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1. Name the types of Test Automation?

    Functional
Unit Integration Performance

2. Explain the benefits of using Test Automation?
     Increased throughput or productivity. Improved quality or increased predictability of quality. Improved robustness (consistency), of processes or product. Increased consistency of output. Reduced direct human labor costs and expenses.

3. Give the names of some Test Automation products/vendors?    

QTP – HP TestComplete – Automatedqa Rational Robot – IBM Selenium –

4. When to use Automation? automated tests will only start to be valuable when they are run more than 3-10 times. Regression testing for a stable system that will be run on a regular basis Fast data creation in test systems where the database must be wiped on a regular basis automated tests will only start to be valuable when they are run more than 3-10 times.

5. Give a to the point narration of what Test Automation is?

Test automation is the use of software to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, setting up of test preconditions, and other test control and test reporting functions, Commonly test automation involves automating a manual process already in place that uses a formalized test process 6. Name any three types of applications you can run Test Automation on?     Web Application Windows Application Java Application .Net Application

running. When will you use Shared and when local object repository? Local Object Repository may be used when application has very few components and object properties seldom changes Shard Object Repository may be used when several components of the application use the same object 15. What will you choose between OR and DP and why? OR will be chosen when object has unique properties to identify it. each step is a separate row in the table and each column represents different parts of the test In Expert View. How to playback from top with a keyboard shortcut? F5 13. colors 14. DP will be chosen when objects do not have unique properties to be identified with . How to stop recording with a keyboard shortcut? F4 12. When would we not want to use Test Automation?  When the application is not mature 8. Give the steps of GUI Test Automation       Analysing the application Preparing the test infrastructure Building the test and adding steps Enhancing the test Debugging. Explain the difference between Keyword view and Expert view? In Keyword View. and analysing the test Reporting defects 9.7. Is it possible to customize keyword view Fonts and colors? Yes. you can view the action in VBScript 10. Tools->View Options->Fonts. How to start recording with a keyboard shortcut? F3 11.

16. Explain when is the Object Repository read from? At run time 19. checkbox. What is the use of the Object Repository? Object Repository is useful in identifying the object’s properties You can either have local repository or a shared repository 17. text = OK 26.Link 25. In this case multiple users use the same repository. What is the physical description or attributes of a UI Object? Physical description of OK button is class= WinButton. What are the names of UI Objects? Button. textbox 22. It may be necessary to merge objects or modify object properties 20. WinButton. What's the extension of the exported Object Repository file? Xml 18. What is the class attribute of a UI Object? WebEdit. Why is there a need for an Object Repository Administrator? Object Repository Administrator is useful when using shared Object Repository. When exactly is the Object Repository populated? During recording 21. Explain what do you mean by run-time objects? It is the actual object in the application on which methods are performed 24. What is a Test Object? It is an object that QTP creates in the test to represent the actual object in the application 23. What is a virtual object? Virtual objects enable you to create and run tests on objects that are normally not recognized by QTP . listbox .

what plus what? . What is a DLL? It is a library containing code and data that can be used by more than one program at the same time 30. 36. 34. How to assign an object to a variable? Set variable= createObject(objectname. What is the need of virtual objects? Application may contain objects that behave like standard objects. but are not recognized by QTP. Explain how to declare DLL functions? Using declare keyword 31. Explain the reason that why does a script fail when synchronization problems occur? QTP waits a certain amount of time before it continues the test and the application takes more time than the default amount of time that QTP waits 35. You define these objects as virtual objects and map them to standard objects 28. Give two reasons for delays causing synchronization problems? Loading a Page Windows Popup 33. Explain what is a Client/Server application? A client/server application is a piece of software that runs on a client computer and makes requests to a remote server.FileSystemObject) 29.27. How the synchronization wait time is determined. What is the reason for synchronizing run sessions Application do not respond at the same speed to user input 32.objectType) Example Set FSO=CreateObject(Scripting. What is a synchronization point? Synchronization point is to give waiting time to the tool before executing next step in Test script.

you can create an Action Template 42. rather than creating the same steps again.When working with objects. we can create the steps of the process and save it in a reusable action. We can then call the action from another test. How to call an action from another action? Using ‘RunAction’ 41. Why do we use actions? Actions are used to divide test into logical units 39. What are the different types of Actions Reusable Action Non-Reusable Action External Action 43. What else can be done if QTP is unable to solve synchronization problems? Use Wait. 40. What is the difference between Call to copy of Action and Call to Existing Action? 46. QTP waits up to the amount of time set for browser navigation to timeout. How many actions can we add/Insert in a particular test? 45. Explain the difference between the global and action data table? Global dataTable is used to pass information between actions Action dataTable is used to insert data to apply only for that action 44. plus the time set for object synchronization timeout 37. Exist methods 38. Explain what is a reusable action? If there is a process that needs to be included in several tests. . What is an Action Template If you want to include certain statements in every test.