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One night at one of hospital in denpasar ,specially at bebek room,there are four room such as recovery room

,low class room,middle class room, and high class room(VIP room).at nursing room there are some nurse make documentation of nursing process .recovery room look quite , many patient hospitalized by infection disease. Suddenly one of the patient get up, panic , confuse and then try to take the telephone. He try to knot the number on that telephone,and try to calling someone there . he put the telephone near his ear. Patient : “Tuuuuuuuuuuutttttttt” Mother : Om suatiastu good night , ya what’s going on honey??’ Patient : where are you mom??? mother : mommy is eating in canteen , mommy hungry. Patient : mommy please come to my room know , I’m sick mom ,please hurry up mother : ok honey , mommy will going to your room know mommy is running to go to his son’s room and she panic when she see his son breathlessness.when she see his son condition ,she calling to the nursing room . Nurse : good night, bebek room , this is nurse x , may I help you? mother : please sister , I need your help ,come to b1 room. Please help my son,what happen with my son? I’m afraid sister Nurse : calm down madam , don’t be panic madam , I will come to your room know and I will check your son condition Mother : thank you sister, hurry up please A nurse coming to the room while she running , she look the patient and check his condition and the result are the temperature 39 ˚,celsius cold keringat and breathlessness,repiration rate 28x/minute.the the nurse say permission to patient’mother to call the doctor to tell the doctor about patient’s condition and don’t forget the nurse give suggestion to the patient’s mother for make semi fowler position and give ventilation the nurse is going back to the nursing room and she call the doctor quickly . Doctor : Hallo what’s going on? Nurse : I’m sistes x in bebek room . doctor our patient in b1 room need your help ,his name is y ,according to nursing examination result temperature of patient was 39˚ Celsius , he got breathlessness, cold keringat and his respiration rate 28x/minute. What medicine he need? And What treatment should I give?

Contact me Ns : ok doctor . If there is urgent thing happen. Farmacy : good night farmacy unit here Ns Farmacy Ns Farmacy Ns Farmacy : this is sister x at bebek room . may I help you?? : please bring paracetamol as soon as possible because patient’s condition was emergency. with whom I speak? :this is wayan . with whom I speak? : this is made : o2 at bebek room is empty . His name is y . please bring it as soon as possible. After end the contact with the doctor .Doctor : give him parasetamol 3x500 mg and o2 therapi 3 liter per dl.. and she find that paracetamol is empty. Binatu operator Ns Binatu operator Ns : good night . after the patient get nursing process the patien feel more comfort and his family feel more calm. Ns : Kringggggggggggggggg………. . please fill it because our patient is breathlessness and need o2 . please hurry up : ok . the sister do the treatment . : ok I will fill it and change it into the new one : thank you so much made : your are welcome Petugas binatu Ns petugas after binatu operator and farmacy give o2 and drug . I will do it . binatu room here . I will prepare it and send it to your room : Thank you so much wayan : you are welcome After and the contact with farmacy unit then the sister contact binatu room (place for filling o2) because o2 at bebek room is empty. The nurse then contact farmacy unit at that hospital . then she go to drug penyimpanan place . may I help you? :this is sister at bebek room .