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CV01N Create Documents

SAP Document Management System (DMS)
Documents stored in SAP with DMS (Document Management System) and Open text. Open text is a repository which just holds documents. We do not use any functionally of Open text but all document features are used from SAP DMS. Before creating “document links” in SAP, you should see how they are accessed. Example of where used; in Work Order iw33 20013263 Enhancement Tab > Prometheus Print Manager

CV01N Create Documents

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Documents Assigned to Master Data Object;
See icon in WO next to FL;

See same icon in master data object;

Click the icon to view attachment(s)

Expand folder(s) and Double click to file to open it Also the tab
CV01N Create Documents

will list the attachment(s)
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Searching DIRs (Document Info Records) CV04N
Search for the document first to prevent duplications; Search by authorization group (1100), lab office, description, status, etc.

• •

You can preview the first file in the DIR by selecting the row then click the eyeglass icon Double click the row in the list to open the DIR

CV01N Create Documents

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You can look at the file(s) by double clicking the appropriate row

CV01N Create Documents

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Create Document Info Record (DIR) CV01N
Essentially a DIR is a link to an existing document either already on the network or in open text or a local file that you can copy into Open Text by “checking it in”.

Document field should be blank to create a new document, allowing SAP to assign a unique number. Document type is a required field, specify the Z code that best describes the document(s) you will be linking to. The Document Part and Version will default to 000 / 00 Note: DIR templates can be created and used to simply the steps that follow. [Enter] or green check to continue

CV01N Create Documents

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• • • •

Provide a description of the DIR Set the status to Released Lab/Office will help you search your DIRs later Authorization group controls who can see or use the DIR and improves searching as well

Click the Open icon to “upload” a file on your local computer or to a location that does not have a data carrier - simply browse to the file (V:\users if using Cytrix) Click the “Create Original” icon to create the new Original link to a location via a data carrier

CV01N Create Documents

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Specify the Application to open the Original (PDF or WRD or XLS) Give a brief description of the file Use a Data Carrier to navigate to stored documents on the network, S drive, etc.

These data carriers have been defined in SAP (Nev_01 to Nev_13) for Nevada region. This is where Ellipse documents were stored. We migrated all standard job documents from these links and stored them in Open text Repository. Documents that are currently sitting in these folders only serve as a backup in case you want to re-load an old document. If your document is stored in one of the links above, you will be able to choose the document. One important thing to note is, SAP will not let you select the data carrier if you don’t have access to it as it will generate an error. Browse to locate the file;

Note: if no data carrier specified, navigate to your files via the Citrix V: drive, specify your username then navigate as usual

CV01N Create Documents

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Now you will need to check in the document into the OPEN Text Repository. Note the newly added document is not in locked position. Unlocked position indicates that the document is not checked in to the Open text. When you check in the document it gets ‘locked’ into Open text. Check in Original by clicking the icon; DD is the only one defined for Plant Maintenance Documents, double click this row;

Note: You can have multiple originals in one DIR, in a WO, they would list like this;

Now the icon shows it is checked in and you can save and exit

CV01N Create Documents

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Attaching a PRT to an Operation in a Task List
• • • • Open a Task List (ia06 to change, ia08 to search) Select the operation Click Click

Even if you know the document name, search for it so the document fills the form;

CV01N Create Documents

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CV01N Create Documents

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Execute the search and a list should result;

Note: Use the Eye glass to display the selected original to verify you have the correct Document Double click the desired document and note how the document filled in the other fields, check;

To display originals; Environment > Documents > Display Originals To add another file to the same operation; Edit > New Entries > Document
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Attaching a PRT to an Operation in a Work Order
Essentially the same procedure as with task lists; • Select the operation • • Click Click

Even if you know the document name, search for it so the document fills the form;

CV01N Create Documents

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Note: Use Eye glass to display original to verify you have the correct Document

The Quantity units of measure is a required field… “ea” The Control key is a required field…. “1” Click the “footy” icon to continue Save your changes

CV01N Create Documents

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Change Originals
From the Create screen, you can get to Change mode via menu Path; Document > Change or Open CV02N or search and open CV04N

Select the Original file row then click Make your changes then save

Click Yes Note how the Lock icon is now open Right click the Original and check in as a new version

CV01N Create Documents

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Log what you changed;

If you want a new version of the actual DIR; CV01N Specify the Document, type, Part and set the version number as appropriate

When [Enter] or Check – it will prompt you that you are creating a new version of the DIR Click Continue Make changes as required to Original(s) then set the status to Released

CV01N Create Documents

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Template to Create a new DIR CV01N
First someone needs to create the template. This is the same procedure as before, only you can use a “name” for the DIR rather than a number. Also, you can have the DIR with no originals, so the user just needs to click the magnify glass, browse to the file and check it in and save.

CV01N Create Documents

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This example is for all safety procedures at Carlin M6, that are all stored on the same Data carrier and are all PDF… mass upload to SAP is another way….

CV01N Create Documents

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To Use this Template

Edit the Description Change the Status to Released Click the Magnify glass to set the Original to the appropriate file

CV01N Create Documents

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Browse to file desired

Green check one file is specified

Check it in to DD as usual Save

CV01N Create Documents

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