude who is responsible and who is at fault. Any contract has certain rules and regulations laid down. When a contract is being framed, many best case and worst case scenarios are considered. The relationship seems to have come to an end because of some misunderstandings in the rules. For: - Its tragic as the breakup of this relationship was abrupt. - The contract was of around 12 years amounting to a lot of money. - Sahara claims to have accused BCCI of not appreciating or considering the formers emotions. - It is believed that one of the reasons was because of a player who couldnt play in the IPL and Sahara expected BCCI to add the players amount in the contract. - Sahara claims that BCCI had disqualified them from the 2008 IPL without giving any tangible reasons. - Several players were supposedly retained by IPL. These were the best players that Sahara said shouldnt have happened. In a way its fair as every sponsor should have the r ights to bid for any player. Against: - Its business end of the day. No contractual relationship can break because of one issue. - The reason because of which the player who couldnt play was extremely sensitive and unavoidable. Sahara perhaps could have negotiated on a replacement. - It is believed that Sahara assumed on a certain number of matches in IPL. BCCI refused on a refund. This seems to be an extremely prominent issue that could have been forecasted. The chairman of Sahara doesnt seem to be rigid on talking about the issue. It is true that petty reasons cant break contracts amounting to a lot of money, what went wrong was perhaps some unavoidable circumstances in which neither of the parties were ready to negotiate. It is said that Sahara has decided to pour some money a welfare foundation. It aims to develop 20 rural/semi urban sports development centers.

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13.The validity of science lies in its power to predict

Science is a vast subject and concept. We all are aware that Science can do wonders. Whenever science discovers something, we need a way to validate the findings. The power of science lies in its ability to predict. Science predicts in known and unknown circumstances. This is what makes science so unique. For: - Science is all about prediction. Even though theories exist, eventually, scientists have to predict to achieve something. For e.g. A plane can fly based some theories on Physics. - Science doesnt predict anything illogically. It is based on experiments. This is why sci ence is so powerful. - Most of the theories in Science are also based on predictions. Most of these predictions are true. Against: - A lot of times predictions fail too. This can cost us a lot if the research was for discovering medicines for an ailment. - The strength or power of science lies in its logic based on various natural phenomena. - Prediction reduces the chance of more efforts that could have been put in. Science can be validated based on proofs. - The power of science lies in proving hypotheses - The power of science is based on observation. - Most of the theories in the past and the science research done were not based on predictability. They were based on past facts and researches done. We can say that prediction is one of the powers of science. This power of prediction increases our capacity to understand things around. Science has given us a lot. Science certainly has some restrictions in terms of predictability. If science could predict everything, most of the problems would be resolved.

14. Nuclear power as an alternative for increasing power demands of India.

There is a hunt going on for alternative energy sources due to limited resources of conventional energy sources. The most potential source is nuclear energy which is being the talking point in many countries including India. For - Nuclear power can decrease the power demands and can solve the problem of electricity in rural as well as urban areas. - Increasing nuclear power plants in India will provide rapid growth to overall energy. - Nuclear power can ensure the security and ensure the saving of power, that can be used in those areas where there are no sources of power. - By using nuclear power plants long range marginal cost can be reduced. - Implementation of power plants will allow other remote locations that are far from coal reservoir and doesn't have sources of hydel power to get the electricity and other facilities easily. Against

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- Nuclear power is more capital intensive and requires large number of components to be imported from outside the country. - It is not one of the safe methods to use for power generation. - The cost of implementation of a nuclear power is more and it takes more time to implement. - Nuclear power increases greenhouse effect which can be of major concern. - The construction of nuclear power plants contribute to global warming and should be avoided. - Today 15% of the power today is generated by nuclear energy. It should be used with great precautions and keeping the environment concerns in mind. In recent times we are facing problems with the natural resources. Nuclear power has come as an good solution to the problem we are facing. If used with caution it can become a abundant source of energy.

15.Mobile phones - requirement of the day.

