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Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar

The Pioneer Batch (2008-2012)

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A brief summary of some of our experiments in education is available at our website. Visitors to the Institute in the evenings are often surprised to see a disproportionately large number of students engaged in sports such as basket ball and volleyball. our students have been doing extremely well in the inter-IIT Sports meet for the last three years. This high level of engagement of our students is visible in all facets: organization of cultural and technical events. Social orientation of the students where they are grounded in the realities of society. Ÿ The new B. research and design projects outside the curriculum. the Institute has already gained a reputation for innovations in education and in governance. but will also be instrumental in changing the society. in our endeavor to have IITGN emerge as a truly world-class university. while on the other side. In its short existence of four years. Two notable ones are: Ÿ New curricula for both B. Our focus areas have been: Ÿ Life skills and broad-based curricula for our students. The Institute is looking for industry partners who will not just recruit our graduates. adequate support system is provided to those who need one. Sudhir K Jain Director and Professor of Civil Engineering 1 . No wonder. Empowering and encouraging them to carry out cutting edge research. Tech programmes at the Institute have very high level of emphasis on humanities and social science courses. Learning through many extra-curricular activities such as projects and competitions. On one side merit is rewarded and encouraged at all levels. students and staff. IIT Gandhinagar today takes tremendous pride in its student body for its maturity and leadership skills. Significant projectbased learning. despite a rather small student body. participation and engagement from industry and other well wishers. but will also provide us with a constant feedback on their performance and help us continuously modify our curriculum that is responsive to the changing environment.About IIT Gandhinagar IIT Gandhinagar being a new institute provides us with a tremendous opportunity to experiment in education. Ÿ Recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty in the Institute. We are confident that these young men and women will not only bring glory to the Institute in the years ahead. Ÿ Paradigm shift in our entire management philosophy. both technologically and otherwise. The Institute today shows a very high level of energy and engagement of all sections: faculty.Tech students go through a 5-week Foundation Programme to enable them a smooth transition to the challenges ahead in their years at IITGN and in the professional life beyond IITGN. social work. and in-class participation. Tech and M. We welcome all suggestions.

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. © To engage in path-breaking research that would influence national policies. and doctoral levels. integrity. © To establish the process of learning that is free. collaboration and team work Principles © Lifelong commitment to learning © Encouragement of merit © Passion and motivation for work © Professionalism © Respect for law © Concern for the improvement of the society © Transparency in functioning of the Institute © Dedication to the Institute Goals © To build and develop a world class institution for creating and imparting knowledge at the undergraduate. © To focus on lean engineering solutions for sustainable development. and whatever they choose to study. however. Furthermore. creative thinking. and respect for our values. aspires to develop top notch scientists. IIT Gandhinagar seeks to undertake ground breaking research. engineers. nationally. © To enrich local schools and communities through value added interactions. © To develop leaders with vision. and to propel them to greater heights of excellence in their pursuits. Where knowledge is free. and an enjoyable experience. leaders and entrepreneurs to meet the needs of the society-now and in the future. © To provide opportunity for students to learn from wherever. © To prepare students not just for their first job. Values © Meritocracy © Unparalleled quality and excellence © Honesty.Vision Statement Vision © To shape IIT Gandhinagar into an exciting place for learning. engineers. and faculty. © To foster excellence in teaching and research to make a global impact. © To be the leader for academic and industrial collaborations in various disciplines. and research. staff. academicians and thinkers of tomorrow. in this land of Gandhiji. and internationally. fulfilling. teaching. © To make IIT Gandhinagar the preferred destination for future generations of students. post graduate. and develop breakthrough products that will improve everyday lives of our communities. © To create a vibrant atmosphere that breeds front runner innovators. sincerity and devotion © Trust and freedom with accountability © Appreciation and celebration of creativity © Willingness to try new ideas and allow mistakes © Social and Moral responsibility © Respect for every individual. © To create awareness of the true significance of learning and teaching. with his spirit of high work ethic and service to the society. entrepreneurs. Mission IIT Gandhinagar. social awareness. as an institution for higher learning in science. ~ Rabindranath Tagore 2 . and diversity © Co-operation. scientists. technology and related fields. contributing to the development of the nation and humanity at large. © To provide an enabling environment to nurture critical and creative minds.. © To encourage excellent communication skills as part of the institutional culture. © To pursue sustainable technological solutions to societal problems.. but their last job as well.

