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B. K.

Chauhan is a Mumbai based

practicing astrologer since 1987, born on -
08/07/1949. Being an Aquarius ascendant
he is highly interested in research pertaining
to the rationale of ancient astrological tools.
He has several articles published in the
Astrological Magazine. A humble poet &
full of genuine energy.

Death Mystery Of
Subhash Chandra
B.K.Chauhan, India.

Around 111 years ago, the great personality
that was Subhash Chandra Bose was born in
Cuttack, Orissa. He was a brilliant student,
and did his B. A. in Kolkata. In England he
passed the I.C.S. examination with merit.
Out of his rebellious and independent spirit
arose his life mission. He joined the
national movement for the liberation of his
motherland from the British, a cause for
which he sacrificed his life. He was greatly
influence by Gopanandhu Das,
Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Vivekanand,
Chittaranjan Das, Tilak, and Aurobindo.

The day August 18, 2008, Boses 62nd death
anniversary, as usual carried the mysterious
impression about his death in contrast to his
open life mission and activities. Here is an
attempt to probe into the mystery
surrounding his tragic death, a most
unfortunate and unforgettable for Indians,
with the help of classical astrological

Bose was born on January 23, 1897, in
Cuttack, Orissa at 12:15 PM. I have taken his
birth time as 12:07 PM as rectified by
astrologer Fakirchandra Dutta.

Ascendant Aries 24-36
(chart No.1), Sun
Capricorn 1109, Moon Virgo 0729, Mars

The author uses AstroComp Software, where
Jhora gives 20.42 Asc whereas Kala gives 27.02 on
same data

Taurus 1926, Mercury Capricorn 0936, Jupiter Leo 1629, Venus Aquarius 2619,
Saturn Scorpio 0638, Rahu Capricorn 2332, Uranus Scorpio 0555,
Neptune Taurus 2525, Pluto Taurus 1928, Mandi Capricorn 2321, Fortuna Sagittarius
2055, Prati Navamsa ( Asc x 81) Gemini 1231, Navamsa (Asc x 9) Leo 2125.

Structure and Nature: Aries Ascendant 2436, medium height, Moon in Pisces in
Navamsa, good complexion. As Mars is the Ascendant lord, he was a real Ram, heading
towards his goal with great might, vigor and militant

On Aries Ascendant at 2436 the fixed star ARIETIES (a
pearly white star situated on the horn of the Ram) was
transiting at 2600. This stars characteristics are like Mars
conjuncts Jupiter according to Ptolemy. I.e. rulership,
positivity, prone to bloodshed, bravery, firmness, gain of
ruling power, true militancy. The Moon, Virgo 0729, in
trine with (1) Sun Capricorn 1109 (2) Mercury 0936 (3)
M.C. Capricorn 1221 gave him intelligence, ambition,
rulership, and determination.

All these clues give us satisfactory answer to the validity of the chart.

Officially, Bose died in a plane crash over Taiwan, while flying to Tokyo on 18 August 1945.
However, his body was never recovered, and many theories have been put forward
concerning his possible survival. One such claim is that Bose actually died in Siberia, while
in Soviet captivity. Several committees have been set up by the Government of India to
probe into this matter. Here I have considered only the Death Mystery of Subhash
Chandra Bose. Since much is known about his life and mission, I have not analyzed the
other events in his life for want of space. Yet, to mention in brief, during the ages 11 to 18, he

was running the Vimshottari dasa of hot, red, and youthful Mars. Then, from ages 19 to 36,
he ran Rahu dasa. Rahu in the 10
house in the constellation of ascendant lord Mars (also in
trine to it) gave him foreign travel, jail, political involvement, etc. He was elected as
president of the Indian National Army in 1938.
The session held at Haripur, defeating Pattabhi Sitaramaiya, the candidate proposed by
Mahatma Gandhi (Jupiter / Mercury) formed Indian National Army on 21-10-1943
(Jupiter/Sun Period)

Life Span or Longevity: Jaimini is the best for judging longevity of any nativity. Ayur-
Khand (span) at short (0-36 Years), Middle (36-72) and Long (72-108) is fixed in the system.

(1)Method of Pairs/Principle of exclusion: Ascendant lord and 8
lord Mars (in Taurus-
Fixed sign) shows short life. (2) Ascendant Aries-movable sign and 8
cusp Scorpio-fixed
sign shows middle span. (3)Hora lagna in Virgo 20-dual sign and ascendant is movable
sign shows short life.

Out of above three pairsshort life (up to 36) is indicated, but Subhash Chandra Bose died
on 18-08-1945 according to the reports then received, at the age of 48 years 6 months 24 days.
So, the Ayur khand actually fell in middle-span (36-72 years).

Kakshya Vriddhi:
(1) Venus, the lord of Pakka Lagna and also lord of AK (Atma Karak soul significator) and
dispositor of Lagna Lord and 8
lord Mars- aspected by Jupiter the lord of fate, elevates the
span from short to middle (36-72).

