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Scuf is nothing special. They really are a corporate version of community thiev es. Modding controllers is nothing new.

People have been modding their controll ers in terms of looks and functionality for years now. It started with; hey I wa nt a different color shell. So, 3rd party Chinese factories started making repl acement shells for controllers and consoles so people could have unique colors a nd styles that made them feel special. Then came FPS shooters on the consoles a nd then online gaming along with those FPS games. No longer were FPS games reser ved for PC players. While console gamers were restricted to controllers and PC g amers enjoyed mouse keyboard interaction. The FPS community exploded around Xbox (original) and Xbox live with Halo 2. All of a sudden Razor mice with HIGH DPI and expensive ASDW keyboards were no longer a big deal. Everyone on the Console was playing FPS games and they loved it. Then gamers on the consoles wanted an e dge. Especially with COD on the Xbox 360 around 2007/2008. Gamers started to exp eriment with Rapid fire chips more and more? (Though this did start on the Xbox original and PS2) and while many considered Rapid fire cheating. Others decided to figure out how to modify their controller to give them an edge over the other plays. So instead of upgrading to a higher DPI mouse, people decided to use lon ger analog sticks, Trigger blocks/stop and other tricks. Check the internet, You Tube, forums ect... You will find a TON of tutorial on how to modify your contro ller to give you a slight edge, without buying a 3rd party controller or using a rapid fire chip. I found the first trigger stop HOW TO video published on YouTu be in 2007. I m sure there would be more info even before 2007 but many videos hav e been deleted and forums have closed washing plenty of community information of f the internet. But again I have found 360 controller mods in 2007-2009. So why are those dates important. Because scuf didn't come around till late 2010. Another "company" that took years of free information and decided to make a BRAND controller with the backing of a lot of money and brainwash you that th eir modified Microsoft controller is better than one that you or me modded. Well I can tell you now it is not. Scuf makes NOTHING original. Every part of a scuf controller is freely available. Even the Paddles as you all call them are just tact switches with a lever. Scuf is a lot like coke, monster, mountain dew, Harl ey Davidson, Xbox, PlayStation, ect... a very well marketed name, But unlike the products I just named - which are also well marketed. There is a difference. Sc uf MAKES NOTHING NEW. They took the trigger stop idea from the community and fou nd a shiny screw and put it in the trigger. Hair pin triggers. People have been modding the spring tension and such in their controller since 2007 to make the t rigger faster. They just decided to go the other way and use a simple screw to r estrict the trigger from coming all the way back up. The paper clip idea inside the controller does the same thing but not as neatly. So right there, Two concep ts stolen from the community and nicely marketed to you gamers as unique when in fact it is not and there is over 7 YouTube videos from 07-09 that show this. Al ong with blogs that are still up and readable today. So let s move on to the next feature of scuf or these enhanced controllers. The Paddles or Tact switches + pa ddle. Do a search for BUTTON DUPLICATION. Button duplication has been on the Xbo x-scene forums since 2002 as well as other forums like Acid mods, Seven sins and more . This goes back to the original Xbox controller. People that wanted to us e the part of the hand that wrapped around the controller to the back to get ext ra functionality and press a function button so they did not need to take their hand off the analog stick (usually the right hand) and press A,B,X or Y. RDC - wh o is a legend amongst forum members of the Xbox modding community for free and i n his own spare time, Scanned and mapped the circuit board of EVERY Xbox 360 con troller type that is available for the Xbox 360. He posted all this information for us modders going back to 2007. He gave us all button duplication tutorials o n the Xbox 360 years ago (years before scuf). People were using small tact, larg e tacts, Modding A,B,X,Y buttons and putting them literally in the back of a con troller. Gamers adopted button duplication, especially FPS gamers, and they cou ld now go prone, jump, change weapons or even reload without taking their thumb off the analog stick. People put them in the best possible location for them. Pe ople who could mod for themself, said "hey this is where I want my extra button & placed that button where they wanted and then mapped it to A,B,X,Y LB, RB, Se

