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Will Former Pakistani ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani Assassinated?

By: Kanak Bosmia (KP Astrologer/Editor KPEzine) Sahakar-2, Flat No: 28, Jagabhai park, Ram baug, Maninagar, Ahmedabad 380 008 Phone 079- 2543 1165 Mobile: 98251 31165,

Short History: London: Former Pakistani envoy to the US Husain Haqqani, who is currently staying as a guest at the prime minister's official residence in Islamabad, fears that he will be murdered if he leaves the place, The Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday. He said he has been branded a "traitor" and a "Washington lackey" by "powerful quarters" -- a reference to the country's powerful ISI intelligence agency -- and that he now fears he will be murdered like his friend, Punjab governor Salman Taseer. Taseer was shot dead by one of his own security guards last year after being branded a "blasphemer". Haqqani was forced to resign last year after Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz claimed he had asked him to pass on a memo to the American government seeking its help to oust Islamabad's military leadership. He was recalled from Washington and now faces a Supreme Court enquiry commission amid accusations that he betrayed his country by colluding with the US to compromise its territorial integrity. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph Tuesday, he said the allegations against him are false and part of a "psychological war" against the government of President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani by "certain powerful quarters". Haqqani said both the president and prime minister were standing behind him and were determined to stay and challenge the allegations. He was speaking after Pakistan's top human rights lawyer Asma Jahangir revealed he had taken refuge in the prime minister's residence for fear that the ISI would force him to make a false statement on the affair. He told the paper that he had only left the prime minister's residence on three occasions, each time under heavy security escort. "I'm a guest of the prime minister with whom I have had a long-standing political association. There are clear security concerns given the hysteria generated against me. Staying at the prime minister's house is the safest option. "My good friend Salman Taseer was killed by a security guard because he heard in the media that the governor had blasphemed. "I'm being called a traitor and an American lackey in the media with the clear encouragement of certain powerful quarters even though I've not been charged legally with anything," the daily quoted him as saying. Meanwhile, a Pakistani commission probing the scandal issued notices to Husain Haqqani, Mansoor Ijaz, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, director general of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, among others, to appear before it, Geo TV reported. The commission, which held its first meeting Monday, will meet again on Jan 9, according to Geo TV. In KP we don’t found any clear cut rules for Mundane astrology. I have tried to fix some rules and one of them is about Assassination. I try to check her suspect, and I cast horary chart, details as bellow: Question: Will Former Pakistani ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani Assassinated? Horary No: 157 (Out of 249) Horary Date: 05/01/2012 Thursday, Time: 1.06.51 PM IST Place: Kankariya- Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad Long/Lat: 23 N 00 72 E 36, Ayanamsha: 23.56.04

