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Surveyor / Loss Assessor Licence No. SLA 10150 Valid Upto 14.03.2010

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Schwing Stetter
ABOUT THE MANUFACTURER: Two years back when Schwing Stetter, GmbH, the German ready mix concrete (RMC) machinery manufacturer set its eyes on India, it found all the right ingredients for success. A liberalised economy that needs fast paced construction activity for growth, a market that has been using RMC machines, the stagnating 100 million tons per annum cement industry looking out for new opportunities these were the signals that prompted the German company to pitch its tent in India. Its expectations did not fail. The Chennai-based Schwing Stetter (India) has hit the pay dirt from its second year of operations. The Rs.5 crore equity-based company reportedly closed the calendar year 2000 with a turnover of Rs.27 crore and a net profit of Rs.1.85 crore. According to the information available, Schwing Stetter (India) has rolled out 250 truck mixers, just more than 60 concrete pumps and 10 RMC batching plants. The company manufacturers 30/60 cubic metre/hour batching plants, truck mixers and pumps of different models. In addition the Indian company also markets higher capacity equipments of its German parent for a commission. While no truck mixers were imported, around 15 mixing/batching plants and 75 pumps were brought in from Germany. As mentioned earlier RMC machines are not new to Indian construction industry. Big domestic construction companies have been using imported equipment while executing major projects like dams, power plants etc. Though there are a couple of domestic manufacturers, no one produces a fully automatic RMC machine like Schwing Stetter. There are some Indian agents for foreign RMC plants. builders. The demand for RMC plants is increasing and RMC is now being looked favourably even by small

Speaking about the market trend, the demand for RMC is good in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Thiruchirappalli, etc. In fact Mumbai and Chennai accounted for a large share of the market till a year back thanks to the construction of several flyovers and railway stations. In line with the global trend, cement companies like ACC, L&T, India Cements, Madras Cements, Chettinad Cements and big construction companies like Gammon India have started RMC projects. But the trend is slowly changing now. More and more small builders are also going in for RMC plants. The company, which used to import the huge mixer drums from Germany, is now importing only the high grade steel plates and does the welding in Chennai. Meanwhile with demand for its machinery growing at a fast pace, Schwing Stetter in order to keep up with the demand is setting up a greenfield project at an outlay of Rs.18 crore at Irungattukottai, near Chennai. It was then that he decided to look for faster alternatives. He soon found one: dry mortar, which is a ready-mix of cement, sand and addictives for plastering walls, with water mixed at the construction site. The product is sold in bulk mixtures as well as in bags, like cement. Recently, the company started assembling boom pumps (pumps mounted on trucks to deliver concrete to places that are inaccessible to standard mixer trucks). The truck mixer customer segment is slowly witnessing a change. As in Europe RMC truck mixers are now bought by independent transport contractors, thereby relieving batching plant owners the botheration of investing in truck mixers. Moreover, productivity will be higher as the revenue for the truck mixer owner depends on the number of trips he makes. With sales showing continuous increase, the company has decided to stop import of steel drums from Russia. Instead, Schwing Stetter will soon build a line to roll flat steel imported from Germany and make the drums here itself. With the increasing population of batching plants, resulting in a shortage of trained hands to run them, Schwing Stetter has decided to train Industrial Technical Institute Certificate holders in operating the RMC machines and thereby adding to its other revenues.

TECHNOLOGY OF MIXER DRUMS: Stetter-Truck-Mixers, besides their long life time, are renowned for fast filling, best mixing results and fast and smooth discharging, due to a large diameter drum bottom double-pitch mixer spirals with up to 5 turns over drum length large loading and discharge diameter in final cone mixer spirals 5 mm thick in main wear areas Stetter T-Protect wear guard fins (30 x 8 mm) on spirals high loading volume / high water line / high geometrical volume drum and spirals manufactured of highly wear resistant steel with high chrome and nickel content

The dry batched aggregates are transported to the site. The mixing process on the site does not start until shortly before placing the concrete. Then the well-known outer spirals convey the filled-in material in the direction of the drum bottom. The two additional opposed mixing spirals move it continuously towards the charging hole. The outer spirals push the mix towards the drum bottom again and the counter-current mixing process restarts. By means of a great number of special nozzles provided on the lower side of the opposed mixing spirals a precisely dosed quantity of mixing water is added under pressure to the dry mix, thus ensuring its uniform distribution at the full length of the drum. This ensures production of high-quality structural concrete in the mixing drum directly on the site.