For - The invention of mobile phones has made life easier. Now we can connect with people in few seconds who are living in other parts of world. - Mobile phones have proved to be a boon for the success of every business as information passes very quickly through this medium. - We can get in touch with our relatives, friends and closed ones whenever we want without waiting for many days which were used to be the situation in the ancient times. - Everyone is available to each other 24*7. - All types of information related to any area are available in few minutes. - Parents feel less stressed as they are connected to their all the time. Against - Mobile phones are instrument of health hazard as the electro magnate waves which are transmitted through it cause harm to the body. - Due to the unlimited connectivity mobile phones has made life miserable for the people who are over using it. - We dont have time for ourselves as all the time we are busy over due to one reason or the other reason. - Today many accidents are caused due to use of mobile phones while driving. - It is deterring the office atmosphere as most of the people are spending their time over phone instead of working. - Mobile phones have ruined the social life of people as they communicate with their friends and relatives over phone instead of meeting them personally. - The radiation generated by the towers of mobile phones has disturbed the balance of the environment. More and more birds everyday die everyday due to the effect of this radiation. - Children having an access to mobile spend more time in talking with friends rather than on studies and with their family.

Mobile phone has its own advantages and disadvantages. With the help of it we can get connected to any part of the world. On the other hand it has many health hazards attached to it. Somewhere our life has become dependant on it. We have become its slave. Hence, it can be concluded that it is a great invention but its usage should be controlled.

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16.Technology Creates Income Disparities

Technology is taking us places and in the modern world scenario it is a boon rather than bane but as far as income disparity is concerned it cuts a sorry figure of our governments insufficiency and its policy crisis. Is technology the real reason behind income disparity?

For - Technology is uniformly distributed throughout the country, but urban areas are far ahead in technology. Thus more technology results in more employment and more income, thus the difference between the urban areas and the rural areas. - There is a major cut down in the employment charts as technology reduces the dependency on manpower which is favorable to an organization(as it leads to more profit) but it makes lot of people lose their jobs. - This brings in light the difference between the rural and urban people as the urban people have the knowledge about technology, making them the obvious choice of selection by organizations. - Not only does it results in economic inequalities but also social ones. Individuals with high income are given more respect and are looked upon with high esteem in our society. - Companies opt only for those who are technically sound, further demoralizing other individuals and pointing to some gaping holes in the Indian education system. Against - Technology can be used to provide better education and understanding of its applications, making it an effective tool for every individual. - Technology teaches an easier way of doing things effectively and efficiently. - More sources are utilized thus creating more employment. Technology also gives rise to new innovations and it helps in various discoveries. - It plays a pivotal role in developing a countrys economy and also their mind -sets. - Technology gives a man power to be equivalent to a machine. - Inhouse technology helps in getting the country name and fame on international platform. - Improvement in technology today means less dependence on other countries in future.

Technology works as a catalyst in the growth of a country, it bridges the income gap between the poor and the rich by creating employment opportunities but due to the less use of technology in India it is seen as an income disparity. In this modern world where Time is Money, makes ones life simple. Thus technology does not create income disparity rather helps in removing it.

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17. Life has become dangerous in this unipolar world

The word unipolar means, being concerned or associated with a single entity. This entity could differ based on the context. In our quote Life has become dangerous in this unipolar world, unipolar could refer to Internet or a state/country having all the power like the United States. For: - With a unipolar world, one country seems to be influencing every other country. Consider an example of currency fluctuations and recession. - If one country has the power, it has the power to destroy or create anything. - They say that today, internet is the new unipolar world. Today, whoever can rule the internet can rule the world. - Social networking sites are being used to harass people. - In the past, internet was being used as a medium for terrorist attacks. - A dominant state seeks to relatively maximize its power through unilateral decisions on coercive measures. Against: - If a big country like US is dominating, it works in the favor of other economically challenged countries. - With internet, so many things can be controlled and managed today. - Such countries are usually technologically strong that works in favor of the world. - Such states or countries make the other weaker ones vulnerable to a lot of traditional challenges, including nuclear challenges What will make an entity unipolar is totally circumstances dependent. The United States came upon as a dominant country mainly because of economic and technological changes which have unambiguously favored the US.

18. Education is what remains after one forgets what one has learnt in school

For most of us, education is all about how many degrees we have. We dont concentrate on what we have learned. Education today, is mostly about grades and percentages. For: - The education system concentrates on everything rather than concentrating on our specific interest. We cant possibly remember all of that. - Education is all about what we learn. In school, even though we learn a lot, we start to mature only much later. - We forget things when we dont experience them. Schools, usually give more of a theoretical knowledge. - Real exposure comes much later. Hence, what we learn is forgotten.

