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(Grant–in– Aid Autonomous Institution Established in 1952)

23, Sir M. Visvesvaraya Marg (Park Road), Indore – 452003 India

Ref. No. Dir/Phys/2013/2431 M/s _______________ _______________ _______________

Date: March 07, 2013

Subject : Purchase of various instruments for Department of Applied Physics. Dear Sir, 1. Sealed tenders are invited for the purchase of Physics (Optics) Lab instruments for Research & Development purposes. The tender document with detailed specifications, terms and are attached herewith. 2. You are requested to send your offer addressed to “The Director, Shri G. S. Institute of Technology & Science, 23, Sir M. Visvesvaraya Marg, Indore - 452003, India” along with Demand Draft towards EMD and tender document fee (if downloaded from institute website) in sealed envelope duly superscribed as “Quotation for Open Tender for Physics Lab Instruments No. Dir/Phys/2013/2431, due on March 14, 2013 at 4.00PM”. 3. Please, read the Instructions, terms conditions given in the pages 1-3 of the tender document, before submitting the offers. Use the prescribed Proforma A and B only for filling the tender document. In support of details filled in Proforma A and B additional document may be attached as annexures. 4. Tender without EMD and tenders submitted after due date shall not be entertained.


Email :, URL :; Phone: +91 731 2544415, 2434095, 2541567; Fax : 2432540

Commercial / Financial Bid Page. Technical Bid 4. 3 4–5 6–7 8 – 11 _____________________________________________________________ 2 . No. General Instructions 2.TENDER DOCUMENT Contents 1. Terms & Conditions for supply 3.

3 . Tender document should have two parts viz. Indore superscribed with the Advt Nov. be clearly stated. Catalogue Brochures of the products offered (Envelope . Please mention in your quotations clearly the rate of Packing/Forwarding/Freight/Insurance/salestax/excise duty/CST to be charged in absence of which it will be presumed that the prices quoted are inclusive of Packing/forwarding/Freight/Insurance/CST/Sales-Tax/Excise duty etc. referring enquiry number & Due date.4. must be submitted along with the quotation. 3. Commercial / Financial Bid in a sealed envelope – B 7.A 7. DD. levies. SGSITS. Any deviation.8. 4. No. Offers / Documents without tender fee will be rejected. Indore towards tender fee. and other Govt. if any. Tender document should be accompanied with: 7. Technical Bid in a sealed Envelope . SGSITS. 5. 2. Relevant document related to the firm (Envelope – A) 7.. The tenderer should go through the conditions laid in the tender form carefully and submit the quotation as per condition laid.300/.GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS favour of Director. 7. Ref.A) 7. List of reputed Customers (Envelope – A) 7. Offers submitted after due date/time or submitted without tender document fee or submitted without EMD fee deposit will be rejected. 4:00 pm in the office of Director. Both these bids should be sealed separately in Envelopes A and B respectively and submitted together in an Envelope C. Any other necessary document Note: In absence of above documents and tender/offer submitted after due date/time shall not be considered.6. Dir/Phys/2013/2431.1.A 7. Indore should be submitted along with the tender document on or before 14-032013. DD of EMD in a sealed Envelope . If this document is downloaded from Institute website a DD for Rs. of tender document fee (if downloaded from institute website) in a sealed envelope .A 7.7. SGSITS. A compulsory EMD as mentioned for each item in the form of a Demand Draft in favour of Director.5. (i) technical bid and (ii) Commercial bid. 6.3.2.