Tech Chemical Electrical Mechanical M. they also get an opportunity to broaden their perspectives through Minors in other fields (Computer Science. Management). IIT Chemical Civil Electrical Material Science and Engineering Mechanical PhD Engineering Humanities & Social Sciences Sciences The courses dwell on developing the ability for physical and analytical modeling. While the students can gain more in depth knowledge in their discipline through Honors. The Institute currently offers: B.Academic Programmes IIT Gandhinagar (IITGN) began its journey as one of the younger Indian Institutes of Technology in August 2008. Chemical Engineering 3 Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering . The objective is to prepare the students not just for their first job. but their last job as well. The students are encouraged for internships during the summer breaks to gain experience at various universities and industries in India and abroad. Tech Chemical Civil Electrical Material Science and Engineering Mechanical D. design and development which also involves rigorous practical training.

a Gas Chromatography (GC) system (Perkin Elmer). Solid-Liquid/ Solid-Gas/ Liquid-Gas mass transfer. Bernoulli's apparatus. A particle size analyzer to characterize gaseous micro-bubbles and liquid drop suspensions and high pressure vessels for particle formation using high pressure CO2 have also been installed A High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system (Waters). Biochemical Engineering. Unit operations/Mass transfer operations experimental set ups include Ball mill. Microplate Reader (TECAN).UG Programme |Chemical Engineering All Chemical Engineering undergraduate students are required to take a laboratory course in each semester from 3rd to 7th semester. The Powder Engineering facility of Chemical Engineering Discipline is a typical Formulation and Pre-formulation labs of Pharmaceutical R&D. Similarly. Heat transfer in laminar/turbulent flows. A Particle Size Analyzer (Coulter Private Ltd) and an Optical Microscope with Camera facility (Nikon) have been procured to build a Particle Formation research facility. The Chemical Engineering laboratory includes experimental set-up on Fluid mechanics. and Process Dynamics. Deep Freezer (-86˚C) (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and other basic biology laboratory utilities have been procured for Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering research. Heat transfer in agitated vessel. Sophisticated equipments like Powder Rheometer (Freeman Technology) and Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer (CILAS) are available for characterization of powder. Unit Operations. Absorptivity of different materials set ups are included in Heat transfer operations. Centrifugal pump characteristics. High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (Waters) Trinocular Inverted Microscope 4 . Shell and tube/Double pipe/Coiled/Plate/Fluidized/Fin Tube Heat Exchangers. Zeta-sizer (PSS NICOMP) and Peristaltic Pumps (Watson Marlow) have also been procured. Orifice and venture meter. Reaction Engineering. etc. Equivalent length of pipe fittings. RTD distributions are studied using Process Dynamics experimental set ups. Heat Transfer. The present Chemical Engineering faculty has research interests in the fields of Particle Formation for Drug Delivery. Mass Transfer. Fluid mechanics experimental set ups include Reynolds Experiment. a V-blender (Prism Pharma) and Cone-mill (Prism Pharma) have been installed for powder mixing and nano-coating. for Powder Engineering. Thermodynamics. Also Digital Automatic Tap/Bulk density Apparatus (Veego) and Angle of Repose apparatus have been procured for bulk property characterization of powders. Chemical Reactors Engineering set ups cover Batch/PFR/CSTR reactors. A Freeze dryer (Martin Christ). An Environmental Test Chamber (HMG India) has also been procured for subjecting the test powders at different humidity and temperature conditions. Thermodynamics experiments cover VLE and Infinite Dilution Activity co-efficient set ups. Fermentor (Sartorious). On-off controllers. Systems Biology and Powder Technology. Packed bed absorption tower. Sieve plate/Simple Distillation. Friction factor through different pipes. Polymerase Chain Reaction Thermocycler (Eppendorf).

