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Soil 1

Seeds 3

Garden 17

Water 21

Watering Can 29

Sun 41


Roots 56
The most basic, but important part of the planting process. To many it
is just dirt, but without soil, plants would have nothing to hold on to.

This is our executive summary.

“ ...if I wanted to have a happy garden, I must ally myself with my soil; study and help

it to the utmost, untiringly. ... Always, the soil must come first.
- Marion Cran, If I Where Beginning Again
1 1
The type of seed determines how the plant will turn out. The environment
surrounding the seeds impacts the health of the plant and how it grows.

This is our situation analysis

“ All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today. ”
- Author Unknown
3 3
4 4 SEEDS: Product Evaluation
SEEDS: Consumer Evaluation
5 5



SEEDS: Target Market
7 7
8 8 SEEDS: Competitive Evaluation
SEEDS: Marketing Environment
9 9
10 10 SEEDS: Primary Research
SEEDS: Primary Research
11 11
12 12 •Very local •Stale image, no surprises, people have grown
•Quality food and ingredients used to it
•Austin residents have heard of Kerbey •4 different target markets
•Laidback atmosphere •Service is often the source of complaints
•Open 24 hours among consumer reviews
•Affordable •Weak relationship with Alamo Drafthouse
•Appealing to families, older and younger audi- •Does not creatively or actively advertise mer-
ences chandise
•Vegetarian and healthy menu options •Does not align with any specific type of cuisine
•Supports local artists
•Diverse food selection
•Supports local and nationwide charities
•Variety of locations to choose from

•30 year anniversary •Magnolia Café’s similar marketing strategy

•Delivery orders with businesses •Recession woes – less eating out
•More community involvement •Quick breakfast appeal of fast-food chains and
•Support customers with more promotions other diners
•Improve level of service and hospitality •Hard to reinvent your image or re-establish
•Better training for employees people’s opinions after so long
•Distribution expansion of Kerbey Lane pan-
cake mix
•Sponsor more local events
•Increase current partnership with the Alamo
13 13

note: put in target market

14 14
SEEDS: Mind Map Conclusions
15 15
The garden is where the plant calls home. Care must be taken in choosing
the right garden as the plant’s survival depends on a fertile environment.

These are our marketing recommendations.

“ Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are. ”
- Alfred Austin
17 17
18 18 THE GARDEN: Measurement
THE GARDEN: Marketing Mix
19 19
Water gives life to the plant and makes it grow. Without
some water, the plant would eventually wither away and die.

These are our advertising recommendations.

“ We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ”

-Thomas Fuller, Gnomolosgia, 1732
21 21




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THE WATER: Creative Brief
THE WATER: Advertising Rundown
23 23
24 24 THE WATER: Rundown


THE WATER: Executions
Direct mail coupon for businesses 25 25

Sample pedi-cab ads

26 26
27 27
28 28
Watering can
The watering can is the vessel that holds the water. With-
out this tool, the flow of water could not be moder-
ated or controlled, threatening the life of the plant.

These are our media recommendations.

“ The water in a vessel is sparkling; the water in the sea is dark. The small

truth has words which are clear; the great truth has great silence. ”
-Rabindranath Tagore
29 29



30 30 WATERING CAN: Media Strategy
WATERING CAN: Media Strategy
31 31
32 32 WATERING CAN: Media Specifics
WATERING CAN: Media Specifics
33 33
34 34 WATERING CAN: Schedule & Flight Allocations

Direct Mail: $600

Dates Insertions Impressions Cost
June 8 – May 16 12 0.3 $600.00

1st Flight: “Getting Down to Business”

June 15 – August 7: This flight will concentrate on promoting the Dine-On-Demand service to surround-
ing businesses. The majority of fliers will be sent out around all locations in the months of June, July and
August. The majority of the advertising during this flight will focus on promoting the DOD service to busi-
nesses, and the rest will centralize around the ongoing theme of the campaign.
The Chronicle
Dates Insertions TRP’s Impressions Cost
June 15 – August 7 8 53 47700 $2,776.00

Print: The Onion

Dates Insertions TRP’s Impressions Cost
June 15 – August 7 8 24 9600 $3,028.00

Total measurable cost for Flight 1: $5,804

2nd Flight: “Gingerbread Fever”

November 16 – December 31: During the second flight, Instant Karma recommends promoting Kerbey
Lane pancake mix in-store, on-line and in grocery stores. Kerbey could host a “Design your own pancake”
event in each store, or list it as an option on the menu. Another idea is to sell ornaments to benefit the
charity of the month.
The Chronicle
Dates Insertions TRP’s Impressions Cost
Nov. 16 – Dec. 11 4 26 23400 $1,520.00

Total Measurable Cost for Flight 2: $1,520

3rd Flight: “Kerbey Lane Live!”
Schedule & Flight Allocations

March 1 – May 1: All promotional events will be directed at promoting the Pancake Festival and Cook-Off
35 35
event to be held the first weekend of May, 2010.
The Chronicle
Dates Insertions TRP’s Impressions Cost
March 1 – April 30 8 53 47700 $2,776.00

The Onion
Dates Insertions TRP’s Impressions Cost
March 1 – April 30 8 24 9600 $3,028.00

Kerbey Lane Pancake Festival and Cook-Off

Dates Cost
May 1 $21,000

Total Measurable Cost for Flight 3: $26,804

Additional Advertising Expenditures

In-store advertising: $3,000

Pedi-Cab Ads: $10,500
Total Campaign Cost: $55,028
36 36
37 37
38 38 Budget Sheet