not stipulated in the tender will be admitted at any stage. etc.1. as set out in paras 4. Purchase order executed and Details of the company. 4. All manufacturers/suppliers of the tendered items eligible to bid. institute will arrange the clearance of consignment. 8. 10. subject to 4 . (v) mode of payment.F. The rates quoted should be firm and include all charges for delivery FOR Indore/College site inclusive of packing and forwarding etc. 1. Qualified Manufacturers of the Material / Suppliers.2. issued in the name of Firm should be submitted. (ii) C. Copies of purchase order must be enclosed as documentary evidence. Tenderer will furnish the list of addresses where similar equipment has been supplied in the past. The rejected goods must be replaced by the tenderer within 15 days of the dispatch of registered notice intimating that the goods have been rejected. model. The bidder shall attach a certificate to this effect with their bid.I.1 will then be evaluated on the following criteria: Financial Information.1. full technical data and drawing must be furnished along with tenders. the country of origin. SGSITS. brand name etc. Prequalification of bidder: The only eligible bidders are as follows: 3.TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR SUPPLY the under mentioned terms and conditions are invited for supply of the articles /equipments as mentioned therein which must reach the office of Director. 2013. The institute will arrange duty exemption certificate and the custom duty will not be included in the price where this is arranged by the Institution.. 11.00 (Two) Lacs each. make. Tender may be accepted in part or in full or may be rejected without assigning any reason. In case of imported goods. Ordinarily. d) Average annual financial business turn over of the Firm should be at least Rs. 7. failing which the order may be cancelled. e) Copies of TIN. 2. PAN. if any. value in Indian / foreign currency. In case prices/rates offered at FOB/CIF at any Indian port/airport. etc. No overwriting be done on the rates and units. Delivery period must be mentioned against each item after the order has been placed. The bidder may be asked to submit a document in support. The goods must be delivered within the stipulated period Ex-stock offer will get preference. must be mentioned and the following information should be furnished along with (i) FOB value price. 3. Evaluation Criteria for Pre-Qualification: For the purpose of pre-qualification. 12. No. 3. The complete detailed specifications along with accessories. applicant will be evaluated in the following manner:4. Offers without valid authorization certificate will be rejected without any intimation to the bidder. Facilities to service be also indicated. Dir/Phys/2013/2431 2. 5. (iv) profit. Those firms qualifying the initial criteria.00 (Ten) lacs during the last 2 (two) preceding years should be submitted. The application will first be scrutinized on basis of the following criteria a) The Firm should be registered under any prevailing law in India. The quotation signed in original having original seal/stamp will only be accepted. they shall have their own sales office in India. 6. 4. upto 4:00pm superscribed with Ref. 10. Preferably. (iii) Custom’s duty at Port clearance. Sealed tenders technical and commercial/financial bids in separate envelopes (A and B). Indore on or before March 14. 9. Authorised Dealers of the Qualified Manufacturers of the Material: A recent and valid authorization certificate from the qualified manufacturers/suppliers for the supply of Optics and Optical Components must be attached with the offer. No claim for any tax or duty. the payment is made after the goods have been received and inspected at the destination. b) The Firm should have minimum 3 (three) years experience in the relevant area of the product bidding for. be clearly mentioned in the quotation giving the guarantee/Warantee period. Descriptive literature.2. c) The Firm must have at least 2 (Two) purchase orders with the value not less than Rs. The rates shall always be quoted in both figures and words and correction if any must be signed by the tenders. In case the goods are rejected these have to be removed by the tenderer at his own cost.