A comprehensive two-channel vibration analyser is being procured. Xilinx FPGA kits and ISE software that are being used for several undergraduate laboratories and project work. timer circuits and analog-to-digital converters. active filters & Schmitt trigger. The VLSI laboratory facility includes Synopsis TCAD tools. speed control of motors. The current Electrical Engineering faculty has research interests in Image Processing. laser diode current and temperature controllers (Thorlabs).UG Programme |Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering currently offers one laboratory course to all undergraduate students and five additional laboratory courses to only Electrical Engineering undergraduate students. PIC controller. A new Embedded Systems lab was designed and developed. IITGN has collaboration with Cadence under its University Programme. Renewable Energy. counters. Power and Control Systems. VLSI and Fibre-optic sensors. Gas Sensing Setup 5 Electrical Lab . AVR and microcontroller boards. A Fibre-Optics lab is equipped with narrow linewidth near-infrared and mid-infrared edge-emitting (Toptica) and surface-emitting (Vertilas) laser diodes. This lab is equipped with twenty PIC18F microcontroller-based development boards. Other experiments include microprocessor and microcontroller-based experiments. The VLSI design research and development work greatly benefits from this collaboration through the availability of many tools and facilities provided by Cadence. digital multimeters and IC testers. This will enable study. single mode and hollow-core optical fibre and assorted optoelectronic equipment. The laboratory has a wide repertoire of experimental facilities for all courses. high-sensitivity Peliter cooled photodetectors (Thorlabs). In addition. velocity and acceleration. Electrical Machines and Power Electronics. performance of various power electronic converters. A Progarammable Logic Controller (GE-Fanuc) has been installed to familiarise the students with the industrial control process. The electronics lab recently added two Gunn diode-based Microwave test bench (Sciencetech Technologies NV9001) and two Antenna trainer kits (ST-2261 Sciencetech Technologies) for RF experiments in the Communications Lab course. PID controllers and lead/lag compensators are also in place. level. universal IC programmer. the Power Systems Simulation Laboratory has PSCAD software licensed for 25 nodes. Process measurement kits are available to measure parameters such as temperature. ScopeCorder and Precision Magnetics Analyzer. analysis and control of vibrations in flexible structures. Experiments include studies of analog circuits. The laboratory is also equipped with ARM. characteristics of semiconductor devices. digital circuits. shift registers. synchronization of alternator with infinite bus or another alternator. digital storage oscilloscopes. The Control Systems laboratory has process control trainer modules that include simulators of various types of feedback control systems that are able to simulate typical time and frequency response characteristics of a plant. The current research facilities include transformers of different winding geometry. position. The lab also has a Fujikura fibre splicing machine. characteristics of electrical motors and generators. The current focus of research in the field of Fibre-Optics is tunable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS) of gases for industrial and medical applications. an arbitrary waveform generator (Tektronix) and a digital oscilloscope (Tektronix).

and a Fatigue testing machine. The current Mechanical Engineering faculty research interests include Aerodynamics. The Manufacturing Laboratory has facilities including lathes. Polymer Composites. Manufacturing Laboratory and the Solid Mechanics and Experimental Stress Analysis Laboratory include many fabrication and testing facilities required for research projects. Fluid-Thermal Systems. Biomechanics Applications.UG Programme |Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering currently offers five undergraduate laboratory courses. Dynamics and Control. A Mechanical Systems Design Laboratory (MSDL) comprising of various test rigs for conducting experiments on the kinematics and dynamics of four bar mechanisms. quick-return mechanism. welding. fitting and tin smithy equipment. The Solid Mechanics laboratory has two MTS Universal Testing Machines of 100 kN and 200 kN capacity. balancing and whirling of shaft test rigs. vertical machining centre. Hydrodynamic Stability and Computational Modeling of Engineered Systems. Charpy impact testing machine of 450J capacity. cam mechanism. All first year undergraduate students are required to take a laboratory course on Workshop Practice. The Fluid Mechanics laboratory has setups for conducting experiments on fluid statics and fluid dynamics. It is also being used for two laboratory courses on Manufacturing Practices and Processes for second and third year Mechanical Engineering students. These experiments serve to give the students a hands-on feel for various aspects of mechanism and machine design. milling machine. electric discharge machine. Torsion testing machine (500 Nm) and Rockwell and Vickers hardness testing machines (Zwick Roell). Energy Systems. FluidStructure Interaction. Systems Theory. gears and gear trains. Flight Mechanics. Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and profile projector have been acquired as part of Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory (AML). fundamental mechanical vibration test. Fuel Cell Systems and Automobile Engineering. Mechanical Lab Free and Forced Vibration Apparatus 6 . It is also being used as a workshop for fabrication of undergraduate student projects as well as research related equipment and accessories.

