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attracting considerable interest of innovation community both in Russia and world wide. promising and developing clusters. state incentives to boost innovative activities.St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum is a unique platform intended to foster business communication between all members of innovative community: scientists and academicians. as well as the most effective investment tools for innovative projects and many other issues are annually discussed at the event. 1 . Positive experience of previous editions proves that the format of the Forum has been chosen properly. investors and representatives of federal institutions for innovative development The most topical issues of innovative economic development such as modernisation.

we have an optimistic outlook for the future. Therefore. and qualified staff. Governor of St. a lot of guests having long-standing and productive ties with our city are coming to the Forum from Russia and abroad. Industry cannot be developed without investments. Petersburg For three days 14 000 people have visited the Forum and exhibition 5 681 people took part in congress events of the Forum 21 heads of diplomatic missions ranking general and honorary consuls 381 representatives of legislative and executive power of the Russian Federation 43 countries of the world 507 foreign experts 67cities of the Russian Federation 19 official delegations from Russian regions 72 media companies 123 mass media representatives Business Matchmaking 2 379 310 540 participants registered companies registered meetings held 3 .Statistics Now. innovations. They invest money into the economy of the Russian Northern capital. as in previous years. The economy of our city is being definitely improved thanks to such forums as this one Georgy Poltavchenko.

The participants of the plenary meeting agreed that it is necessary to apply modern technology in the process of urban development and not to be afraid to part with the old ways in order to improve living comfort. engaged in problems of urban restructuring Vladimir Knyaginin – general director of the «Center for Strategic Research «North–West» Juan Navas-Sabater – coordinator of the World Bank programme on stabilized development Christoph Huss – president of the «BMW Group» Concern of development abroad Maximiliaan Jeleniewski – city manager of the Gaaga centre Vladimir Bykov – director of the IBM office in the Northwest Region for the Economic development.Plenary session «Innovative development in the urban environment: search for competitive advantages» I think it is very important. Petersburg Resume Among the most pressing issues were the following: the lack of space in the old city and the high cost of its maintenance. Kurt Reinhardt Speakers: Igor Golikov Moderator: Igor Vittel – Russian journalist.–Petersburg in your opinion demands the prime solution using innovative approach? Vladimir Knyaginin • low transport connectivity of different areas of the city • high cost of maintaining of historical area of the city • low position in the environmental ratings • the risk of expanding of urban slums concerning separate quarters of the historical city area • the deficit of contemporary public and creative spaces of public areas Participants: Igor Golikov – Chairman of the Committee 53% 8. the head of Memofaktur studio. poor environment and lack of transport links. it inspires innovative technology entrepreneurs for something new to start putting their ideas into practice M. when such events are held regularly. the general manager of the investment portfolio of the Russian Venture Company Matters for discussion: the development of new approaches to the management of spatial development of cities the use of modern technologies in developing of old cities intelligent system of control of the city transport system possibility of application of foreign experience for the development of the urban environment of St. the anchorman of the RBC channel Сarlos Ronderos – business development coordinator of WTCA (World Trade Centers Association). industrial policy and trade Mikhail Blinkin – director of Institute of transport economics and transport policy of National research university of the Higher school of economy Results of interactive voting at plenary session What problem of development of St.4% 16.6 % 12% 5 Igor Vittel 4 . Tsygankov. former Minister of foreign trade of Colombia Donald McDaid – director of Arup European office Kurt Reinhardt – German cultural studies expert and architecture theorist.9 % 9. lack of offices for the headquarters of major companies and the need for reconstruction of entire quarters of slums and industrial areas in different districts of Saint Petersburg.