22. _________ dt.4. However. In case. If the cost of the tender document is not accompanied if the same is downloaded from the web site. The tenders must meet all the requirements contained in this tender document 17. and any delay in supply would invite a fee of 1% per week 17. the tenderer shall provide all the facilities to the officer deputed for this purpose. Authorization letter duly signed by the manufacturer in case of Authorized Dealer 17. If the tender is presented without signature. the Director desires to inspect the goods at makers premises. Indore. 17. 20. 17. 15. 17. If the tenderer alters the period of supply or expunges any clause in the form of tender. Terms and conditions for AMC/Repair should be specified wherever applicable. Two copies of purchase order in white (original) and green (duplicate) colors will be issued to the firm securing order. only after the full/final payment/adjustment of the purchase order and on a written request by the tenderer/supplier. 17. Earnest Money to be refunded. In case of dispute. In the event of violation / non-adherence to any other essential requirements mentioned elsewhere within this Tender document 18. after satisfactory demonstration/receipt of the goods as per required specifications.1.8. for goods directly imported from a foreign country and for prices quoted in foreign currencies payment against shipment shall be permitted through wire transfer. list of spare parts and instructions for trouble shooting must be supplied and included in the cost of the equipment.3. The claim is put-up for the first time and in case the original is found. If the tenderer fails to fulfill the criteria laid down for evaluation of the “Technical and Commercial bids” as mentioned in the Tender document 17. If the tender is not accompanied by a DD for the required Earnest Money Deposit. total price FOR SGSITS. Ordinarily the payment will be made within 3 weeks. 17. Any item of the equipment not accompanied by the technical brochure printed by the original manufacturer will be dealt as not meeting the technical specifications. PROFORMA “Certified that original Indent No.9. 5 . 14. (B) In case the white copy is misplaced or lost by the firm the following certificate on Non-Judicial Stamp paper of Rs.7. Unless otherwise stipulated the tender will be valid for 90 days from the due date of the tender. If the bidder does meet the pre-qualification requirements. 17. no further claim will be made”. If the tenderer enters any restriction on other conditions in his tender.14. Payment shall not be made without the original WHITE INDENT. packing forwarding. 50/. In such cases the information regarding fright forwarder.13.12. Place : _____________ Sign. ____________ but the same is misplaced. ____________ for the supply of __________ was to be submitted alongwith the bill for payment for Rs. The equipment mentioned in the tenders must meet all the technical specifications. 17. must be given. circuit diagram. Instruction manuals containing instructions for installations operating instructions. 17.11. The tender should be submitted in sealed envelope superscribing the enquiry reference number by person or by Registered Post/Speed Post/ Courier on or before the due date. 17. 17. the decision of the Director shall be final.6. with rubber stamp Date : ______________ 19.5. 17. If the country of manufacture and of the origin of material used in manufacture of articles is not noted in the tender. 16. etc.13.10. If the tenderer enters one rate in figures and another in words and declines to abide by the lower of the two. If the Tender is received after due date/time.2. (A) White indent copy (original) of the order shall be attached with the bill for payment/adjustment. If the tender is not in the prescribed proforma supplied given in the tender document. Tenders will be liable to rejection 17.(Rs Fifty only) be sent alongwith the bill for payment.15. 21.

give details. iv) Name and title of Director(s) / officer with designation and contact details who will be directly concerned with this work. If you are not the. Attach attested photocopies detailing: i) Registration Number . Indore – 452003 MP India Department of Applied Physics. With reference to your above Tender Notice. Legal status: (Attach copies of original document defining the legal status) a) An individual b) A proprietary Firm c) A Firm in partnership d) A limited company. Any other information considered necessary but not included above may be added as Signature of authorised person with seal 6 . 4. we offer our technical bid for the supply equipment given in the tender document. Visveshvaraya Marg. Sir M. 6. No. Sir M. Telephone. ii) Organization/Place . Have you or your constituent partner(s) been debarred/black Listed from tendering in any organization at any time? If so. 2013 The Director. submit proof of document for authorised Agent / Subsidy / Representative / Principal 5. and : e-mail address : 3. Shri G S Institute of Technology & Science. 23. iii) Other relevant details . Visveshvaraya Marg. 1. Name and address of applicant : 2. The Director. Shri G S Institute of Technology & Science. Mobile No. : Fax No. 23.Ref. Indore – 452003 MP India Sir. Shri G S Institute of Technology & Science. Dir/Phys/2013/2431 Consignee: TO BE KEPT IN ENVELOPE – A Technical Bid Date: March 07. Indore – 452003 India Place of Installation/Delivery: From To. manufacturer of the item.

as submitted by the applicant to the Income Tax department (copies to be attached) : S. & Date Name of the Bank & Place Cost of Application (If downloaded from website) Compulsory Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)* For Item No . Annexure Annexure Annexure Annexure Annexure Annexure - (vii) CST No. 2 Details of Payment D.000/Rs. ______________) 7. 18. (Annexure Nos.600/- Authorized Signatory * Date: Place: Name: Designation: (* Authorized signatory should be the same at all places in the Tender/Offer) Signature of authorised person with seal 7 . (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Profit / Loss Financial Position Up-to-date Income Tax Clearance Certificate. No.2 For Item No .D. 1.3 Amount Rs.Annexures.500/Rs. Financial Analysis details to be furnished duly supported by figures in Balance Sheet / Profit and Loss Account for 2 (Two) years and certified by the Chartered Accountant. No. Details of major purchase orders awarded / executed during last five years: S. 3.300/- Rs. TIN No. PAN No.No.1 For Item No . Annexure 8.4. Details Gross Anuual Turnover 2010-11 2011-12 Annexure No. No. Name & Address of the Details of Current Any penalties / Client Components / Devices Status of litigation pending Supplied Delivery with the client 1 2 3 4 5 Details of Payment S. Rs.

