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1. What type of I/O device uses a 3-row, 15-pin female connector?

A. B. C. D. Monitor Joystick Printer Modem

2. The normal size for a hard drive sector in a PC-compatible system is ______.
A. B. C. D. 512 bytes 640 bytes 512KB 640KB

3. When a computer boots up, the first set of instructions it receives is stored in _____.
❑ a. the CMOS memory ❑ b. the ROM BIOS chip ❑ c. RAM ❑ d. the CPU

4. During startup, the memory of a computer is tested by ______.
❑ a. the CMOS setup program ❑ b. the POST ❑ c. the CPU ❑ d. the Interrupt Controller

5. Which of the following connectors is used in PC compatibles for the VGA video function?
❑ a. 9-pin, female D-shell ❑ b. BNC female ❑ c. 15-pin, female D-shell ❑ d. 4-pin female

An optical CD-ROM disk typically contains ______ of information.
❑ a. 380MB ❑ b. 600MB ❑ c. 420MB ❑ d. upwards of 600MB

A computer has two floppy disk drives. Which of them is the A: drive?
❑ a. The floppy drive that is first attached to the cable ❑ b. The floppy drive that is attached to the nearest connector ❑ c. The floppy drive that is attached to the connector at the end of the cable ❑ d. The floppy drive that is designated via its jumpers

Disk tracks are composed of ______.
❑ a. clusters ❑ b. sectors ❑ c. FRUs ❑ d. magnetic spots

What is the main difference between AT and ATX power supplies?
❑ a. ATX power supplies require 240V AC input. ❑ b. The ATX power supply is controlled by a software switch on the system board. ❑ c. ATX power supplies deliver more power to the system. ❑ d. AT power supplies blow air onto the system board rather than out through the back of the unit.

Which of the following is not a function of the Basic Input Output System?
❑ a. Performing the Power On Self Tests ❑ b. Initializing the system’s intelligent devices ❑ c. Loading an operating system ❑ d. Configuring printers attached to the system

Which port normally uses IRQ14?
❑ a. Primary IDE controller ❑ b. Serial port ❑ c. FDD controller ❑ d. Parallel port

How much information is a typical CD-ROM disc able to store?
❑ a. 420MB ❑ b. 680MB ❑ c. 500MB ❑ d. 580MB

What is the IRQ for COM1?
❑ a. IRQ2 ❑ b. IRQ4 ❑ c. IRQ3 ❑ d. IRQ1

How far can an IrDA-compliant device be placed away from the IrDA port and be expected to operate efficiently?
❑ a. 10 meters ❑ b. 5 meters ❑ c. 1 meter ❑ d. 20 meters

What type of device is connected to a 5-pin DIN connector?
❑ a. Mouse ❑ b. Printer ❑ c. Keyboard ❑ d. Joystick

What type of electrical power does the LCD panel of a notebook computer require?
❑ a. 100Hz AC ❑ b. Low-voltage AC ❑ c. 100Hz DC ❑ d. Low-voltage DC

The IRQ1 channel is used ______ and cannot be used for other devices.
❑ a. for the system’s internal time-of-day clock ❑ b. by the system’s keyboard receiver ❑ c. by the floppy disk drive ❑ d. by the printer for LPT1

What type of device would you expect to find in an AGP slot?
❑ a. SCSI card ❑ b. AMR card ❑ c. Network card ❑ d. Video card

What is the most important step to be taken before upgrading the BIOS in a system?
❑ a. Install all updates to your operating system. ❑ b. Get the latest version of the BIOS from the manufacturer. ❑ c. Remove the BIOS IC from the motherboard. ❑ d. Make a backup copy of your BIOS data on a floppy disk and record all the CMOS configuration settings.

1. A. B. C. D.

What are the voltages that should be expected when testing a PC? –1.2V DC, +1.2V DC, –0.5V DC, +0.5V DC –1.2V AC, +1.2V AC, –0.5V AC, +0.5V AC –3.3V DC, +3.3V DC, –1.5V DC, +1.5V DC –12V DC, +12V DC, –5V DC, +5V DC