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The Flow of Everything
By Ziad Aazam / Monday, 6th August 2012 / Space Writing / Leave a comment / Are you ready to read this, reader? As the author of these words, I shall let thoughts to freeflow in a conversational style. You can intersect my thoughts, if it happens that your thoughts flow near mine. Why is flow occupying my mind? What is the significance of discussing flow? How useful it is for you reading about flow and for me writing it? If you are reading this far, our thoughts are nearly aligned to each other; mine are captured and frozen in time and space, yours are fluid and interactive as you carry on reading. I have no logical reason to justify why I have to capture these thoughts; nor I am totally sure of their significance. If you believe that these are useless thoughts, you are absolutely right, because based on your belief, your thoughts will not flow or intersect with mine and therefore they become useless to you. I am not offended; you may stop reading free of guilt. My intention is to simplify my thinking process of everything. My idea is simple; I want to think of everything as flows. Can I do that? I don’t really know. Perhaps I will discover it can be done as I work these words with my thoughts. I am tired of thinking in this complex world. However, the more I think in terms of flow, the more everything becomes clearer in my mind. I mean ‘everything’. The world, as represented to my heart/mind, is very jagged, rough, noisy, fragmented, disjointed and incomprehensible, almost like nothing I can think of that makes sense. I like to think of the world as soothing, smooth, perfect, breezy, fitting, non-stoppable, integrated, resilient and easy to understand, almost like a flow. I want to share this with you, but you have to apply your poetic and philosophical faculty for your thoughts flow to near mine. A hint of poetry from your human heart allows your mind to fly into imaginative realms; a portion of philosophy worked in your mind brings the beating of your heart into unison with realistic realms. I am both an artist and a scientist. I have already obtained the earthly degrees to qualify me to claim this; yet this is not my claim here. My claim is simpler than the complexity of this institutional world; it is more human. You too can claim being both an artist and a scientist. Just apply a human heart capable of conceiving worlds of cultural thoughts and materials and a human mind capable of perceiving the natural and artificial worlds. As a Muslim, you already have that layer of belief and the words of God to guide your soul, your principle of life. Tell me what your soul is all about but your heart and mind in a body that flows with everything else. The Quran says ‘It is He Who created the Night and the Day, and the sun and the moon: all swim along, each in its own orbit’, (Quran 21:33). Just as a swim along object is characterized by its orbit so is a flow of everything in space and time can be identified by the attributes of the flow. It is this that I wish to share my thoughts about with you. I hope our thoughts flow turn into dancing intertwined flows. Without stepping into evolutionary theory, imagine genes swimming along in a long pool of time since beginning of life, moving from father to son and replicating themselves as they moving along the arrow of time to this day. For now, forget about people, history, nations and all that that complicate this particular flow I am pointing at. Taking genes as a flow of humanity across space and time passing the present to the future is one form of biological flow carried through human beings. Now think of animals, plants and every living creature
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Memes. Flows of everything humans produced and will produce can start at any point in space and time. crossing. Let us take another type of flow based on humanproduced cultures. moving laterally. Biology is a natural part of our existence. clothes.com/tag/flow/) Blog at WordPress. poetry.wordpress. literature. like cows. architecture. horses and birds and plants like fruits and flowers are aligned or intersected with humans flow with respect to food and utilization stemming from need and desire.com. where animals flow. as unites of information that make up cultures and are transmitted through human minds. confronting or passing by like ships at sea. The flow has just started. overlapping. spacewriting. Tags: Flow (http://spacewriting. war and every human product from the dawn of history to the last day on earth. present or future. anywhere on earth and at any point on the time arrow be it the past. politics. aligning. | The Imbalance 2 Theme. philosophy. interesting. peace.8/9/13 The Flow of Everything | Space Writing you can think of as having their own flow through time and space. are just like genes swim along in a pool of space and time in the minds of people who form material and non-material cultures through history and into the future.com/2012/08/06/the-flow-of-everything/ 2/2 . Now think of intersecting flows of both humans. music. animals and plants. art. … I have not finished writing yet. Think of these memes as replicators embedded and transmitted in flows within a given culture and across different cultures giving rise to ideas.wordpress.

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