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Welcome to the Tea House

Simply Tea
Sencha: Sencha is a Japanese green tea prepared by steaming its leaves and rolling them into their signature needle-like shape. It is characterized by a distinctly bright, sweet aroma and flavor. This tea is steeped and served in a small teapot.


Genmaicha: Genmaicha is a Japanese green tea blended with toasted brown rice. It is sometimes referred to as “popcorn tea” because when some of the rice grains pop during the roasting process, they resemble popcorn. Genmaicha has a fresh, intense aroma and savory, nutty flavor. $3.50

Hojicha: Hojicha originated in Kyoto and is distinguished from other Japanese teas because it is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal, whereas, others are typically steamed. Bancha, a summer crop tea harvested after sencha, is fired at a high temperature, turning the leaves from green to brown. Hojicha has an earthy, nutty, slightly smoky flavor.


Jasmine Tea: Jasmine tea is a green tea scented with jasmine flowers and boasts a slightly sweet flavor. Jasmine tea originated in China but is now enjoyed by tea lovers throughout the world.


Iced Green Tea: Iced green tea combines the bright, sweet taste of sencha with the deeper, more complex flavor of matcha to produce a rich and refreshingly chilled blend.




Experience Matcha, is a finely milled or powdered green tea that is the only form of tea served in tea ceremonies. Its high quality and distinctive taste make for a special treat enjoyed in small quantities, much like a shot of espresso. To balance matcha’s more intense flavor, it is customarily served with popular confections or wagashi.

25 Hot Chocolate Coffee (hot/cold) $3.00 $2. tofu.25 (Flavors: Regular .75 $2. DORAYAKI $2.10/31) 9:00 am to 5:45 pm (Last table service ends at 5:45 pm) . Strawberry) 7-Up Bottled water Ramune Japanese carbonated soft drinks.50 (Small) $6.50 ARARE $3. dried peas.95 Assortment of tuna salad. MISO SOUP $3. Melon.and Light Snacks & Sweet Treats TEA SANDWICHES $7.50 (6 pcs) $5.75 $2. Orange. The Tea House Winter Hours Summer (3/1 . and ham/ cucumber/cream cheese sandwiches on white bread. egg and cucumber. green onions. * 10 pcs in a carry out box Beverages Ramune Coca-Cola (Regular / Diet) $3.95 Japanese pancakes filled with red bean paste.50 (Large) Savory rice crackers.95 Soy beans in the pod.50 Fortune cookies. fortune cookies. sesame cookies. and chocolate Pocky Sticks. strawberry. kinako and lychee. EDAMAME $3. KUZUMOCHI $3. GREEN TEA CHEESECAKE $5. almond cookies. Picture shown is Large size TEA HOUSE COOKIES $5.75 $3.50 (10 pcs)* House-made sweet rice cakes in assorted flavors including green tea.95 Traditional soup made with miso (fermented soybean). mango. peanuts. and wakame(seaweed).