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INTRODUCTION :A package has been formulated for the promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, based on the Circular No.2 (6)/2006- MSME Policy approved by Cabinet Committee for Economic Affairs (C.C.E.A.). The scheme for conducting tailor-made Courses for new entrepreneurs through selected Business Schools, Technical Institutes etc. is one of the components of the package. OBJECTIVES :The programmes has been devised to encourage educated youth (students) basically the final year and pre-final year students of business schools, Technical Institutes to start self-employment ventures of Micro or Small Enterprises and thus instrumental in employment generation. TITLE OF THE PROGRAMME :The Programme will be called "Business Skill Development Programmes"(BSDP). OUTPUT :About 1500 new Entrepreneurs will be trained every year. OUTCOMES :As per the Memorandum approved by Expenditure Finance Committee(EFC) Government of India, BSDPs have to be conducted by MSME-DIs in collaboration with select Business/ Engineering Colleges in the area it covers. Under the umbrella of Office of the Development Commissioner, there are 30 MSME-DIs 28 Branch MSME-DIs totaling to 58 Institutes will select Business Schools of Technical Institutions in their areas and organize one BSDP each to train 25 to 30 candidates in a batch every year. On an average 27 candidates will be trained in each programmes. The number of candidate trained will thus be 27x58 =1566 crossing the target of 1500 per annum. TOTAL COST :Rs. 3.00 crores for Five years @ Rs. 0.5 per year commencing from 2006-07. An amount of Rs. 1.0 lakh will be provided to each of MSME-DIs for one BSDP. Finance will not be provided to Business/Technical Institutions directly; but will be re-imbursed against the bills for the activities which are undertaken by the Institutions chosen by MSME-DIs for organizing the programme of for infrastructure, if any, provided by the Institution. Directors will have the power to pay the Institutes in advance also based on the needs if he is satisfied that advance needs to be given. STEPS FOR IMPLEMENTATION :Motivation and Training are the two crucial inputs for promoting entrepreneurship and sustaining the growth of existing small scale industries. Office of the Development Commissioner has been providing these inputs regularly through various MSME-DIs, Accordingly, MSME-DIs will be in close contact with Business Schools, Engineering Colleges and some high level Polytechnics in their jurisdiction who are willing to collaborate with MSME -DIs for organizing such programmes. Director, MSME-DIs will select Business/ Engineering Colleges etc. There may be certain MSME-DIs in whose jurisdiction an Engineering College may not be functioning. In such cases, a Polytechnic may be considered. Grade 'B' Business Schools recognized be AICTE cab also be considered the Director, MSME-DIs for organizing the programme. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION OF INSTITUTES :Following are the criteria for selection of Business Schools, Technical Institutes:

(i) The Institution should have AICTE approved. (ii) There should be a cell for Entrepreneurship Development functioning in the college for the last 3 years, which should have conducted at least one programme in a year during the last 3years. (iii) There should be a data (Tracer Study) available with the cell on the candidates who underwent training earlier.
COURSE CONTENTS :The course content in the programme schedule covering 22 working days of Business Skill Development Programmes will be designed so as to provide useful information on the following:s

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

Product/Process Design Manufacturing Process involved. Testing Selection & usage of appropriate machinery and equipment Marketing avenues/ techniques

participants in a batch Guest Rs. The format of MoU will be decided by the Director in consultation with headquarter. MSME-DIs will select Institute in his jurisdiction and for Br. Director. 22 working days Rs. 25 to 30 Nos. He should record that the selected Institution fulfilling the criteria and willing to do the BSDP. .(f) (g) (h) (i) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o) (p) (q) (r) Product / service pricing Export opportunities Cash flow Field visits to small scale units Market Study Preparation of project profiles Quality management Standard: (i) ISO 9001 (ii) ISO 14001 (iii) ISO 1800 (iv) ISO 22000 etc. 1. Quality Management Tools (i) Six Sigma (ii) Total Quality maintenance/Management (iii) Seven Quality Control Tools (iv) Five “S” (v) Kaizen etc Creativity Value Engineering and Value analysis Industrial Design Patenting scheme for TIFAC for energy new design MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MoU) :The Director. MSME-DIs will enter into a MoU with the concerned Institution ensuring protection of the interest of MSME-DIs and the Programme.0 lakh. Final and pre-final year student of Business or Technical Institute or Polytechnics in the areas Where Engineering college are not there. MSME-DIs under his MSME-DI preferably in the interior area to organize such programme. PROGRAMME PARTICULARS (AT A GLANCE) :- (i) Agency (ii) Duration (iii) Training Cost (iv) Participants (v) Intake Capacity (vi) Honorarium to Speaker MSME-DIs collaboration with select Business/ Technical Institute will conduct the programme. 500/-for a session of 1 hour and 30 minutes.