teamwork. Project-Based Learning: The Institute places great emphasis on students undertaking projects of interest to them outside the curriculum. 7 . The idea is to help the students make a smooth transition from the days of single-minded preparation for the JEE to a new phase in life that would ultimately shape them to be well-rounded human beings. In this endeavour. It has a significant component of humanities and social science. Short-Courses: IITGN has started a Short-Course Series for the well-rounded growth of the students. rather than for their first job. instills the value of dignity of labour. and builds self-esteem of the participating students. and provide flexibility to the students. These courses are open to students and faculty of other colleges in the city so as to develop better academic links and contribute to the community. compulsory coursework in life-sciences. social engagement and physical fitness. Each such ShortCourse has duration of 8-10 hours. Some of our recent Short-Courses have been on Indian Democracy. external relations. computer centre. Entrepreneurship. communication skills. outstanding engineers and responsible citizens. Biomedical Engineering and the like. ethics. Each course earns the students one credit (mentioned in the grade card) and is voluntary on part of the students. This programme focuses on nurturing creativity. significant exposure to design and creativity. Curricular Initiatives: A brand new undergraduate curriculum that is a significant departure from any other curriculum in the country has now been implemented. and in grading assignments. The new curriculum focuses on the overall development of the students and will prepare them for their last job. we enthusiastically encourage all novel educational initiatives consistent with the core values. Some of our recent initiatives are briefly outlined below. and is conducted by a guest on a topic different from the subjects in the regular curriculum. under the mentorship of faculty from not only within the Institute but also from top institutions worldwide. The programme provides financial help. It is heartening to see our students undertaking exciting projects in Fire Engineering.Innovations at IITGN IITGN aspires to be a leader and a trend-setter in education. and Cosmology. Energy Efficiency. Literature. mission and vision of the Institute. Earn-While-You-Learn Programme: The Institute conducts a programme where undergraduate students help in the library. Foundation Programme for Self Development: IITGN has recently introduced a Foundation Programme that requires all new undergraduate students to undergo an intense five-week programme to develop their life-skills.

US and Portugal have spent a semester or more at IIT Gandhinagar. and by now. The part-time Non-Degree programme is also open to industry personnel. Emphasis on Physical Education: With firm belief in the truism that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. All undergraduate students must engage in formal sports activity at least five days a week during the first two semesters at the Institute. This is very important because. and assess our teaching-learning ambience. a good mix of international faculty from various countries such as Germany. International Faculty: The Institute is enthusiastic about bringing international faculty on board. the Institute has introduced a demanding physical education component in the curriculum. This is a mandatory pass/ no-pass activity conducted every semester for all the undergraduate students by a panel of faculty. IITGN follows the most liberal policy for branch changes after the first year. It enables the Institute to understand its student body better and to establish one-on-one connections by giving attention and feedback to each individual. Comprehensive Viva-Voce: The Institute has introduced a comprehensive viva-voce to identify talents and weaknesses of students early. The Institute has achieved the unique distinction of being able to accommodate all requests from our students for a change of branch in the year 2010. This programme has been very effective in rekindling the passion for sports and outdoor activities in the students. The Summer Research Fellowships are meant to enable faculty of other engineering colleges to spend their summer vacations at IITGN to develop research collaboration with our faculty.Liberalization in Branch Change Policy: To provide an environment where students are free to develop their passions. The students are encouraged to pursue their talents vigourously and to address areas of concern without hesitation. We also have a formal structure to convey the excitement. for several years before joining IIT. and relevance of each branch of engineering to our students. 8 . The Non-Degree Programme enables students of other colleges to credit courses at IITGN on a full-time basis for a semester. Forging Local Partnerships: The Institute is developing strong links with other engineering colleges and to achieve this goal has developed two programmes. many students shun all forms of extra-curricular activities and confine themselves only to studies. or on a part-time basis. promise.

students at IITGN took the challenge to revamp the conventional cane. The machine is designed to be ergonomic which will mitigate the problems of back ache. a contest named 'Smart Cane Design Challenge' was organized. 2012. pomegranate seed remover. Students also visited the Blind People Association to assess the needs of the designated users of the cane. competition and learning for all those who love programming. The Coding Club conducted a workshop on Android App Development on 30 March and 1 April. The walking stick vibrates and buzzes in different ways to inform the user about the shape and kind of obstacles 2 to 3 meters ahead. They loaded the cane with sensors and microcontrollers and named it as 'The Smart Cane'. And treading on the same lines are some of the technical innovations which caught the attention of not only eye balls at the campus but even the camera lenses of the leading media houses of the city. mechanical. and product certification. Smart Cane . The contest was aimed at designing a low cost. Since. With this innovation. low cost oil extractor for fried foods. Coding Club: The Coding Club aims to bring together the programming enthusiasts at IIT Gandhinagar. which has more than 110 years of history in development fire safety standards.Helping The Blind: In order to address the daily difficulties faced by the blind. women can make about 6000 sticks a day. light weight smart cane for the blind.This often results in catastrophic losses of life and property. After a successful trial run of the idea. sugar cane cutter and a lot more. Incense Stick Making Machine: The project was conceived with an aim of increasing the livelihood of Incense stick workers. The salient feature of this innovation is that it is semi-automated and hand-driven. 9 . Fire protection engineering is a multi-disciplinary profession requiring expertise in several traditional engineering fields such as civil. which can double the production capacity which will led to double the earning. Student Run Fire Protection Lab: A group of students have developed a “Kitchen Fire Safety Laboratory” at IITGN campus in collaboration with Underwriters Laboratories (Chicago). the mechanism is hand-driven the Incense stick worker cannot be easily replaced by such machines. Adding to the above innovations. testing. The Incense Stick Making Machine won the 'Gandhian Young Innovation' award for the year 2012. The underlying objective of this project was to create low-cost Incense stick maker. stair-climbing wheel chair. and chemical engineering. This is one of the few fields where the professional makes a direct observable impact on the safety of the whole community. It deals with the problem of unintended and uncontrolled combustion.Technical Activities Students at IIT GN execute their innovative ideas considering the challenges faced in our society to make their surroundings a smarter place to live in. It is intended to serve as an avenue for discussions. some of other notable ideas that came to life were workable models of solar powered lamp and solar powered vehicle at Underwriters Laboratories (Chicago).