bracket. suitable mirror.500) Galvo-mirror system with all accessories • Should be a complete 1D (single axis) scanning Galvo mirror package consisting of Galvo system.1 Opto-Mechanical components (EMD. Dir/Phys/2013/2431 Commercial Bid Date: March 07. • Top plate : M6 threaded holes at 1in 2 sets 1.5% • Resolution : 15micro-rad Motorised linear translational stage and controller – Metric • Motor Type : DC Servo or Piezo • Travel range : at least 25mm • Axis: 3 axis with suitable baseplates. Tip/Tile mount adaptor etc.Rs. Detailed Description of Items Make & Model1 Quantity Required Base Price2 1 1. • Maximum beam diameter : 5mm (or similar) • Finish : protected silver finish • Damage threshold : 100W/cm2 • Repeatability : 15micro-rad • Linearity : 99.2 1 set Signature of authorised person with seal 8 . driver card cover. Optical position encoder. XY Mount. No. Driver. cage system mount. angle bracket etc. mirror heat sink. power supply. 2013 Name of the Company/Firm Address Phone/Fax Numbers/E-mail ID Name of Indian representative Address : : : : : Phone/Fax Numbers/E-mail ID : Price of the system conforming to required specifications (item wise): S. No.TO BE SUBMITTED IN A SEALED ENVELOPE – B Ref. 4.

IR Filter.Suitable low auto-fluoresence immersion oil of quantity (30ml+30ml) should be supplied with MO. visible to NIR • Threading : Standard RMS thread Immersion Oil .S.1mm Maximum speed : 3mm/s Resolution : 50nm or better Load capacity : 2kg (H & V) Controller & Power supply : The DC Servo Motor or Piezo stage with suitable encoder and feedback with at least 30000 counts per revolution and appropriate limit switches at ends The price should include suitable DC motor / Piezo controller (USB). cables. power supply.4X or better • Focus Range 0. Hand held IR Viewer • Type IR Viewer (hand held type) • Resolution 50 l/mm (or similar) • Field of View 25 ° • Wavelength range 350nm . The ASCII command list should also be supplied.1700nm (or better) • Magnification 1. No. suitable lens and case for safe keeping. Detailed Description of Items Make & Model1 Quantity Required Base Price2 • • • • • • matrix Minimum increment : 0. USB controller hub and software.15m to Infinity • Size Miniature hand held type • The IR viewer should be supplied with a handle. Fiber optics Circulator (Polarization independent) • Wavelength range : 830/850nm • Operating bandwidth : +-10nm • Isolation : > 20dB • Return loss : > 45dB 1.5 1 Signature of authorised person with seal 9 .3 100X Plan Fluorite Objective • Outer Diameter : 24-28mm • Length (from tip to end): less than 50mm • Magnification : 100x • Numerical Aperture : more than 1.25 • Working distance : 0. 2 1.2mm or better • Parfocal length : 45mm • Design Wavelength : high power.4 01 1.

Driver VI for LabVIEW or ASCII command list should be provided..2 dB 5 SLD and 10PD Superluminescent diode (SLD) and Photodiode (PD) Superluminescent Diode (Qty 5) • Peak Wavelength . equivalent to NI-PCI-5154 or Agilent U1071A or better Low cost data acquisition hardware Number of channel: 2. Resolution: 8bit (or better 16bit preferable).S.Sampling rate: 2GS/s (20GS/s RIS).400nm to 900nm or better • Effective sense area . batteries. Minimum Voltage range : +-20mV. Driver VI for LabVIEW or ASCII command list should be provided. charger.Frequency range: 0 – 1GHz. Detailed Description of Items Make & Model1 Quantity Required Base Price2 • 1.0. Appropriate connectors (2set) with BNC on one end should be provided. Minimum Voltage range : +-50mV.. charger.6 Max PDL : 0. 18.On board memory: 8MB.20deg (parallel) 35deg (perp) • With an option to measure the power monitor current Photodiode (Qty 10) • Maximum bias voltage ..Triggering: Digital / Analog. Frequency range: 0 – 50MHz. Accessories : Price should include for all accessories such as suitable cables. I/O Connector : SMB / BNC. Form Factor: PCI slot (PCIe prfereable). Appropriate connectors (2set) with BNC on one end should be provided.5mW • Divergence . No.10V • Working range .25nm • Average output power . Form Factor: USB. Accessories : Price should include for all accessories such as suitable cables. etc. I/O Connector: SMB / BNC.2 1 set Signature of authorised person with seal 10 .0. driver software.3A/W or better • Package . power supply. If alternative solution with Chasis and module is provided in addition to the above specifications except form factor of USB & GPIB shall be assumed.2mm • Radiation sensitivity .830nm • Spectral Width . driver software.000) High speed data acquisition Hardware Number of channel: 2. Sampling rate: 100MS/s.Resolution: 8bit (or 16bit preferable).T0-18/Ceramic/Plastic or any OEM Type Data acquisition systems (EMD – Rs.2mm x 0. Triggering: Digital / Analog. 2 2. On board memory: 8MB.1 1 Set 2.