Comparative chart Model AM 6 FHN AM 6 SHN AM 7 FHN AM 7 SHN Nominal Geometrical Filling Water line capacity volume ratio (%) (litres) (m3) (litres) 6 6 7 7 11.700 11.700 12.560 12.560 51,3 51,3 55,7 55,7 7.100 7.100 8.150 8.150 Drive PTO Separate engine PTO Separate engine

Components of the concrete mixing trucks Drum Drum Track Gear Box Hatch Rear Ladder Swing Chute Drum Roller Charging Hopper Discharge Hopper Chute Lock Chute Pivot 4' Chute 7 Position Chute Lock Rear Pendant Control Hydraulics Water Tank Fenders Cab and Rear Controls Front Frame Hydraulic Cylinder


Truck Mixer Technology The new C-Version is another example of Stetter's pacesetting innovation in truck-mixer technology. A completely re-designed rear support for 8 - 15 m3 mixers convinces in ease of cleaning, simple handling and minimized service/maintenance points.

Gear Box Two stage 7000 series ZF drive gear box with a deep reduction drive

Charging Hopper Booster Series 44.5" x 28.5" opening with 30" throat for smooth charging. Optional flip up hopper available.

Front Frame Booster Series Mounted each side with two positions. One rigid mount and one with a spring connection. Front pedestal is made from high strength steel.

Hatch Bolted in place 19"x 24" Located in the front section of the drum. Additional hatch available (Consult Factory).

Discharge Hopper Enclosed free-flow discharge system with enclosed skirting to minimize clean-up.

Rear Ladder Rugged, grip strut rungs with fold down extension for easy access. Handrails located on each side of the work platform.

Chute Lock 7-position positive pin lock. Variable chute positioners available as an option. (shown)

Booster Pressurization Control Booster Series Adjustable settings to meet both state and federal highway limits. Note: pressure gauge is located in the cab for easy reading.

4' Chute Storage of up to 3-4' chutes in a frame mounted chute cradle. Fender mounting and gun rack mounting options available.

7 Position Chute Lock Standard with two hold down positions.

Hydraulic Cylinder: Booster Series Hydraulic cylinder for pressurizing trailer axle features an internal accumulator eliminating the need for excess hoses and fittings while providing a quick response time for adjusting to road conditions.

Chute Pivot 2 TimkenTM greasable roller bearings insures smooth pivoting.

Rear Pendant Control Rear pendant control is optional equipped with a 25" mobile hard wire control.

Cab and Rear Controls In cab controls and rear controls for the drum direction are standard. (Shown in cab modular control with drum counter, chute lock, chute raising/lowering control.)

Drum Roller Lining the mixer trough with rhombic shaped tiles increases the service life up to 30% when compared to conventional rectangular tiles of the same material. This reduces maintenance costs.

Fenders Full width smooth top steel. Extra stong fenders with center bracing for extra support. Each fender has recessed stop, turn and tail lights. Rear mudflaps are standard. Front mud flaps are available as an option.

Drum Head 1/4" high chromium abrasion-resistant steel Shell 3/16" high chromium abrasion-resistant steel Shape Low profile for fast charging, mixing & discharging Blades 3/16" thick abrasion-resistant steel. Reversed lip mixing blades for optimum mixing

Swing Chute 5'6" chute with 3'2" foldover and one 4' chute side frame mounted. Optional liners and additional 4' chutes available. Four foot chutes could also be fender mounted. Engine driven chute hoist with controls at mixer rear and in cab.

Water Tank 125 gallon side mounted pressurized steel water tank. Three position fill, hold and release valve for pressurizing water tank. Off-set swing away sight gauge with dual shut-off valves. 30 foot wash down hose with pistol grip spray nozzle.

Hydraulics: Eaton variable displacement all hydraulic piston pumps with fixed displacement hydraulic motor. Large reservoir with sight glass to indicate proper fluid levels. Entire system is filtered with a 10 micron filter. Rugged oil cooler with electric fan with automatic and manual override controls mounted over the gear case.

Paint Polyurethane two part (2K) top coat.

Drive technology Our preferences for mixer drives are Reliability, Power and Environment. The developement of the mixer drives is done in a close co-operation with the drive manufacturers. The drive concepts of Stetter-Truck-Mixers are: Mixer Drives type ZF-ECOMIX ZF drive systems type ECOMIX comply with all requirements of today`s state-of-the-art driveline technology - reliable in service, powerful and safe for the environment.

- Transit Mixer Gearbox PLM 7 (Nominal size 6 - 7 m) - Transit Mixer Gearbox PLM 9 (Nominal size 8 - 10 m) The low-speed hydraulic motor and secondary planetary gearbox of the PLM 7 and PLM 9 models make up a compact and powerful unit. This all-in-one system, together with filter, cooler, fan and cable harness is completed with the respective Mannesmann Rexroth hydraulic pump (type A4VTG).

ZF has come up with the P-Series as an alternative to the PLM series. The basic model of the P series comprises a two-stage planetary gearbox, driven by an external hydraulic motor using a standardized SAE profile. The models of the P-Series also offer economical and widely proven technology, coupled with low-maintenance, wearresistant operation even when pushed to the limit.