Sports at IITGN A host of sports facilities are available to the students on campus including badminton. cricket. Kho-Kho. basketball and football. The same year our students also won a Gold medal and a Silver medal in the 50m Butterfly and 100m Backstroke respectively at the 47th Inter-IIT Aquatic Meet. With over 85% of the undergraduate students at the Institute participating in one or more events. A stateof-the-art Gymnasium with instructors is also available in the campus. 10 . The second edition of Halla Bol. respectively. The students secured two gold. Rugby. Dodgeball. three silver and a bronze medal at the 47th inter-IIT Sports meet and finished at the 5th position among participating IITs. The tireless work put in by the core-team of 40 members and over 40 volunteers ensured that the event went off without a hitch. Aqualified full-time physical education instructor and several part-time coaches have been appointed to train the students. Gully Cricket. Coaching for Lawn Tennis and Swimming is provided at ONGC and Sports Authority of India. table tennis. the allnight intra-college sports festival witnessed more than 2100 registrations for ten improvised games such as Futsal. Touch. and Tug of War. Halla Bol demonstrated the tremendous enthusiasm for sports in the Institute with 400 matches being played in 9 days. volleyball. The students religiously participate in the inter-IIT competitions and have brought laurels to the institute. Kabbadi. 7 Stones.

Sudhir Jain and the event received an overwhelming response from the students. Antragnee. made his esteemed presence felt at this occasion.Enthusiasm and The Institute The students and faculty of IITGN show an extraordinary level of enthusiasm and participation towards the institute. a tree Plantation drive was organized by Team Blithchron. sponsorships or both. It led to the strengthening of the IITGN spirit which lies in sharing of knowledge and continual expansion of the human horizons of thinking beyond the obvious. Blithchron: All the technical festivals and the cultural initiatives at IIT GN are conducted by a student body called Blithchron.000 owing to innovative events like Pancahe. Mr. The students at IITGN are planning to organize a conference on International Safety as a part of Amalthea for the year 2012. 11 . head scientist of Indian Astrobiology Research Centre (IARC) and the Head of IYF India program. Amalthea showcased the leadership skills of students and they also had their inquisitions quenched by some of the pioneers of Indian industries. With the inception of formation of the student body IIT GN organized its first inter college cultural festival in the year 2010. Keeping in mind that 2011 was declared as the International Year of Forests (IYF) by the United Nation and the global concern being deforestation and global warming. Only a few examples are mentioned here. Amalthea'10 was a two day conglomeration on Renewable Energy whereas Amalthea '11 was based on the subject matter Infrastructure: Present Scenario and Future. Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya. Amalthea: The students of IITGN have been organizing a theme based conclave since 2010. String Theory etc. The event was supported by major companies in India through lectures. The tree plantation drive was inaugurated by Dr. Blithchron'2012 witnessed a footfall of more than 10. With the coming years the response to the inter college has been growing in terms of stature and footfalls.

Community Outreach: The Institute is strongly committed to sensitizing students to the needs of the society and motivates them to contribute in small ways from an early age. 12 . 2012. members of IITGN community started Nyasa. a cinematic club. in association with Prathama. Students of IITGN. a team of our girl students have been spending 3 hours every weekend with 75 girl students from Sakar School. With this intention. Holi. the Nyasa team hosts 2-hour playsessions with the children of construction workers every Sunday. Gandhi Jayanti. they organized a huge community lunch. a drama club and a photography club. which arranges for instruction in vocal and instrumental music and organizes cultural functions and competitions periodically. Dushehra. Since August 2010. The entire student body enthusiastically celebrates all festivals like Republic & Independence Days. In January 2011. Nyasa organized a week long health check up campaign in the month of February. Cultural Activities: Cultural activities include a music club. The drive was supported by sixty six donors. etc. As part of Nyasa. Currently. a programme to address the health and education needs of construction workers and their families on campus. and distributed woollen clothes in winter. Ahmedabad to enthuse them about Science and Mathematics. In the year 2012. held clothes collection drives. organized a blood donation camp on January 13. the IITGN community is currently involved in two major initiatives. a dance club.