lect (for heads up display) or even a R3 / L3 (analog thumb stick press). This h as been going on for years before scuf. Scuf comes along and says; well we are mass marketing a modded controller to serious gamers on consoles. We can't offer asking every customer exactly where they want their tact switch placed. Hey wha t if we could get a button that covers the whole range of the back of the contro ller for little hands & big hands and that way everyone equally has access to th e extra buttons. Hence Google search LONG LEVER TACT. That is basically a tact s witch with a long lever that you press anywhere along the lever and it presses t he tact for you. SO what they did was took the concept of the long lever tact an d they put it on the back of the controller but with a fancy rounded paddle with their name on it instead of the industrial square-ish metal lever that comes on the long lever tact switches. SO again, mass marketing an idea that has been a round since 2003 or so and making it look unique when in fact it is not. I perso nally have been using tacts pretty much in the same location on the controller t hat this modjunkiez controller puts them, on the curvature of the handles. SO la stly what is the difference? The scuf controller is nothing more than a wired o r wireless Microsoft controller. All they did was drill a few holes in it. Add 4 screws and 2 tact switches and long levers to press those tacts. Standard cont rollers, that they sell with basic modifications don't even have unique button c olors and such, just a plain Jane controller with the elements I just described. They are also the ONLY tournament controller company aside from Onza who actual ly makes a WHOLE CONTROLLER that is unique and well thought out, unlike scuf who sells Microsoft s controller with a few screws in it. .SO now there is a alternat ive! Someone else who is trying to make a business in America. Someone who is lo oking to offer you a CHOICE for your tournament needs and gaming needs without r esoprting to rapid fire which is banned in tournament play and frowned upon on X box live. And you all say it is a cheap copy? I don't see how. They both (SCUF and Modjunkiez) use official Microsoft controll ers. SO, 1st party hardware. They both offer a BOLT or Screw in a trigger to sto p the full range of motion. They both offer button duplication. This site (I did look at it very much in depth) offers all 4 ABXY on just two tacts (selectable) over just Hard mapped buttons. I think that is a ONE UP from scuf. With scuf yo u have to choose A & B or X? & Y or A & Y, ect, and you re stuck with them. This g uy is telling you if A & B need to be changed you can without buying two control lers. Just swap A for B or X for Y, seems like a nice UNIQUE feature that scuf d oes not offer. Though I notice, like scuf, he offers hard mapped single feature buttons too. So you can (like the video) just get A and B only on your controlle r. I also see a ton of other upgrades that scuf does not offer. This guy has mor e shells than scuf. This guy has so many different shells to choose from. He has more sticks styles and button styles. You really can make a totally unique cont roller where with scuf you cannot. This guy basically has a whole boutique of op tions for the visual appearance of the controller as well as the ascetics that g ive you that competitive advantage. I have nothing against scuf as a business th at offers competitive gamers an edge, but I do have a problem of where they got their ideas from. They come off as a company that pretends to have a unique inno vation. Pretends to make something unique, when in fact they manufacture nothing at all. They don t even make the screws they use in their SUCF controller I found them on simple screw sites for .04 cents each. ALL OF US, (YOU AND ME) can build a scuf or a Modjunkiez pro series controller for like $10 in parts if we wante d to. It is SO EASY. You need a drill, hot glue gun, 4 screws, 2 tact switches, some wire, a screwdriver a soldering gun and solder, some lexan to cut into padd les (if you want those & 4 screws to hold them in, if you don't want paddles the 2 tacts are enough or you can buy the paddles from scuffs website or find them on eBay) & about 30 minutes. Drill Two holes (one per trigger and put any screw you want in them). Drill Two holes inside the shell by the trigger hole under t he molding line and about 2mm from the edge and insert two more screws. Then Dri ll two holes for the tacts. If you want just the tacts drill the holes pretty mu ch anywhere on the handles (below the center screw hole that holds the shell tog ether) and hot glue your tacts in. If you want paddles put the holes about 4mm f

rom the battery pack and 4 mm from the bottom. On a wired controller put the hol es on the bottom of the shell right near where the rounded part meets the flat p art of the shell. Once you have your tacts in, make your paddles. (You will nee d a scissor and sand paper for neat paddles). Cut the lexan about 2 1/2 to 3 inc hes long and 1/4 inch wide, use your sand paper to shape them if you want to rou nd them off, if you look on eBay I see people with crappy looking paddles on the ir scuf copies (and they even call them scuf like well I guess scuf spent enough m oney to have people calling Microsoft controller scuf like just as we all call e very mp3 player and ipod or ipod like). Then Drill two holes near the top of it and use the other end to cover the tact switch and then mark the screw hole loc ation on the other side. Drill your two holes into the shell then use screws to hold in place. When you are done, your paddles will be over the tact switches a nd just press