(2) Strongest of the 8
lord or 8
from the 8
(3rd lord) becomes Rudra. If it is posited in the
house 2-5-8 or 11
than Middle life span is to be taken. Here the planet Venus, being AK, is
posited in the 10
shows middle span (36-72).

(3) 8
lord from AK if posited in 2-5-8 or 11
, the succedent houses, than middle span is
indicated. Here 8
(Capricorn as per Jaimini System) lord from AK is Saturn, posited in 8

from Ascendant also shows middle span.

lord from AL is Saturn, posited in the 8
give middle span.

Now the planets, touching the longevity, contribute as follows:

Each degree = 1.1 Year (according to scholar Iranganti Rangacharya). Thus: Ascendant
degree, Mars, Sun, Moon, Venus and 8
cusp give

(1) 36 + (30 25 Asc. Degree ) 1.1 = 41-06-00 ( yr- m-d )
(2) 36 + (30 19 Mars ) 1.1 = 48 01-06
(3) 36 + (30 11 Sun ) 1.1 = 56-10-24
(4) 36 + (30 07 Moon ) 1.1 = 61-03-18
(5) 36 + (30 20 Venus ) 1.1 = 40-04-24
(6) 36+ (30 23 8
Cusp ) 1.1 = 43-08-12


The total divided by 6 gives 48-07-24 yr-m-d. as longevity. Netaji died at the age of 48-06-25
One more rule, supports the middle span, which is: If 8
lord from AK (Here Saturn) from
Ascendant is in 7-8-or 9
house than death occurs in the 2
quarter of longevity
compartment (1 house = 9 Years X 4 =36 years, up to short life span) 2
quarter comes
between 47-03 yr-m and 49-06 yr-m in the middle compartment tallies with above total years
of longevity at the time of death.

No hope for Purnayu - as in Trishamsa chart, 8th house occupied by Rahu- Ketu in
Capricorn and in Scorpio Navamsa Ascendant, the 8th house is occupied by Mars and Pluto.
Badhakesh Saturn for Aries Ascendant in 8
opposing Mars (body lord) and aspecting Sun
cant grant more years to the native withholding its Karakatwa for 8
house being
badhakesh !!

Year of death: Progressed Trishamsa Ascendant at the rate of 1 year per house gives clue for
the dangerous year keeping life-span in mind in the connection with proper dasa. This
progressed house, in Trishamsa, should form trine with Saturn or should transit from the 7

to Saturn. The aspect sometimes also gives the year of death.

Here Trishamsa Ascendant is Gemini , counting 1 year per one house anti clockwise, the 49

death year of Bose, comes to Ascendant itself. Saturn in the 4
house aspects Ascendant,
the 49
Year. The sign arrived at the sum of Rashyadi of Ascendant, Sun and Mandi comes
Scorpio 2906, its lord is Mars and it is in Taurus in natal chart, Should transit Jupiter be in

or trine to it in natal chart gives death-year. On 18-08-1945, Jupiter was in Virgo, trine to
Taurus gives confirmation.

-iii-i-iii:-i iii iiiiii i:i-iiiii-i::
i;iii-i-i iri-ii i-iiii -ii -iii-iii iii.::r::
ii.ii. ~iii:iiii
Transit Saturn should transit from or trine to the sign arrived at addition of Mandi and
Saturn. Here it comes to the sign Leo 29-59-36 almost in Virgo Squaring Gemini giving
same effect cannot be overlooked. On 18-08-1945, Saturn was transiting Gemini in the year
of death.

-iii:-i iii-ii i-iiii iii-iii i-ii -iii.-iii ::s::
i-i:iii-ii iiiii ~iiii

Month of Death: Month of death is seen from the transit of Sun is trine to Mrityupad (
Arudh of 8th House ). Here Arudh of 8th falls in Leo, transit Sun (on 18-8-1945 ) was in Leo,
aspected by natal Mars and Saturn, forming square aspect with both the planets.

Lunar-day ( Tithi ) of Death: The strongest planet in the 5th House or 5th Lord shows the
Tithi here Jupiter is in the 5th in Leo shows 5th and 13th lunar day and 5th Lord Sun in the
10th house shows 1st and 9th tithi ( according to Jaimini System ). Here 9th Tithi was just
over at the time of death ruled by the Sun.

Time (Lagna) at Death: The sign of Arudh (AL) Lagna or its trine should rise at the time of
death. Though the time of death (Formasa, Taiwan) is said to be at 14-45 Hrs. The rising
sign was Scorpio 2043. Scorpio is in 8
to Natal chart with Uranus and Saturn showing
the tragic death. We can take Libra (Trine to AL) and Sagittarius the 8
to AL as variations.

Dasa at Death: In Jaimini System, Navamsa or Shool dasa is considered to ascertain ones
death. Here starting from Ascendant, the dasa of the 6
House occupied by moon can kill
the native. This house falls between 45
to 54
of Age. Bose died at the age of 49
According to Vimshottari Dasa, death took place in Jupiter Major, Moon Sub, Venus sub -
sub and Rahu sukshma.