which provides a platform to the students to enhance and groom their outer and inner self to convert themselves into a complete professional. “Career Development for IIT students” by Prof. Rajmohan Gandhi. which deals with the personal and professional growth of the students such as “Time Management and Goal Setting”. “Follow Your Dreams” etc. and guides them on how to manage their careers effectively. A two-day career workshop was organized for the thirdyear students focusing on the issues related to opting different career paths after their undergraduate studies. Besides this. sharpen the aptitude and ability of formal interaction that will provide them the foundation for a lifetime of career success. people & life skills. The mission of CDC is to be a catalyst in the development of students to become leaders in a technologically based global ambience. the Institute also invites several eminent personalities in variety of fields to address the students to provide global picture beyond their curriculum. Several other activities like “Resume Making”. The workshop also had external speakers (IIT Kanpur young alumni). 13 . “A Writer's Journey” by Prof.Career Development Centre Career Development Centre (CDC) is a part of Student Placement Office. we have established a library at CDC. Chitra Banerjee. The CDC library is unique in its sense as it contains books that speak volumes of time management. 'Mock Aptitude Tests'' “Mock Interviews”. The Institute organizes several workshops. CDC also assists the students for effective representation of themselves. The CDC library is updated on an annual basis. "Are you ready for the change?" were also part of the workshop. CDC helps students to become aware about various career opportunities and assist them to take informed decisions about their careers. conversation in groups. life-stories of distinguished personalities and interactive learning through audio and video CDs/DVDs. helps students in discovering and clarifying career choices. It organizes several activities on communication. who talked about their personal experiences and their success stories. Ravi Bhaskaran etc. such as “India as a World Power: Potential & Realities” by Prof. 13 In order to instill the principles of personality development in the students.

Chinmay Ghoroi. NTT Facilities – IITGN installs Roof-Top Solar PV System: A 10 kWp roof-top solar PV system sponsored by NTT Facilities. Senior Vice President. USA. Japan is expected to generate about 15000 kWh of electricity every year. IITGN has always believed in sharing knowledge and resources with esteemed institutes in order to increase the horizons of thinking and to expose students to novel ideas. Starting with 2012. This is the first installation of NTT Facilities in the Asia-Pacific region. Saurabh Nagrecha is the first recipient of this Fellowship.. this fellowship is being awarded every year to an IITGN student to attend the Ph. 2011 to discuss potential areas for collaborations in the field of social entrepreneurship where IITGN and RII collaborate to help potential entrepreneurs in rural India.To facilitate their work. Few of the many established international relations are mentioned here. Cleveland. the students spent time at UL Chicago and PV Labs of Case Western Reserve University. 14 . 2011.An IITGN-UL Research Lab has been set up by the students under the guidance of Prof. This pilot PV plant provides practical knowledge to students and is being used for research and education purpose. He was accompanied by his colleagues Ms Eiko Nakamoto and Ms Ryohko Ezoe. Tokyo visited IITGN on May 5. OH. D. Deputy General Manager of Ricoh Company Ltd. Schaefer. Underwriters Laboratory (UL). program in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. Northbrook. With a keen idea to learn and remain updated with the latest researches and innovations of the time. USA visited IITGN on April 18. ND-IITGN Graduate Research Fellowship: The ‘ND-IITGN Graduate Research Fellowship’ has been established to help long-term collaboration and a strong partnership between IITGN and the University of Notre Dame. Northbrook.International Relations Since its inception. Projects Sponsored by Ricoh Innovations: Mr Hideki Segawa. USA during the summer of 2012. IITGN has been constantly embarking technology driven relations at national and international levels. Inc. Inc. The system consists of 64 thin film CIS PV modules (each rated 150 Wp) made by Solar Frontier. Underwriters Laboratories provides Research Opportunity to Undergraduates: A research initiative sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). standards and innovative photovoltaic (PV) applications while addressing specific performance and safety issues. Mr August W. (RII). The lab is partially funded by UL. Several undergraduate students worked on development of a user interface for facilitating literature search at IITGN which was sponsored by Ricoh Innovations. USA attracted innovative ideas from thirty eight undergraduate students on current technologies. Japan is installed at IITGN.