Zinovyev – president of CCI of Kaliningrad Moderator: Speakers: 6 7 . Moderator: Organizers: Federal service for intellectual property (FSIS). Vlasov – general director of the «Center for Applied Logistics» Ltd. through which the trainees will have access to useful information and the possibility to test themselves. D.Patent landscape allows viewing and calculating the prospectives for commercialization of technology. The Statement on Technology and Innovation Support centers in Russia was amended. Petersburg national research university of information technologies. as well as to transform the embankments of channels and rivers into pedestrian areas. Lvov – first vice-Chairman of the Committee on transport and transit policy of St. Murashov – Ph. Terterian – General Director of St. it primarily means innovations in sphere of city planning and management of city development M. – innovation in traffic management and access control – the implementation of innovations to public and individual automotive transport – innovations in the environmental and transport safety systems Organizers: Committee on transport and transit policy. general director of «Driving Force Logistics GmbH». Petersburg State Budgetary Institution «Center of Transport Planningof St. industry development. the head of the branch. Petersburg» Participants: A. Petersburg I. V. Germany K. Furthermore. L. as well as possible competitors in simple graphic form. mechanics and optics S. Having streamlined their work it is possible to improve the situation with transport on 10–15%. as only 3% of city car parks operate in accordance with the rules. Germany O. Meinberg – professor. V. Renewed version of CPTI website TISC will be the place for discussing of issues andmeeting of experts from different countries.. in Law vice principal at FIP FSI. N. V. V. S. in Economics. Krueger – Daedalus Future Energy GmbH. Walter – the head of the branch Deutsche Bahn. Huck – vice president of the BMW Group. In Russia it is necessary to form a clear quality standards of information and patent services regulated by legal frameworks. Jose – a foreign expert U. Zhebenev – executive director of the branch Intelligent transport systems CSBI–Group. Government of Saint Petersburg St. to their structure. Shvetsov – head of the «A+C Consult» D. parking. director of Institute of transport economics and transport policy of National research university of the Higher school of economy Matters for discussion: – increasing innovative potential of business entities and regions with the help of Centers of Patent and Technical Information (CPTI) – providing business entities and authorities with access to specialized databases – problems of research of demands for data and granting of access to specialized patent and non– patent databases for public use – increasing the efficient use of databases by assisting in organization and local support of CPTI as well as further development of their network – experience in the implementation of innovative CPTI programs in Russian regions – foreign operational experience of CPTI – informing the public about the services of Centers Matters for discussion: – innovations in transport planning management of transport systems and Resume In course of the discussion of the issue which is so topical to the metropolis the conference participants agreed that it is necessary to establish transport links between urban areas more actively. to implement a system of warning of public transport at all stops. Petersburg A. Kireeva – Ph. A. Blinkin. A. the site will also become a platform of the electronic CPTI. V. Institute of international business and law of St.Congress events «Intellectual property in the innovative development of modern society» Conference «Innovations in transport systems of the megacitis» Innovations in urban area presuppose a new approach to placing work spaces. Wolf – general director of «A+C Consult A+C Consult» I. Germany K. Russia Resume The main focus to improve the efficiency of CPTI work is to increase access to professional CPTI information for different groups of citizens. etc. it is required to solve the problem of parking urgently. Petersburg State Institution «Center of Transport Planning» R. Russia V. Germany D. associate professor at the Institute of international business and law N. At the end of 2012 a training program eTutоriаl will be out. D. – innovative systems of collecting fare. Bakirej – Chaireman ot the Committee on transport and transit policy of St.

