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EDUCATIONAL FUND As per MCS ACT 1960 for co operative housing society educational fund is imposed Rs.

3/- per member per year. This is to be paid by Cheque in name of MAHARASHTRA RAJYA SAHAKARI SANGH at your district co-operative board office on or before 30 june every year 2.

Payment of education fund by the housing societies.
What is eduation fund ? ==> Education fund is a marginal contribution demanded by the state co-operative board.from the co-operative societies in Maharashtra. Why is it demanded ? ==> It is demanded to generate funds to the state of Maharastra to run the revolution of cooperation. What is a leavy of educatiotions.? ==> Education fund is charged @ Rs.3/- per member per annam to the co-op societies this contribution is to be paid to Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Sangh ltd.. Who is governing the revolution of co-operation? ==> This revolution is mainly runned by the Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Sangh ltd. What is the goal of Maharashtra Rajya Sangh ? ==> ITs main goal is to take various seminars to guide the co-op. institutions. How will we benifited with them.our society ==> You can request thier officers to conduct the educational programme in your society. in which you can ask verious question in your mind about the routine management. or many other key matter. these Officers are expert & trained they can guide you very well on various aspects. So my friends who are working on the managing committee of any co-operative society should keep in the mind that there is a free guidance availabe to you from the office of district co-operative board. 3.
Back Sec.44-A: Constitution and utilization of Cooperative Education Fund: 1) There shall be constituted a Co-operative Education Fund for the purpose of promotion of Co-operative movement in the State and education of the members and training of the officers of the cooperative societies on Cooperative principles and management practices. All contributions made by the societies form out of their profit in a year, grants-in-aid from Government of India or the State Government and donations by any persons, shall be credited to the Co-operative Education Fund. 2) Every Society shall ensure the education of its members and training of its officers.

3) The Co-operative education fund shall be administered and utilized by the Registrar on the advice of a Committee constituted for the purpose in the manner prescribed: Provided, that not less than 20% of the Co-operative Education Fund contributed by the Societies in a year shall be utilised towards the training of officers of the Societies concerned:

4.00 Rs. to the cooperative education fund. subject to such limits as may be prescribed. shall be the Vice-Chairman. Rule 36-A: Cooperative Education Fund: A. Sec. i) The Advisory Committee shall consist of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies and all the Functional Registrars. shall earmark one percent of gross profit or gross income in a year as the case may be towards Cooperative Education Fund subject to the limits prescribed below. Trading Cooperative like Cooperative Marketing Societies.0. In Lakhs Rs. State Cooperative Union shall be the member Secretary. The balance 70% shall be utilized by the society for education and training of which 50% shall be used for training of members and 20% shall be used for training of employees. The Cooperative Education Fund created at the Cooperative Union shall be administered and utilised by the Registrar on the advice of a committee constituted under Sec.0.00 iii. as the case may be. The amount as above shall be calculated based on the annual audit report or provisional accounts placed before the General Body. 45(1): A Society shall.1.00 Rs.00 Rs.1. credit one percent of gross profit or gross income in a year. Where provisional accounts are not available the amounts shall be calculated as per the accounts of the previous year.0.50 Rs. 44 A of the Act.00 Rs.5. Education Fund. under the Chairmanship of the Minister for Cooperation and Secretary to Government for Cooperative Department.3. The society shall submit the returns to the Registrar of Cooperative Societies showing details of the training programmes conducted D. State Level Societies iv.Provided further. And all other Cooperatives shall allocate Education Fund on Gross Income which will be the total of the Credit side of the Profit & Loss Account. . Every Society. District level Societies a) b) Federations (Union of Primaries) Federations (Union of District level Societies) Rs. The Managing Director.75 Rs.2. that not less than 50% of the Co-operative Education Fund contributed by the Societies shall be utilised on member education programmes in a year. i) Primary Societies a) Cooperative Urban Banks b) Housing Societies c) Employees Credit Societies d) Weaker Sections Societies e) Other Societies Rs.25 Rs.10 ii. Thirty percent of this fund shall be transferred to the Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Union within 30 days of receipt of Audit Report or 31st October of each year which ever is earlier. C. as members. Consumer Societies shall earmark 1% of Gross Profit in a year towards Coop. Apex level societies B. The auditor should scrutinize the utilisation of fund and certify the same.

Since the above Rule is not in accordance with the Section the Cooperative Union submitted proposals to the Government to remove the ambiguity by amending the Rule. The Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Union shall prepare annual budgets and formulate training and education programmes for development of cooperatives and cooperative movement particularly in the matters such as financial and business management in cooperatives. member education. according to the overall guidelines issued by the Advisory Committee and be responsible for implementation of the same". iii) The advisory committee shall be convened at least once in three months. awareness building on cooperative principles and values and such like. .ii) The Committee shall include not more than 5 persons form amongst. F. the Presidents of Cooperative Institutions or Veteran Cooperators in the State for a period of two years at a time to be appointed by the Chairman. E.