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SALIENT FEATURES OF 500 MW BOILER special technical features CONTROLLED CIRCULATION SYSTEM This is achieved by three numbers of glandless

pump and wet motor installed in the downcomer line after the suction manifold. USE OF RIFLE TUBES FOR FURNACE CONSTRUCTION Because of the excessive heat release in the burner zone of the furnace, the metal tubes constituting the furnace at that zone are exposed to the maximum temperature. In this zone, the tubes have an internally cut spiral like a rifle bore so that when water flows through the tubes, due to hot static heat, it takes a screwed path and attains a certain degree of spin by which the watness of the tube is always maintained. This prevents the tubes form departure from Nucleate boiling under all operating condition of the boiler and increases the circulation ratio OVER FIRE AIR SYSTEM FOR NOX (OXIDES OF NITROGEN) CONTROL The over fire air is provided which is used as combustion process adjustment technically for keeping the furnace temperature low and thereby low Nox formation. Each corner of the burner windbox is provided with two numbers of separate over fire air compartments, kept one above the other and the over fire air is admitted tangentially into the furnace The over fire air nozzles has got tilting arrangement and compartment flow control dampers for working in unison with the tilting tangential type burner system for effective control of Nox formation AIR PRE-HEATER SYSTEM 500 MW units have been incorporated with bisector air pre-heaters. This has been done for optimum utilization of space and also improved system layout. This has resulted in the flexibility and efficient operation and maintenance of the air pre-heaters and the boiler as a whole PRIMARY AIR SYSTEM The 500 MW units have two stage axial flow primary fans as compared to radial fans in 200 MW units. By introducing axial flow fans, the system efficiency has gone up as the axial flow fans consistently high efficiency at all operating loads. MILLING SYSTEM 500 MW mills have vane wheel surrounding the bowl and external lubrication unit. Introduction of vane wheel has led to uniform distribution of primary air within the mill and less rejects. These mills are also supplied with weld overlay technology, which has increased the minimum wear life of grinding parts to 6000 hrs.

The ash collects at the collecting electrode and is periodically tapped to dislodge the accumulated ash.D.I. which is evacuated by the ash handling system and taken out as slurry.D.D. These fans have a lower speed and are less susceptible to wear and tear due to the abrasive flue gases. The control of the I. fans is achieved through a variable speed hydraulic coupling and motorised inlet damper. By introducing variable speed control through a hydraulic coupling the losses in the fan at various load has been minimised and efficiency of the fan has remained high at all operating conditions. fans. The ash falls into the hopper. ELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATORS: There are four ESP passes for one unit of 500 MW and each is independently operated. The ionised ash particles of the gas are attracted towards the collecting electrode. which is maintained at high +ve voltage. . FANS 500 MW units have been supplied with radial type I. The emitting electrodes are changed at high-ve voltage DC and the gas while crossing this charged path gets jonised.