the federal ombudsman on protection of business A. Grinko – «SberInvest» corporation. the regional representative on Northwest region of Rusnano project «StartBase» Organizers: Participants: E. Churin – the general director of the «Innovation Center on Khrustalnaya». «School of Open Innovations» project Foundation of development of the Center of development and commercialization of new technologies (The «Skolkovo» Foundation). Traditionally the award of the annual Cup for title of the «Best innovative and active region of Russia» took place.U. Nikitin – general director of the Agency of strategic initiatives K. Popov – the general director of Agency of Innovative Development of Regions V. Barannik – general director of StartBase – integral platform «Innovator–Investor–Expert» of the Rusnano project O. The best innovative region of Russia – Krasnoyarsk region Moderator: M. Yegorov. presentations of well–known speakers information sharing takes place every time. M. and this forces them to reflect and give ideas for projects. Practical ways of solution offered by Pekka Viljakainen who has more than twenty years of operational experience as the ambassador between large heads of business and technological teams have become the first postulates for budding entrepreneurs. «RVC» OJSC. S. V.Congress events Interactive talk show «Challenge Cup «Best Innovative Region of Russia» Skolkovo workshop: «How to commercialize an innovation project?» The Forum provides the ability to explore something new. but it also requires being implemented. about what is happening with technologies and where they are directed to. the Committee on youth affairs O. director of the «Skolkovo» Open university Matters for discussion: – how Skolkovo may assist in commercialization of projects to a start–up companies – which events are planned in the coming months – the features of the Accelerator Program planned to be launched by Skolkovo Foundation to develop their residents Matters for discussion: actions coherence of participants of various legal forms of the innovative regional infrastructure Resume During the talk-show specific examples of affords integration of developers of innovative technologies and customers from enterprises were identified. National Research University ITMO R. E. because in the course of discussions. sooner or later face the major problem – commercialization of their project. Resume Budding entrepreneurs. K. N. Titov – chairman of the Business Russia. Ways to commercialize an innovative project differ from promotion schemes of any other goods. whose business is based on an innovative idea. Petersburg» Pekka Viljakainen – Advisor to the President of the «Skolkovo» Foundation Moderator: Выступил: 8 9 . including young audience. Terterian – general director of St. And the next step is to transform the idea into a project and its further commercialization A. Churina – chairman of the Council of Expert Agency Community of innovative development of regions B. The idea of innovation itself is good. Pozdnyakov – the Business Russia. Petersburg’s state budgetary institution «Center of transport planning of St.

O. executive vice–president of the «Optogan» company general director of «Optogan» GmbH.Congress events Round table «The innovative lift: from start-up to IPO. Petersburg territorial foundation for compulsory medical insurance Information Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in St. It is necessary to use an integrated manner in order to improve health and quality of life of the population. Kanalosh – director of Investment service of the «Skolkovo» Foundation Y. to pay more attention to innovative approach in the improvement of the mechanism of financing medical institutions. objectives. G. Е. That is why only during such live communication it is possible to get closer to ideal interaction of the customer and the producers Round table of the North–west branch of the Russian academy of medical sciences «The economy and the health of population» A. Kraus – deputy of general director. Morozov – chairman of the Management Board of the nonprofit organisation «The Fund– operator of the program of financial assistance to innovative projects of the «Skolkovo» Foundation» A. as well as the active implementation of public–private partnership. effective use of the available resources. Dialogue of business and institutes of development» It is not always the customer knows what he wants. IPOboard project – why small innovative companies choose IPO? – experience of development of the company from venture stage up to IPO Matters for discussion: – innovations in the field of medical institutions management – international experience of effective implementation of financial resources in health care – the system of public–private partnership in health care Resume Participants have acquainted innovators and investors with IPOboard project and Sector MII (Market of Innovations and Investments). Andersson – SWECARE (Sweden) Yu Kosidzuka – Tokyo International Medical Institute (Japan) Moderators: A. Zholobov – first deputy chairman of the Committee on health care Participants: E. Kovsh – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Tsygankov – CEO of the investment portfolio. In the last few years interesting and promising companies began to appear in Russia and the chance of development has dramatically increased. results – Russian innovation infrastructure – from seed and venture capital funds to IPO. V. Tarasova – head of department of economics and forward planning of the Committee on health care V. K. The discussion has shown that when it comes to the choice between private investments and access to the stock exchange the majority of entrepreneurs chooses the last one with its transparent scheme and beforehand clear conditions of interaction. analysts predict a certain boom in this direction. U. Petersburg I. A. and he does not know technical potential of prospective producers. Lamin – chairman of the Board of Directors of Speereo Software S. V. Petersburg V. In course of discussions moderators managed to bring into contact supporters of the most different points of view – the intensity of emotions has caused force disputes and the cast iron argument of opponents. Petersburg branch of «Business Russia» A. Russian Navigation Technologies K. Organizers: The St. М. Petersburg Committee on health care St. Egorov – general director of Reksoft company A. Organizers: the Moscow Stock exchange OJSC Resume Issues raised during the round table questions have shown that there are still many inequalities in the health care system. M. while risks at the start up stage are much higher than in the USA for instance. Ryazantsev – director of investment «RVC» OJSC M. R. Cisco Systems E. Bediker – director of the Information Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers In St. Petersburg. Sedov – IPOboard executive director 10 11 . R. O. Akulin – chairman of the board of the St. Orlov. Margolit – executive director of the Moscow Stock Exchange RII R. Magdiev – member of the St. the deputy director of the Institute of experimental medicine Matters for discussion: – the innovative lift – an interaction of development institutes: goals. in particular. Opponents are not so optimistic and mention: in order to get to the IPO the company must have a turnover in billions of dollars. Kolabutin – executive director of the Territorial Fund of compulsory medical insurance of St. Petersburg Association «Medicine and law» M. member of the board of «RVC» OJSC. founder of «Optogan» company Moderator: Participants: G. Zyuzin – director on the relationships with the «Skolkovo» Foundation.