Why Recruit? Exhaustive technical curriculum and rigorous pedagogy Access to ideas of some of the most eminent thinkers of the time to foster thinking beyond the obvious Why Recruit? Exposure to practical experiences in industry and academic institutions Strong emphasis on project based learning to nurture the future leaders of the upcoming era 15 .

Missouri. Noida Underwriters Laboratories Ltd. Poland Ÿ Arvind Textiles Ltd. Gandhinagar Ÿ Indian Space Research Organization. ranging between 8-10 weeks. Mumbai Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. Pune Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Bharuch Ÿ Birla Copper Ltd. Mumbai Ÿ California Institute of Technology. Mumbai Maruti Suzuki Ltd. Bangalore HPL India Ltd. Pasadena. Mumbai Maharashtra Power Generation Co. USA Internship @ Industries Ÿ Apollo Tyres Ltd. Ltd. Ranchi Ÿ Essar Oil. Bangalore Hoyt Engineering Solutions Pvt. Illinois. München. Mumbai Permanent Magnets Limited. Ahmedabad JSW Steels Limited. USA Ÿ University of Wisconsin-Madison. These internships also provide an excellent ambience for developing interpersonal communication and teamwork skills along with technical aptitude with behavioral learning. Ltd. Lausanne. Ltd. Bangalore Mechatronics Test Equipments Pvt. Syracuse. M. USA Ÿ Washington University. Bangalore Timetooth Technologies Pvt. SK. Mumbai Gabriel India Ltd. Houston. USA Ÿ University of Strathclyde. Ahmedabad Ÿ National University of Singapore. Pune Tata Steel Ltd. Indiana Ÿ University of Rhode Island. Nasik Gharda Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. M. Ltd. West Bengal Hindustan Zinc Limited. Gurgaon Marvell India Pvt. Pune KU Educational Labs. Dabrowa Gornicza. UK Ÿ University of Washington. USA Ÿ Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne. Jamshedpur Texas Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai JVS Engineers.P Reliance Industries Ltd. Madison. USA Ÿ Technische Universitat Munchen. Switzerland Ÿ EPIR Technologies Inc. Notre Dame. Tech program. Assam Plancess Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Baroda Katha. Canada Ÿ University of Southern California. Bolingbrook. Kerala Kirloskar Oil Pvt. Ahmedabad Ÿ Syracuse University. Maharashtra Suzlon Energy Ltd. Saskatoon. Ltd. USA Ÿ University of Notre Dame. Bangalore Future Group. the institute aggressively finds internship opportunities in industry and research institutes both within the country and outside. Chennai Larsen and Toubro Ltd. Gandhinagar HMT Ltd. Pune Tata Motors Ltd. These not only expose the students to the sense of the real world but also help them bridging the gap between the elementary concepts taught in the class rooms and the industrial/research applications of the same. St. Ahmedabad Nicheken Technologies Pvt. Aurangabad. Ltd. NGO. Internship @ Educational Institutions Ÿ Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Mumbai Ÿ Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.Internships Summer internships are considered an important part of education. Singapore Ÿ National Institute of Design. Ltd. Bharuch Ÿ Center for Study of Science. Pune HP Labs India. Kingston. Louis. Glasgow. Baroda Ÿ ArcelorMittal Poland. New Delhi Kerala Automobiles Ltd. Durham. Washington Veeral Controls Pvt. Camas. New York. The typical internship period would be in the summer. Ahmedabad Ÿ Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. from mid May to mid July. Ltd. Singapore Ÿ Physical Research Laboratory. Bangalore Roha Dyechem Ltd. Hyderabad Ÿ Ernst and Young. This in turn unleashes the creative potential of the students and helps them in deciding their future goals in specific fields of industry and research. Ltd. France Ÿ Nanyang Technological University. Gurgaon Ÿ Educational Initiatives. Bangalore Neuation Technologies Pvt. Ankleshwar Grant Thornton. Mumbai Rajasthan Atomic Power Station. Udaipur Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt. USA Ÿ Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Ÿ Indian Institute of Science Bangalore Ÿ Institute of Plasma Research. Bangalore Ÿ CMC Ltd. Keeping the importance of the summer internships in mind. Gurgaon National Instruments Ltd. Mumbai Siemens. Ltd. We encourage our students to go for internships at least more than once in their entire B. Surat Fluidyn. Bharuch Ricoh Innovations Pvt.P 16 . Chennai ONGC Ltd. RI Ÿ University of Saskatchewan. Ltd. Bangalore Underwriters Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Germany Ÿ University of Houston. Mumbai Ÿ Birla Cellulosic Ltd. Ahmedabad Volvo & Eicher Commercial vehicles Ltd. Bangalore Ÿ Johns Hopkins University. Jamnagar Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Essar Steels Ltd. USA Ÿ Duke University. Gandhinagar Ÿ Environmental Research & Consultancy Group. ENSAM. Sonepat IFFCO. Ahmedabad Ÿ Electrotherm Pvt. Seattle. Kota Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. Maryland Ÿ Laboratoire TREFLE. Baltimore. Ahmedabad Ÿ Uttar Gujarat Vij Company limited.