Data acquisition rate: 200MS/s (2. Accessories : Price should include for all accessories such as suitable cables. 802.B. (more preferred). card reader. upto 3. 4GB DDR3 RAM. charger. Ch. 4USB. 10. Equivalent to Lenova C440 or HP Pavilion 23-b206 or HP Envy 23-d020 or better. Graphics card with 1GB.3 3. integrated TPM. 500GB HDD. Web Camera. etc. batteries. etc. Spill-resistant keyboard with touchpad. Analog Bandwidth : 40MHz (or better)... Integrated Bluetooth.11 a/b/g/n compatible wireless (WWLAN / WiFi connectivity. power supply. suitable software should be supplied for interfacing.B.33 GHz.A-Ch. Any open source Linux / DOS or Genuine Windows® 8 Professional 32-bit (MUI) : Warranty 1 year.Rs 3.1 3. HSweep rate : 50ns/div to 50S/div with trigger option Vertical resolution : 5mV/div to 5V/div. 3MB L3 Cache) with Turbo Boost up to 2. DVD-RW. External Hard Disk – 1TB SATA External DVD RW – Portable.8in (color LCD/TFT) 320x240 (or better) Math Options : Ch.S. equivalent to NIUSB 5133 or better 2. (Agilent U1604B equivalent or better. HD Graphic support with or without multitiuch. Equivalent to Sony Vaio Duo 11 or Dell XP12 or Lenova Yoga 13 or better TFT Monitor (All-in-one Personal Computer) with PC: 3rd generation i5core processor. Slim tray type. light sensor. high capacity Lithium ion (6Hi-cell. Recorded length: 125kB per ch. HDMI. (500GB or better preferred). warranty for additional two years may be given.2 GHz turbo boost. FFT Interface with PC: USB.600) Convertible Laptop – Tablet PC – 10.5GS/s RIS).1 inch Intel Core i5 or i7 Processor (1.5800mAh). dedicated Smart Card slot.13 GHz (or better processor available). Wireless and wired LAN. 21. Super 01 set 1 set 3 3.2 3 3. No. Screen resolution: 3. power supply. finger capacitive multi-touch screen with pen input. warranty 1 year.1"HD WXGA or better LED backlight LCD. 4 GB (or better) DDR3 800 MHz SDRAM memory (with additional empty slot).3 Handheld DSO with Datalogger and DMM Number of channel : 2. 250 GB SATA 5400 RPM hard drive. Resolution : 8bit (or better). wireless broadband module). wireless mouse and keyboard. Optional USB Flash / SD / MMS storage. Detailed Description of Items Make & Model1 Quantity Required Base Price2 batteries.4 02 01 Signature of authorised person with seal 11 .A+Ch. preinstalled windows 8 64bit.5in or better LED display. Fingerprint Sensor (optional). integrated Webcam.) Computer and Accessories (EMD. driver software.

Mention any additional charges (such as VAT / CST / Custom / Excise / Fright / Packing Forwarding etc. if needed to be added. Otherwise the base price will be treated as unit price inclusive of all tax / VAT/ Fright etc.0 preferable) . .Give model number(s) of the product offered by you which matches with the specifications. Authorized Signatory * Date: Place: Name: Designation: (* Authorized signatory should be the same at all places in the Tender/Offer) Signature of authorised person with seal 12 .S. USB 2. Detailed Description of Items Make & Model1 Quantity Required Base Price2 multidrive DVDRW+-.).0 (USB 3. 1 2 . No.