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Power-Gen India & Central Asia 2012 New Delhi

A New Frontier for Power Generation

Somnath Kundu April 20, 2012


Power Generation in INDIA - Fuel wise Contribution Power Generation in INDIA – Need of the Hour INDIA towards Clean Coal Technology IGCC & Its Benefits IGCC Global Experience IGCC in INDIA


992 MW XIIth Plan envisaged addition of 79.6% is from coal 3 .91.Total installed capacity as on March 31. out of this 83. 2012 : 1.690 MW.

Power Generation in INDIA – Need of the Hour Large available resource Efficiency Efficient Emissions Reliability 4 Coal Driving cost of electricity down Affordable. reliable & environmentally responsible power .

SOx. SPM) 5 . NOx.India towards Clean Coal Technology Focus on Technologies for utilization of Coal with high efficiency and minimal pollutants(Reduced CO2.

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle & Its Benefits 6 .

What is IGCC Proven technology Proven technology Gasification process Combined Cycle Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle 7 .

Feed Water Steam Oxygen O2 Coal Raw Syngas Steam Gas Cleanup Gas Cooler Syngas Clean Syngas N2 From ASU Gasifier Raw Syngas Combustor Generator ASU Air Steam Ash Gas Turbine Sulfuric Acid Plant Compressed Air from GT Compressor Steam Hot Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery Steam Generator Steam Condenser Air Separation Unit (ASU) Feed Water N2 to GT Combustor BFP 8 .

What is Gasification Gasification is a process in which combustible materials are partially oxidized or partially combusted. Gasification processes operate in an oxygen-lean environment Gasification Processes Comparison of the primary products created by the main fuel constituents in combustion and gasification 9 .

Typical Syngas composition LHV of Natural Gas is around 38-45 MJ/Nm3 10 .

Type & Make of Gasifiers 11 .

Nitrogen-containing species to prevent formation of “fuelbound NOx” in the GT combustor.Syngas Cleaning for Integrating With a Combined Cycle Clean-up Required for following : Particulate Matter Sulfur species & Chlorides to prevent rapid corrosion of hot section parts and recover more heat from GT exhaust. Mercury vapor & CO2 in the syngas 12 .

USA – 2007/1281) Efficiency.Net Plant Efficiency (HHV Basis) (Source : DOE/NETL. % (HHV Basis) 13 .

Water Demand (Source : DOE/NETL. USA – 2007/1281) Water. gpm/MW(net) 14 .

USA – 2007/1281) CO2 Emission. lb/MWh 15 .CO2 Emission Normalized By Gross Output (Source : DOE/NETL.

SOX. USA – 2007/1281) Emission. NOX and Particulate Emission Rates (Source : DOE/NETL. lb/MMBtu 16 .

IGCC Global Experience 17 .

Major plants in operation for >10 yrs As of 2012. 30 plants are in operation around the world Cumulative operating experience is well over one million hours 18 .

Major projects under execution 19 .

IGCC in INDIA 20 .

Support needed: • Allocate at least 5% of planned addition of 12th Plan through IGCC • Provide grant/aid. JV & other routes Construct and operate IGCC plants for further development of technology 21 .Govt. tax holiday for setting up IGCC Plant • Support higher tariff in PPA Indian Company to bring technology through collaboration.

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