Ltd. Gandhinagar. Ltd. MP Ÿ Flytxt mobile solutions Pvt. Bangalore Ÿ Grasim Industries. Bangalore Ÿ TCE Ltd.Recruitments at a Glance The Placement Cell at IITGN was established in the year 2010. Pune Ÿ Microsoft IT. Chennai Ÿ JCB India Ltd. Some of the students at IITGN also dreamt to be instrumental in framing the policies that govern and direct the progress of the country. India Ÿ Citrix R & D India Pvt. Gurgaon Ÿ Matheson K-Air. Noida Students’ ingenuity at IITGN are always inspired by the day to day problems we face in life. India Ÿ Fashion and You. garbage bins that can compress trash for maximum space utilization and hand driven shoe polishing machine were some of the interesting innovations inspired from the daily challenges around us. Bangalore Ÿ Fluidyn. Bangalore Ÿ Finisar. Bangalore Ÿ Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Our Proud Recruiters: Ÿ Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL).Com. Apart from the incense making machine that won the Gandhian Young Innovation award. Malaysia Ÿ Flipkart. Three students of IITGN have been interning with IAS officers with a view to make their civil services dream come true and to have an experience of government functions. with an aim to provide career opportunities to the students. an investment promotion agency of Gujarat State while the third student would be assisting in the Metrolink Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad at Gujarat Urban Development Company. 17 . Out of 59 students who registered for the placements. Gurgaon Ÿ Magneti Marelli. two are working with iNDEXTB. 54 students were placed in some of the leading industries as well as research firms of national and international reputation. Trivandrum Ÿ Hospira Inc. Bangalore Ÿ UnderWriters Laboratory India. Out of the three. Bangalore Ÿ Timetooth Technologies. The pioneer batch graduating in 2012 at IITGN participated with great zeal in the campus placements. India Ÿ Bank of India. IITians have been a part of the civil system of our country since years. prototypes of innovative ideas like luggage bag integrated with comfortable seat for long waits at railway stations and airports. Hyderabad Ÿ Ricoh Innovations.

The focus remains on making students understand their real worth. Following is the tabular and graphical representation of discipline wise placement figures: Placement Figures of the Pioneer Batch (2011-12) The students of IITGN are very conscious in chalking out their career paths.Placement Statistics The overall placement of the pioneer batch (2011-12) at IITGN was close to 91%. University of California Merced. Imperial College. Michigan Ann Arbor. Houston. Some of the notable once are Caltech. Number of Students Brief Profile of the Upcoming Batch: 18 . Some of the students at IITGN have opted to going for higher education. Notre Dame. One of the students has been registered for the start early doctoral programme at IITGN. Princeton. The student who designed the 'Incense stick making Machine' opted for the position of a Junior Research Engineer at IITGN to take his prototype to a workable model commercially. A group of five students has also co-founded a technology driven company which deals in providing technological solutions to the cases where data collection and processing is done at different geographic locations. Stanford. IIMs and IITs.

1. PSCAD 4. Important scientific software such as Mathematica. 19 . The Pre-Placement Talk rooms and the Group Discussion Rooms are equipped with LCD projectors. faculty and staff can carry out their work without interruptions. a wide range of software and excellent connectivity so that students. ICEM-CFD and CFX and Finite Element Softwares for Structural Analysis and for problems involving multi-body dynamics.2. Matlab. Conference halls and Classrooms are air-conditioned and have Internet connectivity and Video conferencing facility. STAR-CCM+ CFD Software and Autodesk Inventor CAD Softwares. Central Library Conference Hall Air-conditioned Classroom Guest House Facility Auditorium Campus Computing Facilities: Computer facilities at IITGN have been developed with high-end hardware. ANSYS Multi-Physics Simulation Software which includes a variety of CFD softwares such as Fluent.Facilities at IITGN IITGN has all modern facilities to support each and every stage of the placement process in the campus. PCs and audio-video facilities. STATA 11. Auditorium.

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