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Hi Venkatesh, Below persons will come for the meeting from Cogent. All are non-members. Kindly tell me how much we need to pay 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Shakeel Goutham Gulam Ganesh Sabari Mani

Regards, Manivannan

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kindly register yourself AEAP. Poes Garden. India Complimentary Rs. It is abstract. the term “software architecture” is used to denote three concepts: Ø High level structure of a software system Ø Discipline of creating such a high level structure Ø Documentation of this high level structure While there is no 'standard' that defines the Architecture of Software Systems. We'd do this by understanding patterns in general and by looking at some specific Architectural patterns.htm Please find the below invite from ITSME association on July month event . The Architecture of any system defines the parts or components that comprise the System. Friday between 03:00 Pm and 06:00 Pm Venue: Cost for Members: Cost for Non Members: Hanu Reddy Residences. all of these go into documentation. it defines how these components interact with each other.htm 2/4 .250 per person. captures early decisions about the high-level design. It is thought. a 'pattern language'. All of these put together enable the System to provide the functions required by various stakeholders. it ensures compliance with environmental regulations. we understand the term Architecture to denote a high level structure of a system. a structure. documentation is the main form of communicating Architecture which facilitates communication between stakeholders. During this discussion on Architectural patterns. as suggested in what is called. variations. for whose benefit or convenience the System is conceived. A pattern recognizes this similarity in the solutions to problems within a certain context.R Jairam Iyer.7/26/13 Re ITSME Invites you for July 26th 2013 Event. be it a town. Chennai 600086. a business or a software application. this fast maturing field of endeavour has seem many ideas being put to use repeatedly. In the context of Software Engineering a System's Architectural is not concrete. it defines athe properties of these components. 41/19. Topic: Discussion on Architectural patterns Speaker: Mr. 10% discount if more than 3 persons * Prior registration is compulsory About the speak er file:///C:/Users/mani/Desktop/Re ITSME Invites you for July 26th 2013 Event. It is not directly implementable. Therefore. collaboration dynamics and implementation recommendations. our main endeavour is the sensitize software practitioners to the value that patterns bring into Software Engineering. a solution. stakeholders. and allows reuse of design components between projects Thus. a context. Since Software Architecture is thought. Discussion on Architectural patterns Introduction to Architectural Patterns: Intuitively. No. A pattern therefore defines a problem.Director of Technology at Infocareer Private Ltd & an Information technology Consultant Scheduled on: July 26 th .

These includewww. Jairaam Iyer 5.50-4. IT Infrastructure setup and management. Jairam brings with Details Required: Participant Name: Participant Email Id: Participant Mobile Number: Participant Company Name: ITSME Member or Non-Member: Payment method – Cheque / Cash (For Non. design and development. availability and effectiveness in Service Delivery.06:00: Vote of Thanks For registrations. Mercury Data Exchange . During his association with the IT Industry over the past 30 years.00: Setting the context and speaker introduction by ITSME Member 4. He also adds to this technical ability.icicidirect. iCast . He has an excellent track record for building start-up departments into successful setups with technical and strategic leadership guided by vision. Agenda 3.htm 3/4 .Bank Business Intelligence. Jairam has played several leadership backed up with applications and system performance optimization.7/26/13 Re ITSME Invites you for July 26th 2013 Event.HIPAA Clearing House. including CTO for EDS(India) for 8 years.htm R Jairam Iyer works as a Director of Technology at Infocareer Private Ltd and is a Information technology Consultant. extensive experience in managing & delivering projects and programs.15-3:45: Networking 3. spearheaded Service Improvement Programs for minimizing gaps in productivity. mission and values.15: Architectural Patterns –Session by Mr.Members Only) For further details kindly connect with Roopa Nirmalkumar at 8754493304. kindly email us with the following details to i tsmeassociation@gmail. extensive knowledge and experiences in Systems & Application Architecture specification. During this time he has architected and delivered several systems that exemplify his technical calibre.45. file:///C:/Users/mani/Desktop/Re ITSME Invites you for July 26th 2013 Event.45: Q&A 5.45-3.50: Welcome address by ITSME Member 3. VECTOR.

htm Thanks & Regards. Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy.www. Program Chair .in file:///C:/Users/mani/Desktop/Re ITSME Invites you for July 26th 2013 Event. ITSME 4/4 .7/26/13 Re ITSME Invites you for July 26th 2013 Event.