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Placidus Star: Web: . 12 Sa+ 10 11 1. Dvadasi Bal.26-Jun-2065 Jupiter 26-Jun-2049 Saturn 14-Aug-2051 Mercury 25-Feb-2054 Ketu 01-Jun-2056 Venus 08-May-2057 Sun 07-Jan-2060 Moon 25-Oct-2060 Mars 24-Feb-2062 Rahu 31-Jan-2063 Ketu Dasa 26-Jun-2101 .26-Jun-2031 Mars 26-Jun-2024 Rahu 23-Nov-2024 Jupiter 11-Dec-2025 Saturn 17-Nov-2026 Mercury 26-Dec-2027 Ketu 23-Dec-2028 Venus 21-May-2029 Sun 21-Jul-2030 Moon 25-Nov-2030 Saturn Dasa 26-Jun-2065 . 5 Ve 10 3 1. 21 D X 21:47:57 Ma 27:08:31 IX 17:57:09 Ve 25:10:46 III 17:57:09 XI 23:19:07 Su 20:25:25 II 15:10:05 Me 01:50:28 Ra 18:48:58 I 14:53:20 XII 20:40:03 Sa 04:36:45 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.26-Jun-2084 Saturn 26-Jun-2065 Mercury 29-Jun-2068 Ketu 09-Mar-2071 Venus 18-Apr-2072 Sun 18-Jun-2075 Moon 30-May-2076 Mars 29-Dec-2077 Rahu 06-Feb-2079 Jupiter 14-Dec-2081 Venus Dasa 26-Jun-2108 .26-Jun-2024 Moon 26-Jun-2014 Mars 27-Apr-2015 Rahu 26-Nov-2015 Jupiter 28-May-2017 Saturn 26-Sep-2018 Mercury 26-Apr-2020 Ketu 26-Sep-2021 Venus 27-Apr-2022 Sun 26-Dec-2023 Jupiter Dasa 26-Jun-2049 . 05/Jan/2012 Time: 01:06:51 PM SID: 19:24:32 Lat: 23:00:00 N Lon: 72:36:00 E Place: AHMEDABAD. (A) . 4 Ra+ 1 1 8.26-Jun-2014 Sun 26-Jun-2008 Moon 14-Oct-2008 Mars 15-Apr-2009 Rahu 20-Aug-2009 Jupiter 15-Jul-2010 Saturn 03-May-2011 Mercury 14-Apr-2012 Ketu 19-Feb-2013 Venus 27-Jun-2013 Rahu Dasa 26-Jun-2031 . GUJARAT. 6 7.Bhadra(1) 5 Revati(2) 6 Bharani(3) 7 Rohini(2) 8 Aridra(3) 9 Ashlesha(1) 10 P.26-Jun-2128 Venus 26-Jun-2108 Sun 26-Oct-2111 Moon 26-Oct-2112 Mars 27-Jun-2114 Rahu 27-Aug-2115 Jupiter 27-Aug-2118 Saturn 27-Apr-2121 Mercury 27-Jun-2124 Ketu 27-Apr-2127 V 23:19:07 Name: Husain Haqqani Gender: Male Date: Thursday. Ma.25 D Karana: Bav Horary No.Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Mo. India IV 21:47:57 Ayanamsa: 23° 56' 4" [KP Ayanamsa] .Phalguni(3) 11 Hasta(4) 12 Visakha(1) Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su P. 6 Me 7 1 8. 5 M. Sahakar-2.Page 2 .kpastrologer. 6 Printed on: Jan 05.: 157 Question : Will Former Pakistani ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani Assassinated? Ruling Planets . AHMEDABAD. Dasa: Sun 2 Y. Ram Baug.380 EMail: contact@kpastrologer.Phalguni(1) Me Moola(1) Ju Aswini(2) Ve Dhanishta(1) Sa Chitra(4) Ra Jyeshta(1) Ke Rohini(3) Sgl Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Stl Sa Ve Mo Ju Me Ve Mo Ra Me Ve Mo Ju Sbl Ju Ve Me Sa Mo Ju Ju Ke Me Ju Su Ju Ssl Ju Me Me Sa Su Me Ve Me Ra Ra Ve Me Sssl Ju Ke Ra Sa Me Ke Ra Ma Su Ve Me Ra Ve 25:10:46 III 17:57:09 10 9 7 6 Sa 04:36:45 XI 23:19:07 IV 21:47:57 8 11 2 5 Ma 27:08:31 X 21:47:57 Sgl Ju Ve Su Ju Ma Sa Ve Ma Ve Stl Ve Su Su Ke Ke Ma Ma Me Mo Sbl Ju Sa Su Ve Ra Ra Ve Ke Me Ssl Sa Ma Me Ra Me Me Me Mo Ma Sssl Me Su Ra Ve Ra Ra Ma Me Ve Ju 06:37:04 V 23:19:07 12 1 Mo 04:29:50 VI 20:40:03 Ke 18:48:58 VII 14:53:20 4 3 VIII 15:10:05 IX 17:57:09 Significators .26-Jun-2108 Ketu 26-Jun-2101 Venus 23-Nov-2101 Sun 22-Jan-2103 Moon 30-May-2103 Mars 29-Dec-2103 Rahu 27-May-2104 Jupiter 14-Jun-2105 Saturn 21-May-2106 Mercury 29-Jun-2107 Mars Dasa 26-Jun-2024 .26-Jun-2101 Mercury 26-Jun-2084 Ketu 23-Nov-2086 Venus 20-Nov-2087 Sun 20-Sep-2090 Moon 28-Jul-2091 Mars 27-Dec-2092 Rahu 24-Dec-2093 Jupiter 12-Jul-2096 Saturn 17-Oct-2098 Moon Dasa 26-Jun-2014 . Pada 3 Star Lord: Sun Rasi: Taurus Rasi Lord: Venus Lagna: Scorpio Lagna Lord: Mars Tithi: Shukla Paksha. (B) .kpastrosystem.Ashada(1) 3 Sravana(3) 4 P. Jagabhai park. Ahmedabad . 