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This is meantfor the personal use of those students who are enrolled wi th NARAYANA INSTITUTE OF CORRESPONDENCE COURSES, FNSHouse, 63, Kalu Sarai Market , New Delhi-110016, Ph.: 32001131/32/50. All rights to the contents of the Packa ge rest withNARAYANA INSTITUTE. No other Institute or individual is authorized t o reproduce, translate or distribute this material in any form,without prior inf ormation and written permission of the institute.

PREFACE Dear Student,Heartiest congratulations on making up your mind and deciding to be an engineer to serve the society.As you are planning to take various Engineerin g Entrance Examinations, we are sure that this STUDY PACKAGE isgoing to be of immense help to you.At NARAYANA we have taken special care to d esign this package according to the Latest Pattern of IIT-JEE, whichwill not only help but also guide you to compete for IIT-JEE, AIEEE & other State Level Engineering EntranceExaminations. The salient features of this package include : ! Power packed division of units and chapters in a scientific way, with a correlat ion being there. ! Sufficient number of solved examples in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics in all the chapters to motivate thestudents attempt all the questions. ! All the chapters are followed by various types of exercises, including Objective - Single Choice Questions,Objective - Multiple Choice Questions, Comprehension Type Questions, Match the Following, Assertion-Reasoning& Subjective Questions.T hese exercises are followed by answers in the last section of the chapter includ

Color matching: Re-arrange customers and match them with the same color s eats to make them happier. click on their table to pick up the order Drop ticket: click on the spinning ticket station to drop it off Action 3: Serve food Pick up food: click on the food at the counter to pick it up Serve food: click on the corresponding table to serve food Action 4: Settle the bill Give check: when a table is finished . your weaknesses andimprove your pe rformance. Since. THE NARAYANA TEAM ACKNOWLEDGEMENAction 1: Seat customers Click and drag a customer group to seat them at a clean. click on the table to give the check and customers leave.So. time management. can still get the best of our quality through these packages.Some students get governed completely by the emphasis laid by the teachers of the sc hool inwhich they are studying. while the teachers and the school enviro nment is often not oriented towards the seriouspreparation of IITJEE. the curric ulum of Class XI is extremely important to achieve success inIITJEE or any other competitive examination like AIEEE. the objective of the teachers in the scho ols rarely is to equip thestudent with the techniques reqired to crack IITJEE. m ost of the students tend to take it easy inClass XI. Action 2: Taking orders Take order: when customers put down their menus.The successful students identify these point s early in their Class XI and race ahead of rest of the competition.myengg.Hope you ll ben efit from this book and all the best for your examinations. Action 5: Bus the tables Pick up dirty dishes: click on a table to pick up the dirty dishes Drop off dirty dishes: click on the bus station to drop them off **You can only carry two items at once. less than 2% students get selectedevery year for the prestigious institutes.In this booklet we have made a sincere attemp t to bring your focus to Class XI and keep your velocity of preparations to the maximum.Praveen TyagiGaurav M ittalPrasoon Kumar powered by http://www. We suggest that you start as soon as possible. The formulae will help you revise your chapters in avery quick time and the motivational quotes will help you move in the right direction. We would welcome your suggestions & feedback. how to study. open table. This package will help you to know what to study.Wish you success in your future endeavours. strongly believe that quality of our package is such that the students who are not fortunateenough to attend to our Regular Classroom Programs.We feel that there is always a scope for improvement. Class XI does not even have the pressure of board examinations.We. at Hints & Solutions powered by http://www.myengg.

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