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To setup, please read this manual! Requirements: Clean Ragnarok Folder ( Renewal ) and our setup.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to install NewRO: *If you already have a Clean Ragnarok Folder, go to step 2. 1. Download Clean Ragnarok (Renewal) = I suggest you get it from http://ratemyse 2. After downloading the Clean RO, install this inside your Clean RO folder: [ h ttp:// ] 3. Patch and the run client!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to create your account? 1. Open New Ragnarok Online client. 2. In the log-in box, create your desired username using. _M[male]/_F[female] Example: ---- username: Test_M/_F * You have created an account! 3. When you log-in next time, it just remove _M/_F Example: ----- username: Test Thank you! Invite more friends and have fun! -Administrator, Ryuu. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Server information: * * * * High-Rate Server Pre-Renewal Based A Quest Oriented and Dedicated Server.. International-Based Server

Language: English, Tagalog, German, Chinese. Pure Trans-Job! BALANCED SERVER! ACTIVE AND FRIENDLY GMs! (We are not friendly to botters, cheaters, trashtalkers, and bug abusers.) DDoS PROTECTED *NO OVER POWER ITEMS. *NO BIAS GM. *NO WIPEOUTS. *NO ROLLBACK. *NO FEEDING (we don't care if your a friend of a friend or who ever your friend is) *NO Easy-Item, All Quests are challenging [ Questception ]. RATES: Max Level: 255

Job Level: 100 Max Stats: 255 Max Aspd: 196 MVP Card Drop: 10% Rare MVP Card Drop: 1% Base Experience Rate: 30,000 Job Experience Rate: 30,000 Max Char Zeny: 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CUSTOMIZATION [ located @go 36 or @go quest ] / Item Changes * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FREEBIES NPC!! Mall [ @go mall ] Healer Stat & Skill Reset THQ warper Dungeon & Town Warper PvP Arena Branch Room Card Remover Disguise Event Woe Warper PVP Ladder WoE Automatic Events @commands for character commands! Valkyrie Set [ removed from Valkyrie, Questable at Elder Shion ] Valkyrie Card [ removed from valkyrie ] Ring of Flame Lord set [ removed from ifrit ] Diablous Set [ removed from Wounded Morocc ] Removed the EFFECT of COMA at items like [ Book of the Dead, LOD card ]

* Always READ the DESCRIPTION of each item. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Website and forums coming soon... *NewRO Staff/Team - Administrator, Ryuu IGN: [GM] Ryuu [] - Co-Admins: Name: Envy IGN: [GM] Envy Name: ----IGN: [GM] Keton