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Against: - We cannot separate school and education. What we learn in school is what makes us educated. - It is not just education that remains or helps us. It is our experience that counts. - This may not hold true for all schools. If the schools are good and the teachers are well trained, what you learn stays with you forever. - Education is not just about the subjects we are taught. It also about the morals, discipline etc. that we gain only through school. - What makes a school good or bad is the teacher. If the teachers are good and understand the student, we can consider ourselves educated. Education is endless. Not matter how much we learn, it is never enough. Blaming the schools is not the solution. It depends on us, as individuals too. How determined and focused are we to learn?

19. Happiness is a mystery like religion, and it should not be rationalized

We all have our own definitions of happiness. While some of us are satisfied and happy only if we are stable financially, the rest are happy even otherwise. The secret of happiness is to be satisfied with what we have. Happiness, just like religion is vast and holds different meaning to all of us. For: - Happiness cannot be concluded. Its a never ending feeling. - The Pursuit for happiness can never be stopped. Hence we should rationalize it. - Happiness is an emotion that can be felt. And we must never rationalize emotions. - Happiness just like religion, to each one of us means different and holds differently within us. - They say that happiness is a mystery because at times unknowing things give us happiness. - Happiness just like religion cannot be found. You just get it and feel it. Against: - Religion has standard set of rules and rituals we follow. Happiness doesnt. - Happiness is an emotion. Religion for the most part, is not an emotion. - There comes a time when we all start to quantify happiness and say we will be very happy, if we achieve what we want. - We all know and realize what will make us happy. This defies the statement that happiness is like a mystery. Happiness is a very individualistic feeling. Not all of us are content with what we have. Some of us want more while some accept things the way they are and still be happy. It is true that we must not quantify or rationalize happiness. If we start to do that, we lose our emotional shade.

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20. For an idea to be accepted it has to be advertised by a good salesman

Whether its our personal life or professional, we are expected to present ideas. We are expected to be innovative in our approach of resolving issues. Many of us have good ideas rolling in our mind. But, for our ideas to be accepted, people need to have faith and confidence in them. So, either our ideas have to be advertised well or as individuals, we have to be prominent for people to have faith in our ideas. For - There is no point in having ideas if you cant present them. - If you have an idea, you have to do something about it. - Even though your idea may be innovative; if you dont have a good salesman to advertise it, the essence and the semantic of the idea may be lost. - Consider an e.g. of opening a restaurant. If you have ideas of renovating it, people should know about it. - Consider an example of a scientist discovering a medicine for cancer. Unless you dont advertise it well, people wont gain confidence. Against: - What people are interested in today is the final product. So, no one wants to and has the time to hear your ideas. - Even though your idea may be extremely innovative, you can prove yourself only once it gets implemented as expected. - People like seeing proof of concept. So, if you have an idea of increasing the sales of a commodity, people today will accept your idea only if it was implemented somewhere else. - Good advertising is not the only way for ideas to be accepted. If your company or as an individual, you have good credentials, people have faith in your ideas. We live in an environment where we are expected to be innovative and come up with new ideas. You dont always need someone else to advertise your idea. You can do it yourself. No one can understand your idea better than yourself.

21. A man with words and no deeds is like a garden full of weeds
A man with words and no deeds is like a garden full of weeds targets those people who only talk or perhaps talk big and dont anything. There are people who just keep having big goals but they do nothing to achieve them. While it also depends on luck, we must try to strive towards achieving what we want. For - Some people only talk good things or makes promises. However, these people do nothing to keep their goals. - After a point of time, people realize your true color and stat to distrust you.

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- If you keep talking with no actions, positive energy is taken over by negative. - Here, weeds are being referred to some negative people in our life. So, when we only have words and no actions, negativity is what lies within us. - Lets take an example of Parents. So, if parents keep saying that they need to take care of their children (words) but dont take care of them, certainly, the kids may follow the wrong path. - If we keep talking and not take any actions, it makes us lethargic. Against - Only if you talk can you achieve something. - At times, even if we take some actions and dont succeed, it doesnt mean that we can never do it again. For instance, we may talk of scoring well in exams. We even try and work towards it (deed). But, there may be a case wherein we still dont exceed. - At times, situations are beyond our control. So, we talk with the hopes of a possible solution. It is true that we should not just talk but also take some actions. This way, we give space to more thoughts and ideas. Staying with positive people can help us achieve this. We must always try and be alert of the surroundings to ensure that we are not just talking but, also working.