Jupiter: being 7
Lord, posited in 5
along with Mrityu pada (A8) is in constellation
of Venus aspected by Venus the first rate Marak and Aspected by Saturn, the
Badhakesh .

Moon sub : It is lord of Vipat- Tara , and also lord of 22
Drekkana and posited in
the 6

i-ii-iiiiiiiii -ii-ii-ii-i -i

~iiiiii -i i-i:iii -i;-iiiiri-iii ::=::
:iiiiii -ii-ii -ii-ii -iiii:. ::::
-i.ii.rii. -ii-i i:iiii

Venus sub sub: Venus is 2
and 7
lord posited in the house of badhak (11th).
Rahu Sukshma: Rahu with the Sun (in 10
, signifying foreign element , politics ,
mystery, plot etc posited in the 8
to Aarudh Lagna .

-ii-ii ii-i -ii iii -i-iii := -ii-i :: ii-iii -ii = chapter 3
(quarter 3 )

Malefics in the 8
(from Arudh Lagna or Atmakarak) as the 3
house as the
malefic sign as unnatural death

Why Durmaran : Malefic in the 8
house ( Capricorn) from Arudha Lagna (Gemini)
occupied by Rahu, Sun and Mercury aspected by Saturn , Mars, Neptune, Jupiter , Pluto,
Uranus (Gemini drishti) gave bad death.
Also from AK (Aquarius) the 8
is Capricorn (Jaimini) where above mentioned position of
planets and aspects gave the DUR- MARAN. Jeeva- Saham Cancer 17 was transited by
Pluto Cancer 1752 which was in Trine to 12
Cusp Pisces 1729!

Prior to death Sun eclipse on 2334 Sagittarius was at Shadashtak distance to 10
where 2332 Capricorn Rahu was on 09/07/1945 . 64
Navamsa is the 4
house from the
moon in Navamsa. Moon is in Pisces in Navamsa and 4
to it comes Gemini (in the 8
where Mars and Pluto gave DUR-MARAN.

Death by Fire / Accident:
If Saturn is in sign of Sun or Mars then Death is certain due to fire. Here Saturn is in the
Scorpio in the 8
aspected by the Mars. The Sign occupied by the Mandi ( here Capricorn in
the 10
at 2321 is in opposition to Mrityu -Saham Cancer 1003 ) was in Trine to Transit
Mars and Uranus both in Taurus 24 shows death by fire
/accident .

Fixed star Sharaton was in Aries 11- 46 ( in the Ascendant
) has nature of Mars conjuncts Saturn, Vivian Robson says,
it causes bodily injuries, unscrupulous defeat, destruction
by fire, war or earth-quake. Here star Sharatan is in the
square aspect to 10
cusp Capricorn 13-20, also with the
Sun Capricorn 11-09 in the 10

Nature and Place of Death:
The nature of death is seen from the 3
house from Aarudh

Gemini is AL, 3
from Gemini is Leo where A8 (Mrityu Pada) falls. 8
from AL is
Capricorn, the movable sign and 8
from Leo is Cancer ( according to Jaimini System ) the
movable sign with Ketu gave DUR-MARAN at distant place.
Mrityu pada A8 is in Leo shows east direction. Bose died at Formasa (Taiwan).

Doubtful Part of Death:
Death of Bose (as recorded in the History) is doubtful according to some of the Section of
the people. Commissions were formed by the Government. Report of the last commission
was not tabled in the Parliament. The said report is very confidential about the death of
Bose. West Bengal at large is not happy with the Government. At Kolkata, in Indian
Museum, under Boses portrait, year of the birth is mentioned but next to it is Question
Mark for perhaps doubtful death !!

Here are some of the classical combinations relating to mystery of death:

iii-ii:ii -iiiii i-iii iii iiiiii-i iiiii ::
-iiii-;-iiiiii ii -ii iiii-ii-i ii :iii-iii. -iii ::
ii.ii.~iii:iiii -ii-i s

Person dies during journey by enemies if 4
and 10
house are occupied by malefic and
waning Moon is in 6
or 8
. Here this condition applies exactly.

-iiii iiii ri. ii-iii, ~iiii;.;.;
If Occupant in the 8
(here Saturn) is in Leo Navamsa, death is caused due to enmity .
This condition applies to this chart.

iii iiii-i -ii s

If Virgo is the sign next to the Navamsa sign occupied by the planet in the 8
in natal chart
native is suppose to have fear from enemies. (here next to Saturn is Virgo in Navamsa ) .

Jupiter in 3
to AL, premonition of death to native himself or his close companion. here
Jupiter is in 3
to AL ( Gemini) where Mrityu pada (A8) falls. Cornel Habibur Rehman
was saved and witnessed the tragic event. Yearly chart of death year 1945, has Leo as
ascendant and lord Sun is in 6
, enemys camp. Muntha is in Aries in the 10
, long
memorable journey, Munthesh Mars is with 2
lord (Marak) Mercury and Ketu opposed by
Rahu and Saturn. In conclusion I may say, this chart has no longevity more than proved
satisfactorily as above as middle- span, No Purnaayu combinations are present.