2012 Man Machine Systems. GUJARAT. 157/249 Sun Rise: 07:21:38 AM Nithya Yoga: Shubha Sun Set: Hora: 06:07:49 PM Moon Dasa Days: 365. Phone: +91-9825131165 www. 11 Ju+ 7 5 2. Ve.House Owner Ju 06:37:04 VI 20:40:03 Mo 04:29:50 VII 14:53:20 Ke 18:48:58 VIII 15:10:05 Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Sun Dasa 26-Jun-2008 . India Planet Lagna Moon Sgl Ma Ve Stl Ke Su Sbl Mo Sa Ssl Mo Ma Sssl Su Su Day Lord: Jupiter Nirayana Bhava Chalit Su 20:25:25 II 15:10:05 Me 01:50:28 Ra 18:48:58 I 14:53:20 XII 20:40:03 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Anuradha(4) 2 P. 11 Ke 6 7 9 Rahu acts as agent for: Mo. 12 10 Mo 2 6 10 9 Ma 2 10 10 1.Horary No.Ashada(3) Mo Krittika(3) Ma U. Astrologer: Kanak Bosmia.05/Jan/2012 01:06:51 PM KANKARIYA.26-Jun-2049 Rahu 26-Jun-2031 Jupiter 09-Mar-2034 Saturn 02-Aug-2036 Mercury 09-Jun-2039 Ketu 27-Dec-2041 Venus 14-Jan-2043 Sun 14-Jan-2046 Moon 09-Dec-2046 Mars 08-Jun-2048 Mercury Dasa 26-Jun-2084 . Flat No: 28.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 3 2 7.Planets in Owner's stars (D) . Maninagar.Occupant of house (C) .

Ketu is conjoined with Moon. 12 (Assassinations) be the-significator (in the star of the occupant or owner) of 1. Maninagar. Jupiter is occupant of 5. owner of 8. Thus 8th cusp sub lord Ketu is significator of 6. owner of 9(Badhaka). Moksha. Ketu is occupant of 7(Maraka). 10. Jupiter is in the star of Ketu and sub of Rahu. 5. 9 (Badhaka). owner of 1. 11. 8. 6. Anxieties. Phone 079. Misery. Ketu is in the star of Moon and sub of Mercury. 11 one can escape form Assassinated or fatal attack during the joint period of the significators of 1. No planet in the star of Jupiter and Jupiter is CSL of 1. 11. 6.40’. Blackmail. 12 with 1. owner of 9(Badhaka). 1. www. Mars is occupant of 10. Sub lord Mercury is occupant of 1. 12. 5. hence represent Mars. Flat No: 28.10’. Moon is occupant of 6. 2. 12th House: crimes. 11. Hence represent Moon. Cuspal Sub Lord: 8th Cusp (Gemini 150. 11.03”): The sub lord of the 12th cusp is Jupiter.Will Former Pakistani ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani Assassinated? By: Kanak Bosmia (KP Astrologer/Editor KPEzine) Sahakar-2. Misery. 6.2543 1165 Mobile: 98251 31165. 2 A) If 8 or 12th sub lord signifies 8 (Misery). 1. owner of 2. 5. owner of 9(Badhaka). 11. 10. Jagabhai park. 6.kpastrologer. 12th Cusp (Libra 200. Hence represent Moon. Clandestiness Associates. 9(Badhaka) and connected with 5. Ketu is conjoined with Moon. 7. 9(Badhaka) and connected with 7(Maraka). Ahmedabad 380 008 kanakbosmia@yahoo. 12. Moon is occupant of 6. Sub lord Rahu is occupant of 1. Ram baug. 5. executions. Here 12th sub lord signifies 12 with 1. Maraka. Exiled persons.05”): The sub lord of the 8th cusp is Ketu.12 and Badhaka. 12. Misfortune. B) If 8 or 12th sub lord signifies 8 (Misery). 7. Hint: 8th House is Infamy. My opinion: 8th and 12th sub lord indicate 8. accidental death. Rahu is aspected by Mars. Page No: 3 . So in my opinion there will be fatal attack for assassination but he will escape safely. one can Assassinated during the joint period of the significators of 8. Assassinations. 12 (Assassinations) be the-significator (in the star of the occupant or owner) of 8. Star lord Moon is occupant of 6. Cheating. Star lord Ketu is occupant of 7(Maraka). Here 8th sub lord signifies 8 with 1. Thus 12th cusp sub lord Jupiter is significator of 7(Maraka).