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Lesson 26 Give the possible causes to a given effect and other possible effects to a given cause I.

Learning Objective • Give the possible causes to a given effect and other possible effects to a given cause


Subject Matter A. Topic: B. References: Giving possible causes to a given effect and other possible effects to a given cause Building English Skills pp. 48-50 PELC D. 5.1.1. p. 46 Reading Comprehension Exercises in Eng. 6 pp. 37-42 Selection: Wildlife in Danger Picture of Wildlife Conservation of Wildlife

C. Materials: Value Focus:


Procedure A. Pre-reading Activities 1. Review a. Distinguishing cause from effect b. Conjunction, clue words used to describe cause and effect 2. Unlocking Difficulties a. Dinosaur (picture clue) b. Roam (demonstration) c. Extinct (context clue) 3. Motivation a. Have you gone to the zoo? What different kinds of animals did you see there? b. Guessing game. Describe an animal. Give the first letter as clue. 4. Raising of Motive Question Why do some animals become extinct? B. During Reading Activity 1. Recall of the standards in silent reading.

“Wildlife in Danger”. Look for the possible effect to the given cause and the possible cause to a given effect. Answer the questions. what will be its effects? Use graphic organizer. If people have made many changes in the environment.2. What are the possible causes why many animals are in danger of becoming extinct? Use semantic web. Silent reading of the story. Engagement Activity Work with a partner. How is wildlife destroyed by pollution? D. C. 1. E. Post Reading Activities Answering the comprehension questions. 2. Work with a partner. Which animals have become extinct? b. a. Enrichment Activity Read the following paragraph. CRIMES AGAINST ENVIRONMENT .

Forest got denuded which causes flood after a hard rain. These types of food can make our immune system even stronger to protect us from getting sick. Effect: Cause: Jimmy couldn’t sleep Possible answers of the pupils. The farmers found no place to plant their crops. so as the saying goes. there are several ways to achieve a healthy body. He gave the landforms and water forms. Animals which live in the forest are denied a place to stay and reproduce. The next generation to come may not be given the great privilege and advantage to benefit from these gifts God has given. One best way to stay healthy is eating a balanced-diet. being sickly and worn out can make us spend certain amount of money for a doctor’s prescription. He had an unpleasant feeling that he has left his friends down. Out water forms like rivers. 2. It is also considered wealth. He gave man the power and responsibility to take care of the environment. Vegetables on the other hand are also good enough to give us nutrients. Jimmy thought of how afraid Anthony was. Man has to change his ways before it’s too late. Man has to change his ways before it’s too late. Illegal logging became a problem of the country. 3. Jimmy though of how sick Sharon was. However. Ways of Getting Healthy “Health is Wealth”. Evaluation Read the paragraph and be able to answer the questions that follow. Some fishermen even underwater like fish and corals were adversely affected. He kept thinking about how sick Sharon was because of Janier pills and how afraid Anthony was because he had bought some too. On the contrary. 1. IV. as years passed by. The next generation to One night Jimmy couldn’t sleep. Staying fit through regular exercise is also advisable to be part of . Planning meals for the day can help maintain a good health habit. man begun changing the environment.God created the earth. The same thing happened to our forests and mountains. Bing healthy and strong is a necessity for everyday life. Man has transformed the plains into subdivisions and built industrial plants and commercial establishments. Jimmy felt he let his friends down. To avoid such. Some yellow fruits are believed to make our eyes healthy while some of the green ones can be good sources of Vitamin C which help our body to fight certain diseases. man’s abuse of the environment continues to kill life on earth. lakes and seas which were clean before were already polluted waste materials into them. vitamins and minerals which our body need to gain energy for heavy work.

Flashfloods a. Forest were denuded. mining e. illegal logging b. lack of oxygen b. no oxygen c. Environment will develop more. Man has transformed landforms into subdivisions. Forest and mountains were denuded. the effect would be. a. sun’s heat d. forest denudation b. Farmers found no place to plant their crops. air pollution 2. 5. What are the causes of the following effects? 1. a. c. flash floods e. The next generation will not benefit from the environment. If man won’t change his ways to save the environment. illegal logging d. d. Spend money for a doctor’s prescription . illegal mining b. God will take back what He has given. commercial establishments d. a. gases from vehicles 3. land pollution e. too much heat c. dynamite fishing c. d. 4. 1. Nothing e. c. Throwing garbage into the rivers Choose the causes that match the effects on the following sentences. b.More so. Life underwater dies. They have sold their lands. dynamite fishing e. a. All of these are some of the many other ways by which we can develop a healthy body to stay fit and strong at all times. getting enough sleep and rest will surely add up to our effort of achieving a good health condition. Trees will grow.

vegetables e. exercise b. eating fruits and vegetables b. Assignment Give two possible effects to a given cause and two possible causes to a given effect. sleep and rest 3. food rich in Vitamin C b. eating balanced diet e. weekly exercise e. becoming sickly c. a healthy body b. regular exercise d. eating fruits and vegetables 2. Helps our body fight diseases a. doctor’s advise d. exercise e. Staying fit everyday a. eating nutritious food b. Cause: Jaime studied very hard Effect: Mikee drinks three glasses of chocolate . Vitamins and minerals c. healthy eyes c. being worn out 4. top much exercise d. running V.a. doctor’s prescription d. Makes our immune system strong a. immune system 5. rest and sleep c. sleep c. walking and jogging d. yellow fruits c. Makes our eyes healthy a.