Medium # of Inserts / $ Amount / Total Cost % of Budget

Uses Insert
Alamo Drafthouse 6 350 $2,100 3.65%
Kerbey Cook-Off 1 $21,000 $21,000 36.46%
Online Blog 365 $0 $0 0%
ACL Man-Pancake 1 $400 $400 0.69%
Pancake Trail / Cars 4 $375 $1,500 $2.60%
Menu Inserts / Table 12 $167 $2,000 3.47%
Posters 24 $42 $1,000 1.74%
Coupons 12 $25 $300 0.52%
Direct Mail 3 $100 $300 0.52%
Press Releases 3 $0 $0 0%
The Onion 16 $378.50 $6,056 10.51%
The Chronicle 20 $353.60 $7,072 12.28%
Pedi Cab 30 $350 $10,500 18.23%
Interior Bus Ads 100 $25 $2,500 4.34%
39 39
40 40
The sun is an integral part of the growing process. It must
work with the water in order to ensure proper growth
and is harder to control and measure than the water.

These are our public relations recommendations.

“ The Sun himself is weak when he first rises, and gathers strength

and courage as the day gets on. ”

- Charles Dickens
41 41
42 42 THE SUN: Guerilla Marketing
THE SUN: Guerilla Marketing
43 43
44 44 THE SUN: Pancake Festival
THE SUN: Pancake Festival
45 45
46 46 THE SUN: Pancake Festival
Sample Festival T-shirts
47 47
SUN: Executions
48 48 News Release
Instant Karma


April 25, 2009 Dustin Villarreal
Director of Public Relations
(361) 920-5005

Kerbey Lane to start annual music festival and cook-off

AUSTIN, Texas – Kerbey Lane is getting its hands sticky for its 30th anniversary with an interesting concept:
an annual festival calling all cooks to whip up the best recipe with Kerbey’s own pancake mix and other in-
gredient staples – all vying for a chance to win placement in the restaurant’s menu.
Kerbey Lane, the local 24-hour café serving up unique, organic food within each of their four Austin
locations, is set to unveil the Kerbey Pancake Festival set for May 3 from 11 AM to 10 PM at Waterloo Park.
The festival, where culinary amateurs will get a chance to win prizes, honor and bragging rights, will also
showcase local music artists, offer Kerbey treats and provide a family-fun atmosphere for the Austin commu-
nity to enjoy.
“Kerbey Lane has always been apart of the Austin community,” Kerbey Lane Campaigner Dustin Vil-
larreal said. “What better way to give back and show our support than to give a few talented Austinites a
chance to have their very own recipe in our menu?”
Proceeds from the event will benefit the local “Meals on Wheels” program in Austin, which serves as a voice
and helping hand for those homebound and less fortunate.
“You don’t hear about Austin without hearing a little about Kerbey Lane,” Suellen Mills, the vice
president for volunteer services at Meals on Wheels-Austin, said. “It’s fitting then that Kerbey would be giv-
ing back to the local charities, businesses and people of our ‘weird’ city.”
The event, which will begin annually, uses three sources of fundraising, including sponsorships, auc-
tions, and the sale of Kerbey merchandise. Visitors will be able to make their own Kerbey Lane apparel,
enjoy their favorite musical artists and taste all the unique treats offered by the café.
“We definitely want to hammer home the idea of free expression and individuality in a fun setting,”
said Villarreal.
With live local music, fresh local food, and invitations to all the local people, Kerbey Lane is all set
to start another Austin tradition.
“Our eateries have been a part of this city for the better part of three decades,” said Villarreal.
“Kerbey Lane is here to stay.”
SUN: Executions
Instant Karma

Media Advisory
49 49
April 20, 2010

Kerbey Lane to start annual pancake festival and cook-off

What: Kerbey Lane Cafe, a local fresh food haunt with four Austin locations, will begin hosting an annual
tradition entitled the “Kerbey Lane Pancake Festival and Cook-Off.” The event will showcase local artists,
Kerbey Lane treats and support the work performed by Meals on Wheels-Austin.

Who: Dustin Villarreal, Director of Media Relations, will answer any questions about the event at dustin@ Allison Bright, Marketing Director of Kerbey Lane Cafe, can be contacted at (512)

When: “The Kerbey Lane Kick-Off” will begin the event at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, May 3, with entertain-
ment from local artists and a live auction to follow at 1:00 p.m. Cooking competitions will begin Saturday
at 3:00 p.m.

Where: Waterloo Park is at 403 East 15th St., Austin, TX 78701 Directions can be found by clicking here.

Why: The festival is designed to give back to local businesses, artists and citizens of Austin while sup-
porting Meals on Wheels-Austin, a charitable foundation seeking to nourish and enrich the lives of the
homebound and other people in need through programs that promote dignity and independent living.

How: Founded in 1980, Kerbey Lane has proudly served comfortable food at reasonable prices to the
Austin community. Making it a mission to bring patrons the freshest ingredients and all natural meats
around, the local eatery has fed Austinites for over 30 years – no matter what time of day it is. Kerbey
Lane always seeks to give back to the Austin community through its support and participation in many
charitable and local endeavors. More information can be found at the Kerbey Lane Cafe website by click-
ing here.

50 50

The sprout is the result of all the other parts working togeth-
er. It is the culmination of the natural process of a plant’s life.

This is our evaluation.

“ A flower’s appeal is in its contradictions - so delicate in form yet strong in fra-

grance, so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effect. ”
~Adabella Radici
51 51
52 52
53 53
54 54
55 55
56 56
The roots anchor the entire plant. More often than not the
roots are neglected, overlooked, forgotten. One would be fool-
ish to do so though, as the plant would not exist without its roots.

This is our appendix.

“ For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among

the rocks. ”
-Friedrich Nietzsche
57 57

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