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Arachu Kalakki Normally these are prepared using mangoes or Nellikais preserved in salt in Kerala Iyer homes and used to be prepared in off seasons for vegetables. The only exception is Chenai. The method of preparation is given below: 1.Take sufficient quantity of Kanni Mangai or Nellikkai preserved in salt or Chenai (Thoroughly washed tender mango pickles can be used instead of Kanni Mangai) 2.Grind it in Mixie with coconut and green chillies 3.Pour the ground mixture in sour buttermilk and mix thoroughly. 4.Season it with mustard, red chillies and fenugreek (Menthiyam) and garnish with curry leaf. 5.Add small amount of salt in case of salt preserved pickles and sufficient quantity in case of Chenai. 2.Manga Kadi This can be prepared only in the mango season. The method is extremely simple: 1.Boil cut pieces of green mango (with skin removed) in water. 2.Add salt and small amount of chilly powder and boil till mamgo pieces are cooked well. 3.Season it with mustard, red chillies and fenugreek. 3.Mezhukku Peratti This is another very simple side dish, which was extremely popular in Kerala Iyer homes. The method of preparation is: 1.Cut into small pieces Plantains (cooking type banana) and chenai. (In places where Chenai is not available we have found that carrot can be used) Jack fruit seeds if available or Koorkan Kizhangu during seasons are also added 2.If available at cut pieces of jack fruit seed and/or Koorkan Kizhangu 3.Boil with salt and turmeric powder in pressure cooker. 4.Take coconut oil and heat it. When sufficiently hot, put the boiled vegetables and mix well. The kari tastes good even if other oils are used 4.Puliyitta Keerai This is another very simple dish prepared using either amaranth leaves or tender non-itchy type of colacasia (Chembu) leaves. The method of preparation is as follows:-

splutter mustard and Uzhuttan Parippu. 5. 2. red chillies and fenugreek.Choose either plantains and Chenai(Where Chenai is not available choose carrot instead). 3.Boil till coked with turmeric powder.Moru Charu .1.Add sour butter milk . 2. It is also called Karingalan by some Here is the method:1.Cut into small pieces. 3. And after boiling. it is directly mixed with rice and in some others it is used as a side dish for Mulagootal.Season with mustard.Mulagu Vellam This needs very sour buttermilk to prepare. Here is the method 1 Cook pepper powder in water for some time. 2. salt and turmeric powder and boil till it is reduced to half the quantity.Take out the green chillies and grind them and mix with the boiled leaves 4.Traditionally bundled non-itchy colacasia leaves used to be added in Kerala. The tamarind water should be just sufficient to soak the cut pieces.The method of preparation is as follows:1. red chilies and fenugreek and powder. pepper powder and salt with medium water.Season it with mustard. ash gourd (Or Chowchow) and red pumpkin into thin long pieces similar to aviyal.Take some oil . brinjal . 8. turmeric and salt . Till well cooked. 3.Cut plantains.Puliya Kuthi Upperi This is a peculiar dish prepared only in Kerala iyer homes. red chillies and fenugreek. rice.Put mixture of the boiled vegetables and the powder and stir till it becomes semi solid. In some homes . 2.Fry without oil. Add also green chillies while boiling.Boil the leaves in tamarind water.Cut the leaf into very small pieces. 5. till the leaves are cooked well.Boil in tamarind with turmeric and salt. 4. 6.Season it either with raw coconut oil or mustard and uzhuttam parippu 7..Mulagooshyam This is possibly one of the very simple Kerala recipes. very little watery portion should be there.

red Pumpkin. Method: 1. Coconut oil 25 g and some quantity of curry leaves and salt to taste. Jaggery 20 g.Add to the vegetables and boil. A super variant is the Puducode Pulungari prepared only on all days of Navarathri in the temple at Palakkad. Ash gourd 150 g. The interesting variant is prepared by using only Jack fruit instead of all the above vegetables.Fry in a dry pan rice and red chillies. fry rice till they pop and powder it 5. 4.Here is the recipe:1. tur dhal 25 g. uzhuttam parippu and fenugreek 2.Cut into long thin pieces.Heat Oil .Powder the rice .The colour of the rice should turn ivory. 3. Tamarind 50 g.Pour buttermilk and add salt. Here is the recipe.Remove from the stow before buttermilk comes to boil. 3.Also cook Tur dal in the cooker 3. red chillies. dried chillies 3. 9. Fenugreek (Mentha) 5 g.fry fenugreek (Mentha) to golden brown and powder it . Mustard 2 g. Cut and boil pumpkin and plantains 4. Coconut (shredded) 25 g.Cut and cook Ah gourd and yam together in a cooker 2. ash gourd or Chow Chow. The recipe of this is given below: Needs: Pumpkin 150 g. splutter mustard .Podi Podicha Pulungari This is possibly the Kerala substitute for Tamil Nadu Sambhar. Plantains 50 g. 1. 2. 6. curry leaves. b. Brinjal. green chillies 5 g.Cook in pressure cooker in tamarind water. chillie mixture.This is an instant recipe when you don’t have time and nothing else except sour buttermilk.Season with mustard and garnish with curry leaf. Yam 150 g. Raw rice 10 g. 5. a.

