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1. An instrument which depends on current in one or more fixed coils acting on one or more pieces of soft iron, at least one of which is movable. ________________________________ What is that device which depends on the action of a movable permanent magnet in aligning itself in the resultant field produced either by a fixed permanent magnet and an adjacent coil or coils carrying current or by two or more current-carrying coils whose axes are displaced by a fixed angle? ________________________________ What ammeter is mostly used in measuring highfrequency currents? ________________________________ This instrument measures temperatures by electric means, especially temperatures beyond the range of mercury thermometers. ________________________________ A device used to mechanically measure the output power of a motor. ________________________________ An indicating instrument whose movable coils rotate between two stationary coils, usually used as wattmeter. ________________________________ If a meter with a full-scale current of 100uA is used as an ac voltmeter with half-wave rectification, its ac sensitivity is ________________________________ Which dynamometer instrument has a uniform scale? ________________________________ Electrical machine that converts ac voltage to dc voltage, or vice versa. ________________________________ current and the projected length of the element and inversely proportional to the square of the distance of the element from the point in question. ________________________________ 20. The law which concerns to a property of mutual inductances. For a given orientation and environment for two inductors, the value of the mutual inductance does not change, regardless of the magnitude, frequency, or phase of the currents in the coils. That is, mutual inductance is subject only to the physical environment surrounding the coils. ________________________________ 21. The rule that hysteresis loss in a magnetic material varies directly in proportion with the cube of the magnetic induction. ________________________________ 22. The thermal-radiation law that shows the total emissive power of a black body to be proportional to the fourth power of the absolute temperature of the body. ________________________________ 23. The wavelength of luminescence excited by radiation is always greater than that of the exciting radiation. ________________________________ 24. It is a law expressing the relationship nbetween a stimulus and the physiological reaction ir produces: The sensation is proportional to the logarithm of the stimulus ________________________________ 25. Refers to the selective absorption of electromagnetic waves by a dielectric, due to molecular dipoles ________________________________ 26. The phenomenon whereby current in a gas changes as the result of irradiation by light is called ________________________________ 27. This is the ability of an electric current to destroy superconductivity by the magnetic field that it generates, without raising the cryogenic temperature. ________________________________ 28. What is the two-terminal semi-conductor device which resembles the behavior of a neuron and allows machines to duplicate some of the neurological phenomena observed in the human body? ________________________________ 29. What gadget that electronically aids the blind which has a camera that scan printed matter and a device forms corresponding raised letters which can be read with the fingertips? ________________________________ 30. What do you call of a monostable pentode circuit that generates sharp pulses at an adjustable and accurately timed interval after receipt of a triggering signal? ________________________________ 31. What instrument is used to measure the intensity of radiation, such as by determining the amount of fluorescence produced by that radiation? ________________________________ 32. _________ referred to a visual sensation experienced by a human subject during the passage of current through the eye. ________________________________ 33. A conductor in which two oscillating circuits have the same resonant frequency is called ________________________________ 34. A circuit during ON-OFF series. used for switching voltage equalization action of SCRs in









10. Electrical machine that changes ac voltage at one frequency to another ac voltage at another frequency. ________________________________ 11. A Synchronous type ac-motor, ________________________________ 12. Motors whose speed can be easily controlled. ________________________________ 13. When a dc motor has no load, what will happen to the back emf? ________________________________ 14. What is the most common method used in varying the sped of a dc motor? ________________________________ 15. In choosing a motor for a particular application, what characteristic you should consider? ________________________________ 16. The law which pertains, for any dielectric reflector, the relationship in which the reflective index is equal to the tangent of the polarizing angle. ________________________________ 17. A law that states the current in a thermoionic diode varies directly with the three-halves power of anode voltage and inversely with the square of the distance between the electrodes, providing operating conditions are such that the current is limited only by the spacecharge. ________________________________ 18. The law which states an electric motor develops maximum power when Ei = 2Ebk, where Ei is the applied voltage an dEbk is the back-emf. ________________________________ 19. The law which refers to the strength of the magnetic field at a given point, due to an element of a current-carrying conductor, is directly proportional to the strength of the


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________________________________ 44. How is the diode installed? ________________________________ 40. typical ripple rejection terminal voltage regulators. ripple factor of a full-wave rectifier. determine the dc-voltage of a full-wave bridge rectifier when the input ac-voltage is 24Vrms. ________________________________ circuit used in most voltage ________________________________ 47. a 12Vdc power supply is regulated using 7805IC and is used in TTL circuits that require a 0. and is therefore suitable to be used as a triggering device. ________________________________ 49. a zener diode is connected between its gate and cathode terminals with the diode’s cathode at SUS’s gate. Calculate the power dissipated by the regulator if it has an input voltage of 16V. ________________________________ 39.9V. 50. Determine the dropout voltage of the system. a load draws 1A current from a 10-V regulated power supply. ________________________________ of most three- ________________________________ 43. A 20V-dc power supply was found to have a ripple voltage of 2Vrms when supplying 1. a silicon unilateral switch (SUS) has a forward breakover voltage of 8V. in controlling electrical power using phase control method with SCR/triac being the active device. Calculate its percent ripple. Which regulator is the most inefficient? ________________________________ 2 of 2 .2 amps current. what do we call the period of the cycle before the device switches to conduction? ________________________________ 36. however. It is very temperature stable.5amps load. Which power supply filter gives the smallest ripple voltage? ________________________________ 45. If the zener voltage is 3. Sampling regulators. how many times per second does an SCR is turned ON and OFF when it is operated in a fullwave phase control at a line frequency of 60 Hz? ________________________________ 37. ________________________________ 48. generally have a breakover voltage of 8V.TAKE HOME QUIZ INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS 46. a thyristor that is very similar to an SCR except that it has a low voltage and current ratings. this value can be altered by normally connecting a zener diode. silicon unilateral switches (SUS). what is the new forward breakover voltage of the device? ________________________________ 41. what three-terminal IC regulator that has a variable negative voltage output? ________________________________ 38. a three terminal device that behaves roughly like SCRs. 35. ________________________________ 42. except that it can conduct current in either direction when at ON.