Petersburg Government A. Construction Committee St. Shaposhnikov – Head of the state budgetary institution of Arkhangelsk region «Regional center for energy saving». Worst of all is the situation with energy saving in the industry and construction. These documents relate to areas such as: industrial design. Gorshkov – candidate of engineering sciences. Petersburg Foundation of industrial support The first city business incubator Russian Association of Engineers for Heating. Petersburg state university of technology and design. creating environmentally sound technologies for waste recycling and environmentally friendly energy sources. G. V. computer engineering. the «Green city» concept. Sofyin – first deputy minister of energy and housing and communal services of Murmansk area D. V. Within the frameworks of session of expert council results of a research stage of the project «Industrial and technological foresight of the Russian Federation» have been presented. St. Ventilation. Timofeeva – market development director «Industrial and civil construction «. L. Air–Conditioning. G. Grishina – Director of the North–West branch of the «Agency on Energy Forecasting of the Russian Federation» OJSC K. most of which don’t work due to lack of funding. Petersburg I. Grumberg – head of the department of environmental projects and education of the Department of the environment of the Tallinn Mayor’s office G. Provision of competitive urban development and forming a comfortable living environment are possible only due to implementation of a number of regional innovative programs. PhD student. In the future. Petersburg Government G. federal and regional innovation policy in the area of improving energy efficiency and energy saving in the urban environment. Knyaginin – director of the Fund «Center of strategic development «North West» V. S. of the St. new materials. Petersburg G. N. Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics (Northwest Assosiation of HVAC Engineers) Matters for discussion: – further promotion of «green» books of the project – discussion of «white» books of the project – offers on continuation of the project in 2013 Resume Спикеры: V. such proposals will be implemented in the form of «white» books. Petersburg House Property Owners Association» Information Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Kaliningrad Committee on Energy and Engineering. department of Intelligent systems and information protection of FSBEI HPO of St. Elyanyushkin – minister of a construction complex and housing and communal services of Moscow region V. N. St. V. Specific proposals for implementation of the state policy in industry and technology and changes in regulations and other official documents were also discussed. all the constituent entities have developed regional programs. Tarasov – head of the Management of perspective development of the Committee on Energy and Engineering. Moscow A. Peskov – director of the branch «Young professionals» of the Agency of strategic initiatives Moderator: Participants: 12 13 . Knyaginin – director of the Fund «Center of strategic development «North West» D. improving energy efficiency and energy saving. Besides discussion of intermediate results of the project a few so–called «green» books on directions of research have been presented – the documents containing expert vision of the basic trends of development of groups of technologies in the industry of Russia and in the world on long–term prospect. realisation of the concept «Intelligent city – intelligent networks». Petersburg Resume After adoption of the law «On the energy efficiency and energy saving» in 2009. climate programs and plans for regions and cities. Shikalov – head of the Management of perspective development of the Construction Committee of St. Organizers: Non-profit partnership «The St. In particular. V. Tsitsin – General director of the Foundation for assistance to reforming housing and communal services. Arkhangelsk I. incentive programs for green investments. St. I. Grishin – president of the Non–profit Partnership of National Producers of Metering Devices «Metrology of energy saving». V.Congress events Panel discussion with international participation «Energy saving – a step forward» (implementation of the regional programmes on improving energy efficiency) Congress events The Expert council of the project «The industrial and technological foresight of the Russian Federation» Matters for discussion: Coordination of international. the new engineering education. improving energy efficiency and environmental performance of the urban environment. «Ramboll» OJSC. N. In order to achieve this goal it is essential to use the best practices of implementation of technologies and materials in energy saving. Organizers: Fund «Center of strategic development «North West» Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation V. Committee on Foreign Relations.

