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RNheals Monthly Journal OCTOBER 2011

Name: Eric Jay Tortor Obeñita

Talacogon, Agusan del Sur D.O.Plaza Memorial Hospital

I. Activities:

IV Therapy training – Attended the 3 days Basic Intravenous Therapy Training which was hosted by the DOPMH nursing service in cooperation with the Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines. This program intends in putting in academic and clinical distinctions of IV THERAPIST by boosting understanding and skills on the different techniques and concerns related to IV therapy. This also serves as guide for nurses in providing safe and quality nursing care to patients. Health Advocate – Educated patients about how should they recover and handle their cases within the scope of nursing responsibilities and interventions. Health teachings were imparted to them time to time according to their needs. Charged Nurse – Received number of patients from outgoing nurse. Handled patients having different cases of disease. Carried out Doctor’s order. Monitored patients for any unusuality and did referral to the Doctor on duty or any available Doctor. Medication Nurse – Designated as medicating nurse. Prepared the available medications to be given according to Doctor’s order, keeping in min d the correct medication, correct dose, correct route, correct timing and importantly the correct patient. Nursing Attendant – Done the role by taking vital signs, blood pressure, temperature and record it on the chart of every patients. In charged of logging-in the laboratory request to the Laboratory department. Did catheterization and so removal of it. In charged of all sterile lines and gowns to be used by patients in the ward.

III. In so doing. Thank you for the support. A lot of patience and perseverance were being used. They should prioritize and developed the Health system because I believed that healthy people contributes in improvement and success of the community. Learning/insights: Running three months in this Hospital. I’m looking forward to work with you in the future. Issues/Concerns: I think. They should hire new Nurses and other staff.II. And I’m sure that the Nursing Service is already aware of this concern. I’ve rendered services to patients the best way I can. LABELLA. I think. RN. affordable and quality care will be rendered to all patients as Universal Health Care wants to be happened in line to its goals. the weakness in this institution is UNDERSTAFFING. RN Supervisor . help and trust of the staff as I extend my hand in service in this institution. there will be an easy and accurate health services will be delivered to patient. IV. I can say that I belong in the pool of registered health professionals with enhanced clinical competencies towards the improvement of health care services delivery in the country. Recommendations: Provincial Government has the key to solve this dilemma. They should allocate budget for their salary. Signed: ERIC JAY TORTOR OBEÑITA. Different scenarios and cases I’ve met and handled especially to the ward where I’m assigned (Surgical Ward). Nurse-trainee CECILIA D. At the same time. Smile and Strength were given and displayed despite of sorrows and weakness.