on the mid part of the paddle and it will press the tact switch fo r you. Pretty simple. As for the thumb stick replacements just buy the thumb sti cks you want (like ps3 domes ones) or 3rd party 360 ones and put them on the con troller. You re going to need to open the controller to solder your 3 or 4 wires f or the button remaps. Just Google Xbox 360 button remap and the first result wil l give you the info. Soldering the button remaps is about the hardest part. If y ou re not good with soldering or reading a post about how to solder to a circuit b oard this part can be intimidating. But don't fret it is really simple. With a w ireless controller it is only 4 wires, A wired controller can be 4 or 5 wires to ps. On the wireless controller the wires go from button 1 to the tact, then Butt on 2 to the tact (you choose which 2 buttons you want to map {a,b,x,y,ect } and ma rk them). Then solder two wires from a single ground point (or common line point , or if your using a wireless matrix from the secondary point) to tact 1 and tac t 2. TEHN YOU ARE DONE. You now have a remapped button. Close it up (carefully) and add your paddles if you want them. While you have your controller open feel free to go to eBay or modjunkiez or another site that sells buttons, trims, bum pers, triggers ect and buy some parts to make the controller unique in color or looks, make it look the exact way you imagined it. While the controller is open, put in custom ABXY buttons. A new Dpad a new colored bumper or bottom trim, new colored triggers, ect... Perhaps, Get a new shell like, chrome or glossy yellow or a XCM light up shell, or hydrodipped or something that will make you happy t o have something specialized to your taste. I think it is finally nice to see 10 00+ people interested over ONE VIDEO about a new tournament solution for game co ntrollers on the Xbox 360. Glad to see someone else get into the market space fo r this and not just have scuf to rely on. I had a scuf once. My controller took weeks (almost a month). I ordered replacement parts from them too, took weeks!! To get. I emailed Scuf for support (took 5 days to respond), responded to that response and took another 5 days. They might make a clean looking controller but customer service sucks.SO you all are probably like, this guy must work for mod junkiez or is trying to promote himself. You re half right. I do own a modding bus iness and I am not going to thread crap and spam my site here. But I do a lot o f this same stuff for people. I have heard the SCUF copycat crap too from custom ers and internet people. So seeing this, I am happy someone else is in the game. I am happy there is COMPETITION. I don't care if this modjunkiez guy makes mone y or goes out of business, but I salute him for offering a comparable product, a nd possibly a better product as there are more options than the scuf guys. I pe rsonally have a grudge against people who steal from the community (free informa tion) and then try to capitalize off of it and pretend like they invented it. If they (Scuf)acknowledged that what they do is not that special or that the ideas behind the all mighty scuf have been around for years before they were, then I would give them a bit more respect. This modjunkiez guy is new to me and he adve rtises his product but looking at his site I can see he is community driven too. He has DIY videos. He allows his customers to do it all themself if they want. Install their own s tuff. Buy the parts they need and do it them self. He has some great support for the videos and guides on his site. He is not coming off as someone ripping off the modding community and pretending he came up with the ideas. He acknowledges

there is others out there, too, doing the same thing but gives his spin on how h e wants you to do it. Good for him. I already give him a +1 over Scuf. So lastl y before I stop typing all this stuff. Why did I do it? Because I saw like 20+ c omments calling this product a copycat, when in fact scuf is just coping all the ideas that others came up with years before. I wanted to point out the SIMPLICI TY of scuf and why it is really not that special. I also wanted to give you all another alternative to scuf and even this modjunkiez site, DO IT YOURSELF. I wa nted you all to understand how simple the pro controller concept is. Here I will post exactly what you need. Parts needed: 4-40 set screws Qty 2 4-40 Hex head screw Qty 2 4-40 Flat head screw Qty 2 4-40 Tap Drill bit for 4-40 non tapped hole Drill bit for underside button ho les Drill Soldering iron Solder Wire (I use old FDD and HDD cables) Tactile switches with long post Qty 2 Lexan strip /sheet Sandpaper (I use 320 grit) hex wrenches T8 Torx driver Wired or Wireless 360 controller Nail or some form of punch PS3 style thumb stick Thanks for reading guys....... Hope Chris from TTD does not delete this or mark it as spam. I worked hard to respond to 1500 comments about this controller? and scuf and other solutions. I personally like the modjunkiez website. He has this pro controller stuff and he has the cheating stuff like rapid fire. And he has more controller parts on one site than I have ever seen. I personally only carry a hand full of parts for my small business this guy must be really invested.