Petersburg State Budget Institution «Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Support» Nataliya Korenko – Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Support Within the congress and business program of the Forum the following events took place: symposia – sessions – round tables – Resume More than twenty small business entities had a unique opportunity of direct communication according to the prepared schedule. Organizers: the Committee for Economic Development. including use in programs of import substitution. Infrastructure and Investment Matters for discussion: Presentation and evaluation of the relevance of projects at different stages of readiness. presentation of their prospective developments and projects to potential customers. 1 4 press briefings – 2 12 3 1 conferences – Moderator: 23 competition finals – agreements on cooperation signed – 6 Interactive talk–show – seminars – presentations – 8 16 2 panel discussions – lectures – congresses – 3 workshops – 1 4 15 14 . At this point the discussion was very interesting – we have heard many innovative ideas and pilot projects which could provide state security of our country M. Industrial Policy and Trade St. Udachina. As a result developers have met the potential state customers at the Forum and the state customers have seen «light in the end of the tunnel» in the decision of their scientific and technical problems. implemented by small business entities in areas of economic activity and prospective areas of research and development work. Director of the Institute of Innovation.Congress events Conference «R&D of suppliers for demands of the largest enterprises of the city» We have not had such public platform where target audiences would be crossed yet. with further commercialization. as well as possibility to discuss possible ways of cooperation in case of the interest.

LLC Nonprofit Partnership «Foundrymen Union of Saint-Petersburg» 16 17 . the St. and have negotiated on innovative development strategy in different sectors and regions • Technopark «Ingria». Petersburg in the mode of a direct communication 28 projects were presented to the potential investors The following companies were actively working on the site of Business Matchmaking: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – AVTOSTANKOPROM LLC.. LLC International Center for Entrepreneurship and Law «SOINFORM». CJSC. Petersburg State University «Center for Development and Entrepreneurship Support» on site of the Business Matchmaking held the R & D providers Conference. CJSC SPC «Effect». AKTUALOG LLC. RuSciTech Association and West Siberian Innovation Centre have held meetings: – with innovative companies on innovation infrastructure. Foundation for promotion of venture capital investments in small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere of St. Industrial policy and Trade • The Committee on Education • The Committee on Energy and Engineering. where innovative companies were given the opportunity to present their prospective development projects to representatives of the largest companies in St. Peter Trust. • The Committee on Transport • The Committee on Investments and Strategic Projects • The Committee on Labour and Employment And also: • Russian venture company. Analyst. venture fund of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Investment Consulting Agency. the Agency of innovative regional development consulted innovative companies on financing and commercialization of new technologies. LLC Aktan-project «The St. Petersburg. Petersburg House Property Owners Association» Russian Airlines «Erlen». OJSC Greater Helsinki Promotion Oy Piterstek LLC Fund of Small Business Support of Kirov district of Leningrad region Innovations of Leningrad Institutes and Enterprises Polar Technology Co. Petersburg organization of business angels (SOBA). Investment Company. Petersburg: • The Committee for Economic development.Business matchmaking Business matchmaking the number of registered participants 379 310 the number of registered organisations 540 meetings were held in three days including 19 of them held by representatives of the executive bodies of the government of St. support and development of innovative projects in business incubators – with industrial enterprises on implementation of innovative technologies in the production and co–operation in the development of innovative technologies for production • Representatives of Hannoverimpuls GmbH (Administration of Hanover) held a series of meetings with Russian innovative companies on support in entering the markets of Germany and Europe • St.