22. If you give a man a fish, he eats it once. You teach a man to fish, you lose a business
opportunity If you give a man a fish, he eats it once. You teach a man to fish, you lose a business opportunity means that in an attempt to help others, and at times we land up giving ideas and solutions for people to grow. This way, an opportunity which could have worked for us, will be grabbed by the other person. For: - It is the survival of the fittest. If we land up helping people, we land up giving them a way to interfere in your success. - When you help and teach someone, that person in turn goes and teaches the same thing to somebody else. This way you keep losing business opportunities. - If you always land up helping others, people tend to take you for granted. - Consider an example of someone who sells a commodity. If you land up teaching him the tactics that worked for you to attract customer, he will attract all your customers. Against: - It is not bad to help others. When a person is in need, you must help them. - Most of the times, in an attempt to help others, you also land up striking a business opportunity with him. - If you dont help others with the fear that you will lose business opportunities, it will only make you more insecure. - You should make yourself capable and confident enough that even when you help people, nothing should act as a road block. - If not through you, somebody else may help. This way you not only put strains in your

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relations but also lose an opportunity to perhaps work with that person. Because of the kind of environment we live in, its like a rat race. Everybody wants to push people behind and move ahead. We shouldnt be discouraged to help others. But, we shouldnt let our trade secrets out. Try not teaching everybody everything that you know.

23. India - really the NexGen superpower

For - India has the mass labour and production which can take India to a next level. - India has already put a stamp of authority in the IT sector and is ready to reach the world stage to find a place in manufacturing. - India has entrepreneurship and leadership capabilities which are of utmost importance in creating a successful nation and a super power. - Economic liberalization has resulted in the rise of the growth rates of the middles class which is a good indication for India. Against - India has shown a slowdown in economy which has really affected its chances of becoming a super power. - It also depends on how one defines super power. India is still under massive poverty and unemployment which again looms over Indias development. - Corruption in India is deterrent and is one of the major causes of India s faltered growth. - Infrastructure such as rails, roads is still of major concern in India and it needs to be dealt with. - Politicians are creating a vacuum in the society with their deep buried corruption. - The government has failed to handle the economic growth which has widened the gap between the poor and the rich.

24. Fate of Apple after Steve Jobs

For - Jobs was notorious as he had a firm grip on his product during its developmental phase. - He brought in the iPads, iPods and Macs which were all very distinct in design. - It will be next to impossible to have his brilliance; both as a product visionary and supersalesman transferred to any other person. - Jobs was a historic leader of Apple and it was his contribution and dedication that br ought success to his company. - The impact of his new era technology has been monumental in growth of todays societies and cultures. Against - The company is well positioned and will have no effect whatsoever in the near future. - The investors and customers had grown accustomed to the idea of apple without it brilliant leader.

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- Apple shares had no impact even after the death of Jobs and is very likely to remain the same. - Jobs successor Cook is also hard working and some believe is a true heir to jobs throne. - Jobs has already laid the foundation of what comes next. Thus, it wont be wrong to say that Apple will do well even without the visionary Jobs.

25. Need of censorship on social media

For - Certain pages can be seditious, defamatory to the institution of religion which is not accepted in the plural society. - It wont be good for the harmony of the country. - Some of the social media which is put up on the internet is offensive either to people or to a nation, and thus, requires censoring. - Various sites play host to materials which could bring about a rift in the society. - It can be used for mass effects like, mass violence or creating mass chaos. Against - There is a very thin line between censorship and obstruction of freedom of speech and expression. - Laws and rules which are brought in the system should be followed which would not require the need for censorship. - India is a democratic country and if they censor these social networks then they can hardly preach to dictators. - There are many important services like rescue service, which rely on the social sites for real time information, not providing it may cost many lives. - Social media should not be treated differently from the other forms of media like book or press. If they are not being censored then there is no need for censorship on social media.

26. EU Zone Crisis - reason for rising value of dollar.

For - It is a very distinct form of martial arts which has a blend of all the arts, thus it should be welcomed and should be made more popular. - Mixed martial art is a new trend of martial arts which would also allow people knowing it to showcase their talent. - It will promote the lost cultures of various forms of martial arts. - It will also boost the economy of our country as more and more people would participate in such events. - It will bring in more knowledge about this kind of sport to a country like India and it will increase the understanding of the combat-effective strategies. - There are various rules implemented to protect the fighters from fatal or any kind of injury.

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Against - This form of martial arts is very dangerous for the people doing it as the rules are kept minimal. - The overall injury rate caused in MMA is more than other combat sports due to various techniques used in it. - It is also more fatal than any other combat sport.