Heat gingelly oil (sufficiently more) . This is normally prepared only when batter prepared for Verumarisi adai becomes sour. jaggery. Milagai Vettal. 11. Add all vegetables.Grind in to smooth paste adding sufficient salt 3. splutter mustard.Soak and grind par boiled rice and allow the batter to become very sour.Prepare Adais with this batter 12. mentha powder. and cooked dhal for 10 minutes 9.Murunga ilai Adai This was a popular Tiffin item of yester years. Here is the method:1.Soak parboiled rice for more than 6 hours 2.Grind coconut and green chillies together 7 Extract Tamarind juice and boil it for 5 minutes 8. 4.Add cut drumstick leaves to this mixture 4. . Being very tasty many families used to prepare the batter and allow it to become sour to make Koozhu.Grind in to smooth paste adding sufficient salt 3. Take out from stove and immediately add coconut paste. uzhtham Parippu. 3. coconut oil and curry leaves and stir. 2. and thairu milagai in the oil.Add rice powder and boil for 5 minutes 10. Perungayam.Soak parboiled rice for more than 6 hours 2.The method is as follows:1.Add also cut pieces of jackfruit and small quantity of jaggery half way while grinding.6.Chakkai Adai This used to be prepared in jack fruit season in yester years.Prepare thick adais from this batter 11. 10.Here is the recipe 1. Mix the sour batter in more water and make it of thinner consistency.Koozhu. Season it with mustard and dry chilies in coconut oil.

2. it was felt that it was Vetthu. 1.4.The following is the recipe for making tasty dosas out of Pacharisi.Soak Parboiled rice and grind it to coarse consistency. at night Kozhakattai used to be prepared in olden days.The method is as follows:1. 15. 4.Soak Pacharaisi and grind into smooth paste.Add the batter in to this and keep on stirring till it becomes solid 4. Uzhutham Parippu .Pour the hot Koozhu in to this and allow it to cool.Keep ready an oil-coated plate(Olden times oil smeared banana leaves were used) 6.Make small balls using this batter 5.Put it in boiling water gently and cook for more than 15 minutes (Other alternative is steam cooking) 6. Milagai Vettal and Perungayam 3.Heat oil splutter mustard. In this pour the liquefied batter and keep on stirring.Pour the semi liquid batter in to this and keep on stirring till .Koozhu dosai For dosai normally par boiled rice is being used.Put little oil and heat it.But tiffins prepared by Pacharisi were not tastey. 14. In the olden times for Vritha days.Take out a small portion and mix it with water 3.Add salt 2. till the colour changes and it does not stick. the colour changes and the batter does not stick to the vessel 5.Method is as follows:- .Mooda Kozhakkattai This can be prepared only in jack fruit season. 5.Prepare very soft dosas now.Remove from the stove and mix thoroughly with the main batter.When the grinding is about to be over add shredded coconut (about quarter of the dough) and grind for a few minutes further. 7.Cut in to small pieces and serve 13. So it was necessary to eat some thing prepared of wheat or Pachaarisi(ordinary rice).Remove and serve with Sambhar or Chutney. Aracha Kozhakattai Normally on Amavasya days .

Remove from tava and add curry leaves 12. If you know any please contribute . Put the entire mixture without vegetables and blend) .Take little water .after adding salt 6.Steam cook these balls.So that we keep living the culture of tasty food of Kerala Iyer households.Add jaggery and jackfruit pieces and boil till jackfruit is cooked 3.Grind coconut and green chillies without adding much water 9.Heat water and bring it to boil 2.Prepare sour butter milk 2. There are possibly many other very special dishes of a Kerala Iyer household which . I am adding the recipe for Kalan’ 1.) 5. add pepper powder and turmeric powder and boil for some time 3.Add the rice powder gently and keep on stirring till it becomes solid 4.Allow to boil.Season it with mustard red chillies and mentha (If buttermilk is not sour enogh .Gently add the churned butter milk to this mixture 4.Make it in to small balls. I may not even know. it will boil and spill out.Unless the vessel is a deep one .To avoid this keep on removing the froth 7.1.Add it to the boiled buttermilk 10 Heat for some time 11. roll these balls in banana leaves and tie them 5. the boiled mixture will curdle.When it comes to boil add well cooked plantain pieces also(normally Chenai is used.Reduce to half the quantity 8.