Petersburg House Property Owners Association». the Center of Energy-Efficient Technologies. housing cooperative «Na beregu» and the Center for Energy Saving Technologies «INNOKOR» LLC Non-profit partnership «The St. And this is extremely actual and interesting H. Great diversity on the topics under discussion at the representative offices: universities. Petersburg House Property Owners Association» and «Logic Teploenergomontazh» consortium Non-profit partnership «The St. a critical mass was reached when the Forum has become known.. Mechanics and Optics (National Research University ITMO) and Strategic Initiatives Agency The signing of the energy service agreement between Non-Profit Partnership «The St. Petersburg House Property Owners Association» and «IRSET Center» LLC of the management company «Svetlana–Optoelectronics» CJSC Signing of the agreement on establishing of the open R&D center on the base of the First city business incubator Signing the agreement on the establishment of the open R&D Center the basis of First city business incubator 18 Signing of the agreement on the cooperation between the National Research University of Information Technologies.. mechanics and optics (National Research University ITMO) and Agency of Strategic Initiatives (АSI) Non-profit partnership «The St. Toivonen. and industrial enterprises. The signing of a cooperation agreement between the Non–profit Partnership the «City House owners association» and «IRSET Center» LLC of managing organization «Svetlana–Optoelectronics» CJSC 19 . share ideas. Homeowners Partnership «Na beregu» and INNOKOR LLC. and has begun to attract interesting people. and research institutes. and most importantly.. I think.Agreements This forum is different. people have got a desire to speak. Innovative environment requires a complete variety of interested parties. vice principal for innovative work at the National Research University ITMO During the Forum in the Press centre Agreements are signed between: • • • • • • 6 contracts have been signed Technopark « Ingria» and Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange IPO–Board National research university of information technologies. Petersburg House Property Owners Association».

Petersburg territories of the historical center Concepts of preservation of the historical center within the boundaries of the territory «North Kolomna – New Holland» and the «Konushennaya» were presented by: «GORPROEKT» CJSC. «GENPROEKT» LLC. «Architectural Studio «Studio 44» LLC.LEN» LLC «Spectrum Holding» LLC.Presentation area 27 events took place in the Presentation area during three days of the Forum participants of the Forum have presented 102 projects Presentation: Concepts of development St. «Sodis Story» LLC. «PPF A. 20 21 .

Switzerland. Kirov. especially among students. Ukraine. in demand projects. Petersburg International Innovation Forum traditionally takes place in conjunction with the forum «Russian Industrialist» Today we are holding an event for students in cooperation with the administration of St. the Republic of Komi Under the auspices of the Committee on Science and Higher Education collective exposition of St. which implement complex projects on creating high–tech production 22 23 . which allows them to create a very good. director of strategic technologies of the Russian representative office of Microsoft The exhibition was attended by from Belarus. Even today. Pskov and Chelyabinsk regions. Innovation Forum is a very good event to draw attention to the new developments created in Russia А. who are successful not only in Russia but throughout the world. Russia has a huge potential of innovation. Germany. Petersburg» was presented in the pavilion № 7 with 380 companies Robotics Festival was held within the frames of the Forum 10 cluster associations participated Collective stands of the following regions of Russia were represented: Kaliningrad. Russia. Petersburg universities was organized. Finland. there are plenty of companies organized by students in the past. Estonia «Cluster quarter of St. Lozhechkin. Czech Republic.Exposition St. students in the present. Our students and technicians have a very good reputation around the world. Petersburg. We want to inform as many people as possible about this success. where we will officially launch the competition of innovative projects Imagine Cup.

venture capital financing. Petersburg International Innovation Forum Invitation find solutions We invite you to participate in the VI St. More than seventy congress meetings accompanied by the large scale exhibition attract annually leading figures of Russian and foreign science and education. Throughout the time of its existence it proved to be a universal communication platform for all participants.invent INVEST COOPERATE work VI St. The experience of the Forum shows that the chosen format is successful. Each of them choses their individual participation program according to their aims: – Promotion of innovative products – Finding new partners and clients – Conducting negotiations and business meetings – Professional development – Participation in discussions with leading experts from various countries The program of the Forum is structured in close collaboration with the participants. This helps to make it more dynamic and relevant as well as contributes to a comfortable business environment. establishing «direct contacts» And demonstration of achievements in the field of innovation . The main purpose of the Forum is to establish open dialogue with a focus on solving strategic challenges of innovative development of Russian economy. Petersburg International Innovation Forum St. 24 MAKE PROGRESS win listen and learn discuss Forum is a unique area for business communication. The interest to the Forum of the global and Russian innovation society increases from year to year. state authorities. Petersburg International Innovation Forum is one of the largest congress and exhibition events held in Russia in innovation. industry.