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TERPL Job site details

Project Improvement Of Mehroli-Bahadurpur Road From Qutub Minar T-Jn. To Bahadarpur T-Jn. (Resurfacing By Hot In-Situ Recycling Process Of Existing Bituminous Layer) Road owner Contractor PWD-Delhi Telcon Eco-road Resurfaces Pvt. Ltd (TERPL) Length of the road Width of the road Depth of scarification Percentage of add-mix Bitumen content in add-mix 11.5 Km (divided six lanes) 9m to 12 m 30 to 40mm 35% (35 to 45% practical usage) 7.5% (5 to 6% is common in regular BC mix) Grade of Bitumen used in add-mix Rejuvenator 80/100 penetration grade bitumen Mix designed by CRRI with out rejuvenator

Job site investigations
1. Visual inspection (by TERPL and PWD) 2. Benkelman Beam Deflection (BBD) study to determine structural adequacy of existing pavement and overlay design as per IRC-81 (by IITRoorkee) 3. Core cutting and sample testing (4No.s per Km in staggered locations across the width) to determine the existing bitumen layer thickness, aggregate quality and bitumen quality. (by TERPL and CRRI) 4. Sectional and profile survey using Auto level to determine existing surface profile and quantity of required material to provide required profile (by TERPL surveyor)

Spreading add-mix.m with a working width of 4m in single pass Average daily production: -2800 Sq. Project Manager:.s 10.6000 Sq. Civil Engineer (Lab):. Surveyor:8.S. Project Head:.m Minimum daily production: . Helpers 5 No.m Working hours:-8 to 10 Hours per day TERPL team involved in the job 1. Sr. Service Engineers 2 No. Sr. Service Engineer 2 No. Preheating stage II 3. Preheating stage I 2. Site in charge:.Ketan.Rajkumar 5. Process involved 1.Delhi Pollution control board clearance certification for the emissions during recycling process was one of the key issues to start the job.s . windrowing and mixing (add-mix and RAP) in pugmill by post heater/dryer/mixer 6.s 9.T 6. Civil Engineer (Site):.s 11.Malik 3.2000 Sq. Labour 17 No.Santosh 7. Remixed material feeding to the paver 7. Paving and compacting Production Maximum daily production achieved: . Preheating and milling 4.HK Sehagal 2. Civil Engineer:.s 12.Batt 4. Add-mix feeding by dumper to the post heater/dryer/mixer 5. Operators 11 No.

One Sunday they have planned to work during day time but they could not do it though traffic police permitted to work (see pictures below). 2. Traffic management:. . Working temperatures:.Machinery involved in the job 1. 2. 8.5% by weight of addmix which allows to work at lower temperatures. And CRRI has designed the add-mix with softer grade bitumen i. 6. 3. 4.since MB road is one of the heavily trafficked road in Delhi TERPL could not work during day time and are forced to work during nights.e. 80/100 of 7. 7. 9. Pre-heater I Pre-heater II Pre-heater/miller Postheater/dryer/mixer Paver (Titan) Tandem roller I Tandem roller II PTR Air compressor Major Problems facing 1.During initial stages of this job TERPL team was working with excess temperatures (beyond 170 0C) to heat existing surface that resulted in bitumen hardening due to oxidation that was later rectified by Dr Sunil Bose with his advice. 5.

5 to 2.At locations where sufficient working width is not available after recycling two lanes of 4m each.3.0m pavement width left untreated (see pictures below) and the issue yet to be resolved. Recycling of slow lane (Towards shoulder):. Due to improper planning of working widths and rigidity in adjustment of working widths during work resulted in about 1. .

5% bitumen content. Practically they are adding 35 to 45% add-mix which results in raised pavement level by 22 to 33mm and costing extra (see pictures below). the reason given by TERPL is problem with existing pavement profile “more undulations more add-mix consumption”. As per mix design add-mix quantity is 35% only with 7.4. .

Photo gallery 1. Recycled and to be recycled surface with level difference of at least 22mm 2. Aggregate breakage (white spots) due to improper maintenance and no uniform distribution of pavement temperature. .

3. A view of resurfaced and to be resurfaced pavement . A view of surface after hot milling 4.