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New and improved: Alliant Mobile Check Deposit
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Making check deposits to Alliant accounts via your mobile device and keeping track of these
transactions is now easier and faster with the upgraded Alliant Mobile Check Deposit app,
designed for the iPhone
and iPad
iOs5.0 and the Android™ 2.1 operating systems.
The new Alliant Mobile Check Deposit app
· ls siupler to navigate
· Makes it easier to take clear photos of your checks
· Lets you easily keep track of checks under review
· Allows you to view checks that have cleared in the past 18 uonths
Does anyone really know what time it is?
Are you looking forward to setting your clocks an
hour ahead when daylight saving time strikes at 2am
on March 10? Will you benefit from the extra hour of
sunlight? Most Americans will, but many people around
the world won’t share the thrill. That’s because daylight
saving time (DST) occurs at different times in different
places – and in some places, it doesn’t occur at all.
DST, for example doesn’t start until March 31 in Bulgaria,
France and the United Kingdom. Further south, DST will
start in Cuba on April 7 – the same day that it will end
in Australia. Some countries such, as Iceland and Russia,
run on DST all year long. And parts of the United States,
including Hawaii, most of Arizona and a small region of
Alaska, experience no DST at all.
Inconsistencies in applying DST can cause havoc with
travel, broadcasting schedules, meetings, timekeeping,
billing and the operation of preset medical devices.
But, if you think DST causes confusion today, consider
ancient Rome, when time was measured by water clocks.
During the winter solstice, these clocks measured “an
hour” as lasting 44 minutes and, during the summer
solstice, 75 minutes. Or consider what it was like in the
United States between 1945 and 1966, when there was
no federal law concerning DST. All states – and localities
– could choose whether to observe DST and also choose
when it began and ended. One result: for a while, if
you drove along a 35-mile stretch of highway between
Steubenville, OH, and Moundsville, WV, you’d endure
seven time changes! This kind of time-warp makes the
hit song by the band Chicago (“Does anyone really know
what time it is?”) ring true.
DST was first proposed by Benjamin “Early to bed,
early to rise” Franklin in 1784, as a joke. He suggested
Parisians needed an extra hour to extend the life of their
candles. In 1895, it was no joke when New Zealand
zoologist George Vernon Hudson proposed DST so he
could enjoy more hours after work collecting bugs. Later,
the DST cause was taken up, in a big way, by England’s
building magnate William Willet. Alas, Willet died in
1915, a year before DST was first put into effect – by
Germany and its allies, during WWI, to curb the sufferings
caused by their coal shortages and air raid blackouts.
Today, DST is generally favored by people in the retail,
tourism and sports industries. Groups opposing DST
include transportation companies, indoor entertainment
businesses and farmers.
Does DST help people save money? Various studies
demonstrate conflicting results. The U.S. Department
of Transportation, in 1976, reported that DST reduces
America’s electricity by 1% a month in March and April,
but the National Bureau of Standards reviewed those
findings and found no such savings. Other studies report
that DST increases car gas consumption, but a 2008
Department of Energy study found no such increase.
What’s more, there are various contradictory studies on
how DST impacts traffic accidents, criminal activity and
mental health.
As the old cliché says, “Time is money.” And, perhaps,
DST is primarily on the money by providing us with the
joys and luxury of longer summer evenings.
Does anyone really know
what time it is?
New and improved:
Alliant Mobile Check Deposit
At Alliant, everyday is a
Valentine’s Day
Source: webexhibits.org, timeanddate.com, wikipedia.org and npr.org
February Savings Dividend
The February 2013 Savings
and IRA dividend, declared
01/17/2013, provides a Compounded
Annual Percentage Yield of

Dividends are paid on the
last day of the month to
accountholders who have
maintained an average daily
balance of $100 or more.
Savings dividend is subject to
change monthly.
February Checking Dividend
The February 2013 High Rate
Checking dividend, declared
01/17/2013, provides a Compounded
Annual Percentage Yield of

Checking dividends are paid on
the last day of each month to
accountholders who meet the
requirements of the account.
Checking dividend is subject to
change monthly.
Joe Ryan, Carrollton, TX
Alliant has earned my respect. Earlier this year, after moving, I had to sell the dream home that I built and
enjoyed living in – at a price substantially below my cost. Alliant’s Will Synan was awesome. He worked out
a positive solution to help me coup the loss, by refinancing my two autos and providing me with a helpful
unsecured loan.
Lynda harper, Aurora, CO
From the moment I called Jason Freese to the moment I finished working with him, he was on task and on target with
explaining the whole process of refinancing our two car loans with Alliant Credit Union.
I’m extremely critical when it comes to receiving great customer service. I used to coach and train 40 customer service
representatives, for a mutual fund company, on how to provide exceptional service. This is why I have such high
expectations. Jason listened to my needs, worked diligently in coming up with a solution, all the while providing me
with an occasional laugh.
I’ve banked with a big bank for 19 years, and I finally decided to have my paycheck deposited at Alliant. I also decided
to get a credit card there, too. Because of Jason, Alliant has earned my business.
office closings
Alliant will be closed in observance
of the following holidays:
Memorial Day –
Monday, May 27, 2013
Independence Day –
Thursday, July 4, 2013
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Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. iPhone, iPad and
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2 Happy Valentine’s Day – in March
80% of 60%
Will Synan,
Manager, Member
Lending Center,
Alliant Headquarters,
Chicago, IL
Jason Freese,
Lending Consultant,
Alliant Headquarters,
Chicago, IL
Nellys Martinet-Miranda,
Member Benefits Specialist,
Willis Tower Branch, Chicago, IL
Sanita Vilgerte,
Assistant Branch Manager,
San Mateo and San Francisco
International Airport, CA,
At Alliant, everyday is a Valentine’s Day– a chance to provide members like you with
friendly, efficient, personalized service. Here are some additional member testimonials from the series we published in
our January 2013 newsletter.
Joann and üonald Laycock, Watsonville, CA
We recently bought a new RV and the dealer located financing for us from Alliant. It was all
done on the Internet and it was painless for us. We even signed our loan forms online. And
everyone we spoke to on the phone from Alliant was very helpful. Since then, we have opened
a credit card with you and are very happy with your rates.
Maurine Johnson, Sunnyvale, CA
I just want to say a few words about a gem of an Alliant employee. Her
name is Sanita Vilgerte. She is pleasant, friendly and helpful. And she knows
all the ways to help people who come in the branch looking for advice.
Leo haruon, Jr., River Forest, IL
I was having a nightmare with an Alliant auto loan and was on the verge of quitting the credit
union all together. Then, Nellys Martinez-Miranda stepped up and said, “Don’t leave Alliant. I’ll
help you.” And she sure did. Thanks to Nellys, Alliant restructured my loan, credited my payments
as up to date, refunded my undeserved fee and made sure my credit score remained great. Nellys
is truly an asset. Because of her care and diligence, I’ve become a satisfied member again. And
I even helped steer my two sons and daughter to Alliant to get auto loans for their first cars.

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