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New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

Renting permission for industrial/institutional premises Requirements/Enclosures Application on letter head of Firm/Company/ Society/ Trust as the case may be can be submitted by the allottee at the Reception Counter alongwith the following documents:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. No dues certificate regarding upto date payment of dues from the concerned Accounts Officer. NOC of term lending institution, in case the industrial/institutional premises is mortgaged. Copy of the Project Report of the proposed project of the tenant. A Copy of map demarcating the portion of the building to be given on rent (in case of part renting). Not applicable if entire premises are being given on rent. The premises should not have been cancelled one and should have been declared functional. Renting permission in case of Institutional premises may be given for the same project as of allottee and on payment of renting charges @ Rs.100/- per sqmt. F.A.R. per year subject to maximum of 5 years. However, no renting charges are applicable in case the total F.A.R. being giving on rent does not exceed 25% of the total permissible F.A.R. In respect of STP/IT Park in private sector approved by Central Government/STPI, renting charges would be 10% of the current premium for a period of 10 years subject to condition that number of tenant would be as per approval letter of Govt./STPI. Renting permission in Industrial premises would be given for a period of 10 years irrespective of the time period requested for. Renting charges @ Rs 150/-, Rs.50/Rs.100/- per sq. mtr. for phase-I, phase-II & phase-III respectively. No renting charges shall be levied if the allottee, its partners, shareholders hold jointly or severally minimum 50% shares in the tenant firm/company. However, a processing fee of Rs.1,000/- shall be payable. Discontinuation of tenancy would be taken on record after the lessee surrenders the original renting permission letter. If the tenant discontinues tenancy before 10 years, rerenting permission can be granted for the remaining period on payment of 20% of prevailing renting charges. The condition of functionality may be waived off in case the renting permission is sought for Group/Associate/Sister concern. Multiple renting is also permissible depending on the size of the premises. Payment deposit challan about payment of renting charges in Noida’ account in one of the authorized banks shall be required to be enclosed in original.



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